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10 Best Roller Hockey Wheels in 2023: The Ultimate Guide

When you play roller hockey, your roller hockey wheels are one of the most important pieces of equipment on your inline hockey skates. And, inline hockey is an aggressive sport that requires only the best. So, in this article, I will go over the 10 best roller hockey wheels on the market today plus give you a super detailed hockey wheel buyer’s guide so you have all of the details before you make a purchase.

In our buyer’s guide, we will cover the best inline hockey skate wheels for both indoor surfaces and outdoor surfaces. We will also discuss how to pick the correct inline hockey wheels based on a player’s weight and how to pick the best wheel hardness for the different surfaces you will be skating on.

If you want additional information about roller skate wheels in general, be sure to check out my Best Roller Skate Wheels page and my special section about the Top 10 Tips for Buying the Perfect Roller Skate Wheels. Although the Best Roller Skate Wheels page is mostly about quad wheels, a lot of the same tips also apply to inline skate wheels.

Okay, let’s get started!

10 Best Wheels for Your Inline Hockey Skates

Roller Hockey WheelsCategoryCheck Price
Labeda Addiction GripPinLabeda Addiction GripBest OverallCheck Price at Pure HockeyCheck Price at Amazon
Konixx Pure X WheelsPinKonixx Pure-XRunner-UpCheck Price at Pure Hockey
Labeda Asphalt WheelsPinLabeda AsphaltBest for Outdoor SurfacesCheck Price at Pure HockeyCheck Price at Amazon
Konixx Pulsar WheelsPinKonixx PulsarCheck Price at Pure Hockey
Labeda Gripper WheelsPinLabeda GripperCheck Price at Pure HockeyCheck Price at Amazon
PinRink Rat IdentityCheck Price at Pure Hockey
Mission Revision Flex WheelsPinMission Revision FlexCheck Price at Pure Hockey
Rink Rat TricksterPinRink Rat TricksterCheck Price at Pure Hockey
Labeda UnionPinLabeda UnionCheck Price at Pure Hockey
Konixx TachyonPinKonixx TachyonCheck Price at Pure Hockey

1. Labeda Addiction Grip – Best Overall

The best inline skate wheels for roller hockey are the Labeda Addiction. This is Labeda’s newest wheel and you will find them on some of the best roller hockey skates on the market today.

These wheels are specially designed for tile surfaces, but with a twist. They have an outer urethane hardness between 83-86A and than the inner core is 76A-78A. That’s right! A harder outer urethane….but they grip like a soft wheel on tile! This means a super fast wheel that also grips perfectly on the track.

You’ll be addicted as soon as you try these wheels. They are designed to have a faster roll speed, better grip and wear down slower. This is the first ever wheel to use harder outer and inner urethanes that can still grip plastic floors.

The reviews are in and all of the hockey players out there agree that Labeda has done it again with another amazing wheel.

Wheel Features at a Glance

SurfacesBest for indoor use especially on plastic tile, Work on wood, too.
Durometer76A or 78A
Diameter / Height (in mm)72mm, 76mm or 80mm
Available ColorsYellow (76A) or Orange (78A)
Ideal Skater Weight76A – 170 lbs or below. 78A – 170 lbs and above
Wheels per PackWheels are sold individually

What I Like

  • This wheel is so unique. It has the grip of a soft wheel but rolls like a hard wheel.
  • Made by Labeda – one of the best manufacturers for inline skate wheels and skates.
  • These wheels work great on tile. They also work pretty well on wood, too.
Check Price at Pure HockeyCheck Price at Amazon

2. Konixx Pure-X – Runner-Up

A close runner-up to the Labeda Addication are the Konixx Pure-X wheels. These inline hockey wheels come with a special Konixx durometer rating system. This exclusive “+” rating system is required due to the complexity of the wheels that are especially made only for tiled surfaces.

Here is a quick chart that shows the correct stiffness rating based on your surface and level of skating:

Konixx Pure-X Stiffness RatingSkater LevelSkater Weight
+0Beginner<= 180 lbs
+0Intermediate / Advanced<= 170 lbs
+1Beginner180-195 lbs
+1Intermediate175-190 lbs
+1Advanced170-185 lbs
+2Beginner195-230 lbs*
+2Intermediate190-230 lbs*
+2Advanced170-230 lbs*
The above guidelines for body weights are just that, guidelines. If you find yourself between two stiffness ratings or body weights, Konixx suggests the softer of the two options for beginner to intermediate skaters and the stiffer of the two for advanced skaters.

