7 Best Roller Skate Helmets in 2021

So, you’ve found the perfect new set of roller skates, and are eager to get out and try them. But before you do, you must be equipped with the right protective gear, and that starts with a skate helmet.

To help you find the right protection for you, here are the 7 best roller skate helmets in 2021.

The different types of roller skating helmets

Much like any other important purchase in your life, there are many factors to consider when it comes to buying a skate helmet and it is crucial to shop around.

Features such as what liners the helmet has, what sizes the helmet comes in, and what kind of ventilation the helmet provides are all important aspects to think about.

Like other forms of protective gear, it is also useful to look at how easy it is to clean, because staying fresh while roller skating is key! Below, find the list of the top brands of helmet to help you with your all-important decision.

The best roller skate helmets

1. Triple Eight The Certified Sweatsaver Helmet

Coming in at number one is The Certified Sweatsaver Helmet from Triple Eight.

Offering high impact-absorbing EPS foam and thick dual-density soft fabric liners, this Triple Eight skate helmet delivers an exceptional standard of safety, making it ideal for use in roller skating, roller derby, and skateboarding.

The easily adjustable strap makes comfort a priority, and practically the Triple Eight helmet is great too, as the internal lining is attached with hook and loop tape and can be removed to make washing it easy.

2. JBM Helmet for Multi-Sports

This JBM Helmet features a hard shell, with tough and durable PVC & PC to shield you from direct impact.

For this helmet, ventilation is key, as this product has an aerodynamic design of vents, allowing the air to circulate through the helmet making it easy to keep cool on your roller skates.

3. Flybar Multi-Sport Adjustable Fit Helmet

The Multi-Sport Adjustable Helmet from Flybar is lightweight while offering high specs, making it ideal for a range of sports including roller and inline skating and skateboarding.

This product has an easily adjustable spin dial on the back of the helmet so that you can identify the right size for you.

4. FerDIM Skateboard Multi-Sport Helmet

Versatility is imperative when it comes to the Multi-Sport Helmet from FerDIM, which is specially designed for multi-sports activities, ranging from roller skating to inline skating to skateboarding.

For easy use, the inner lining can be removed. The adjustable dial system for the straps on this product makes it easy to stay comfortable with the right fit on your skates or your skateboard.

5. S1 Lifer Helmet

This Lifer helmet uses a uniquely formulated EPS Fusion Foam, protecting you from the smaller bumps along the way as well as harsher impacts.

The lifer helmet is a certified multi-impact skate helmet ensuring you are safe while remaining lightweight for your comfort during roller skating.

This product is breathable too, making this lifer helmet perfect for sunny days outside roller skating or skateboarding.

6. ILM Skate Helmet

The skate helmet from ILM offers multiple air venting holes to keep you cool and dry while roller skating, as well as a protective superior quality ABS shell useful for any potential impacts.

This skate helmet has an easy quick-release buckle for your convenience, and the internal pad can be removed to make cleaning easy.

7. Triple Eight Gotham Dual Certified Helmet

The Gotham Dual Certified Helmet from Triple Eight is an attractive option, with its vented shell and subtle brim, ensuring you have style while roller skating and maintaining your comfort at the same time.

Ideal for skateboard, bike, derby, you can maintain your style while engaging in a variety of sports wearing this Triple Eight helmet.

Why is it important to wear a helmet?

Some of you may be thinking, why do I need a helmet, it will ruin my look!

However, it is incredibly important to make sure you are fully kitted out with protective gear before you even think about putting your roller skates on.

In case of any impact at all, you will want to make sure that you are fully protected, because without it you may find yourself with some pretty gory injuries.

If you do have a tumble, there are many parts of your body that can be impacted, including but not limited to:

  • Wrist fractures/sprains
  • Scrapes and cuts
  • Concussion

To avoid experiencing any of the injuries above, it is crucial to have the right protective gear when you go out and skate.

This includes wrist guards and knee pads, and critically, you guessed it, helmets. It is super important to protect your head, as a head injury is no joke.

Remember, safety is key, and by purchasing any of the helmets listed above you will be protected from impact. What are you waiting for? Don your shiny new helmet, grab your skates, stay safe, and have fun rolling!

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