Vanilla 360 Jam Skates Review: Vanilla Skates Challenge

Vanilla 360 Collage

Next up on the Vanilla Skates Challenge is our very first quad skate review of the brand new Vanilla 360 jam skates. These new Vanilla skates just came out at the end of 2014 and they have been a pretty big hit with the jam skate community. Designed by the world-renowned jam skater, Tony Zane, these skates were built … Read more

Vanilla Spyder Inline Skates Review: Vanilla Skates Challenge

Vanilla Spyder Inline Skates

In this very first Vanilla Skates Challenge review, I will be covering a pair of skates that I have had for over a year now but have only worn a few times – the Vanilla Spyder inline speed skates. First, please note that I am a born quad skater. I have been a quad skater my … Read more

Vanilla Skates Challenge Part 2: Choosing Our Vanilla Skates

Vanilla Junior Jam Skates

In my last blog post, I outlined how I am going to test all of Vanilla Skates’ products by the end of summer 2015 – September 22nd. I will be testing in total over 40 different Vanilla products from skates to plates to wheels and bearings. So, today’s post is all about selecting which pair of Vanilla skates I … Read more

The Vanilla Skates Product Review Challenge

VNLA White Logo

School is out, summer is here and as you start getting out to your local rink more, you are going to start noticing a few of your friends riding around in some pretty sweet, new Vanilla skates. For 2015, Vanilla has shaken up their product line quite a bit, and their new lineup has really started to … Read more