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Whether you are a beginner looking for your first pair of roller skates or you are a rink rat looking for your 10th pair, my reviews on quad roller skates have all the details you need to make an informed choice.

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For all you inline skaters out there, check out my detailed reviews on rollerblades and inline skates below.

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Hey there! My name is Jeff Stone and I am the person behind this website. I started roller skating over 35 years ago. I was a competitive, quad teenage figure skater and DJ at my rink. On this site, I help skaters find the right gear with my rollerblade and roller skate reviews. I also have a podcast and other fun roller skating information on this blog.

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I do write a lot of roller skate reviews, however, all work and no play makes Jeff a dull boy. So, here is a list of fun articles that are all about the wonderful world of roller skating. Check out the blog for even more!

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Whether you are rollerblading for exercise outdoors or blading in a rink, we have you covered.

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Roller Skates have so many parts. We cover wheels, bearing, boots, helmets & pads in this category.

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Are you fresh meat or a veteran derby player? We cover derby gear, rules, history & stories in this category.

Roller Skating

Roller skating is so much fun! Skating movies, music, plus how to start a roller skating rink is found here.

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Detailed Roller Skate, Rollerblade & Skate Gear Reviews

By Roller Skate Dad

If you love roller skating as much as I do, then it’s important to you to have the best roller skate gear. I spend countless hours every week testing, trying out, writing and talking about quad roller skates, rollerblades and all of the roller skate gear that make them up. I love researching and talking to interesting people about skating. This activity is so much fun plus it’s great for exercise and mental health, too!

Many of my skate reviews are hand-tested by me, one of my daughters or a trusted fellow skater. This means we have actually owned many of the skates at one time and tested them first hand. I try to denote that as best as I can in each review. I think this makes this website and my roller skate reviews different from other sites. For the skates I have not owned, I do have years of experience with all of the parts and pieces that make up most skates. This allows me to provide a detailed review.

I love to geek out on roller skate wheels, bearings, plates, boots and more. When I’m couch surfing watching Netflix, I’m often reading reviews on roller skates and writing about my experiences. It’s just something fun I like to do.

Above all else, the mission of this site is to get more people roller skating. So, I hope you find the site and the information here useful. And, I hope it informs you enough to get you out there skating! It is such a fun activity and there are so many cool people to meet in this industry.

Jeff Stone Caricature HeadshotThanks again for rolling by!

The Roller Skate Dad