* If you are over 230 lbs, Konixx cannot guarantee their wheels against breakage. They suggest instead that you go with one of their single pour wheels like Konixx Electron or the Konixx Catalyst.

The new Pure-X wheel from Konixx features a dual pour construction with the new Base-4 Formula for the best possible grip and ultimate durability. With a stiffer feel and a longer optimum performance period, the Pure-X is boosted with Konixx Trac-tech-X, Infini-tech-X, & Veloci-tech-X additives for extreme traction, durability, and speed.

A lot of inline hockey players love the Konixx Pure-X. They love the grip, stick and overall speed of this wheel. Many skaters will argue this is the better wheel over the Addiction for serious hockey players on tiled surfaces.

Wheel Features at a Glance

SurfacesMade exclusively for tiled surfaces
Durometer+0, +1 or +2 grip
Diameter / Height (in mm)76mm or 80mm
Available ColorsBlue
Ideal Skater WeightPlease see the Konixx hardness chart above
Wheels per PackWheels are sold individually

What I Like

  • The dual pour with the 3 extra additives for extra speed, durability and traction.
  • Great on tiled surfaces – especially if you get the right grip for your skater level and body weight.
  • Come highly recommended by many inline hockey players already in the sport.

3. Labeda Asphalt – Best Outdoor

If you do a lot of outdoor skating or even practice roller hockey outdoors, then you need a set of Labeda Asphalt wheels. These harder wheels are perfect for asphalt and concrete surfaces. They provide enough grip and will give you a lot more durability on the rougher outdoor surfaces.

These come in 2 different colors and wheel durometers. The green and white are softer wheels clocking in with an 83A durometer rating. The orange and black are harder wheels with an 85A rating. The orange and black are the more popular of the two as they last a bit longer on rough surfaces like asphalt. The 83A would be better for concrete.

These wheels also have 5 different diameters to choose from including 59mm, 68mm, 72mm, 76mm and 80mm. The shorter wheels will give you more agility and stability. The taller wheels will give you more roll and top speed.

Wheel Features at a Glance

SurfacesGreat for smooth concrete, concrete, sidewalks and asphalt. Perfect for practicing roller hockey outdoors.
Durometer83A or 85A
Diameter / Height (in mm)59mm, 68mm, 72mm, 76mm and 80mm
Available ColorsGreen & White (83A), Orange & Black (85A)
Ideal Skater WeightSkaters of all sizes
Wheels per PackWheels are sold individually

What I Like

  • The Labeda Asphalt wheels have been around for awhile and inline hockey players who often practice outdoors love these wheels. They provide a lot of grip on asphalt and concrete and they don’t wear down as quickly as soft wheels.
  • Made by Labeda who knows how to make a great inline skate wheel.
  • 5 different wheel diameters to choose from, so there is something for everyone.
Check Price at Pure HockeyCheck Price at Amazon

4. Konixx Pulsar

Next up we have a new wheel from Konixx called the Pulsar. This wheel features a new hub and single pour to provide a durable performing wheel to players of all skill levels.

The Pulsar has a Konixx K-Core hub for optimum balance of wheel rigidity and flex. The single pour construction is a Konixx U-Base 3 formula that provides grip at a variety of different weights and skill levels. The Pulsar wheel is offered only in Konixx +0 special durometer for extra stiffness.

This wheel also sports Konixx U-Base 3 formula with Konixx Trac-tech, Infini-tech, & Veloci-tech additives for extra traction, durability and speed. Exclusive on a lot of Konixx roller hockey wheels.

If you want to grip that floor, these may be the wheels for you. And, unlike the Konixx Pure-X, these wheels come in 5 different diameters including 59mm, 68mm, 72mm, 76mm and 80mm. So, something for everyone whether you want more speed (taller wheels), agility (smaller wheels) or a hi lo setup with taller wheels in the back and shorter wheels in the front.

Wheel Features at a Glance

SurfacesGreat for indoor sports court / tile
Durometer+0 Konixx Stiffness
Diameter / Height (in mm)59mm, 68mm, 72mm, 76mm and 80mm
Available ColorsClear Blue
Ideal Skater WeightSkaters up to 200 lbs.
Wheels per PackWheels are sold individually

What I Like

  • 5 different diameter choices is nice so you can find the right height for your style of skating.
  • The new hub design gives the wheel a nice balance between rigid and flex.
  • Good grip on tile / sports court surfaces.

5. Labeda Gripper

The Gripper wheel from Labeda has been around for awhile, but now comes with an all-new design. This wheel originally brought about the flex technology to the forefront of roller hockey changing the way the game was played and changing future wheel development.

This smaller core design allows the urethane to flex, therefore maximizing grip and speed. Labeda is also a family owned business and makes all of their wheels, including these Grippers, right here in the USA.

There are also a lot of wheel diameters, durometers and colors to choose from. The new 2021 models come in 2 colors – white (more of an off white) and yellow. The white are a 76A hardness and the yellow come in at 80A. You also have 2 older Gripper wheels from 2017 and 2020 that are still sold today. That’s how popular this wheel is for hockey.

Wheel Features at a Glance

SurfacesSport Court, Wood, Smooth Concrete
Durometer74A (X-Soft), 76A (Soft), 80A (Medium)
Diameter / Height (in mm)59mm, 68mm, 72mm, 76mm and 80mm. 2021 Yellow only comes in 76mm and 80mm. 2017 Red only comes in 59mm.
Available Colors2017 Red (74A), 2021 White (76A), 2020 Orange & White (76A), 2021 Yellow (80A)
Ideal Skater Weight74A (X-Soft) = 165 lbs and below, 76A (Soft) = 185 lbs and below, 80A (Medium) = 185 lbs and up. Note that you can use a wheel made for a heavier skater if you are a more advanced skater. The harder wheel will give you more speed.
Wheels per PackWheels are sold individually

What I Like

  • Lots of wheels durometers and diameters to choose from.
  • Comes from Labeda – a US-based company with wheels made right here.
  • Good grip on a variety of surfaces, skater weights and experience levels.
Check Price at Pure HockeyCheck Price at Amazon

6. Rink Rat Identity XX Grip

Next up we have the Rink Rat Identity wheels. These roller hockey wheels are inspired by the MPC Black Magic wheel – which is one of the fastest speed skating wheels on the market. This wheel uses the same dual-durometer and urethane formulations as the MPC Black Magic wheel.

Identity offers incredible grip, unparalleled speed and durability. Plus, it’s made right here in the USA. It’s really only recommended for one surface – indoor tile. They come in at a 79A durometer – that is one reason they are so fast. The harder wheels do bring more overall speed to your skates.

They also come only in 80mm diameter – again for increased speed. If you are after more speed, but don’t want to sacrifice grip and durability, then the Identity wheel from Rink Rat is worth a deeper look.

Wheel Features at a Glance

SurfacesRecommended for indoor tile only. Do not use on wood, painted surfaces or any outdoor surface.
Diameter / Height (in mm)80mm
Available ColorsRed & Black
Ideal Skater Weight175 lbs or more
Wheels per PackWheels are sold individually

What I Like

  • If speed is what you are after, then you have to give these wheels a try. They are fast on indoor tile.
  • They don’t come with a lot of durometers and diameter options. It’s purpose is specific.
  • Made here in the USA.

7. Mission Revision Flex

Next up we have the Mission Revision Flex wheels. These are some of the top-selling roller hockey wheels on the market. The Flex allow you to micro-tune your wheel setup by offering you different durometers (or wheel hardnesses) on each side of the wheel. The white side focuses on speed and control and the color side focuses on grip and flex.

You can now configure your wheels to focus on a specific aspect of the game with each wheel. This allows for a lot of different wheel configurations including setups for max grip and speed. See below for just a few of the configurations you can get simply by flipping the wheels from one side or the other.

Revision Flex is also unique with it’s Torus hollow offset core. It also has a flex ring insert to give the opposite side greater flex and better grip.

Wheel Features at a Glance

SurfacesIndoor tile sports court
Durometer72A / 74A (X-Soft), 74A / 76A (Soft), 76A / 78A (Firm)
Diameter / Height (in mm)76mm or 80mm
Available ColorsOrange / Green (72A / 74A), Blue (74A / 76A), Yellow (76A / 78A)
Ideal Skater Weight72A / 74A (X-Soft) = 150 lbs and below
74A / 76A (Soft) = 170 lbs and below
76A / 78A (Firm) = 170 lbs and above
Wheels per PackWheels are sold individually

What I Like

  • The 2 different durometers in the same wheel is a really neat concept. This allows for a lot of different wheel combinations for both grip and speed.

8. Rink Rat Trickster

Next up is the Rink Rat Trickster wheels. These awesome roller hockey wheels come in XGrip, XXGrip and XXXGrip. The XGrip is an 84A durometer, the XXGrip is a 79A and the XXXGrip is a 76A rating. The XGrip is made for skaters over 225 lbs and the XXXGrip is for skaters up to 190lbs. The XXGrip is for skaters 190-225 lbs.

The wheels come in a variety of different diameters including 59mm, 68mm, 72mm, 76mm and 80mm. Though the XGrip and XXGrip only come in 76mm & 80mm. The XXXGrip come in 59mm, 68mm or 72mm. All of the wheels are green with a variety of different green shades in the wheel.

All of the wheels work really well on indoor tile sports court and are great for roller hockey. Most players who own and use these wheels really like the look and feel of the wheels on the court. They really like the grip of these wheels especially on quick starts and stops.

Wheel Features at a Glance

SurfacesGreat for indoor tile sports court where roller hockey is played.
Durometer76A (XXX Grip), 79A (XXGrip) & 84A (X Grip)
Diameter / Height (in mm)XGrip: 76mm & 80mm
XXGrip: 76mm & 80mm
XXXGrip: 59mm, 68mm, 72mm
Available ColorsGreen
Ideal Skater WeightXGrip: Above 225 lbs.
XXGrip: 190 – 225 lbs.
XXXGrip: Up to 190 lbs.
Wheels per PackWheels are sold individually

What I Like

  • These wheels have really great grip for quick starts and stops.
  • They have an awesome name and look cool on the court.

9. Labeda Union

Labeda UnionPin

Next up, we have the Labeda Union wheels. This wheel comes in X-Soft (74A) and Soft (76A) durometer ratings. This makes the wheel great for indoor sports court and smooth concrete. It also comes in 3 different colors: Mint (X-Soft), Yellow (X-Soft) or Orange (Soft).

This wheel also comes in a variety of different diameters including 59mm, 68mm, 72mm, 76mm and 80mm.

The Union has an all-new inner core and inner ring that make it the fastest wheel Labeda has ever made. The rigid Revolver core delivers blazing speed and agility by maximizing energy transfer through each and every stride. This works with the new Apex ring that initiates wheel flex and compression earlier than past wheels, thus allowing for even quicker stops and better overall braking power.

And, it’s made right here in the USA, just like all Labeda wheels.

Wheel Features at a Glance

SurfacesGreat for indoor sports court and smooth concrete
Durometer74A (X-Soft) & 76A (Soft)
Diameter / Height (in mm)59mm, 68mm, 72mm, 76mm & 80mm
Available ColorsMint, Yellow or Orange
Ideal Skater Weight74A (X-Soft) = 165 lbs and below
76A (Soft) = 185 lbs and below
Wheels per PackWheels are sold individually

What I Like

  • It has a wide variety of diameters and durometers to choose from. Has good overall grip and speed.

10. Konixx Tachyon

Last but not least, we have the Tachyon Hockey Wheel by Konixx. These wheels have the grip and speed that you usually will find in the more expensive wheels for about 30% less price. These wheels use very similar materials to Konixx top-of-the-line Pure wheel.

The Tachyon comes in a +0 Konixx Grip rating. And it has 5 different diameters to choose from. It is also only ideal for skaters weighing up to 185 lbs.

The Tachyon stands out from the rest of the wheels at this price thanks to its dual-pour construction. Unlike the single-pour construction found in the competition, Konixx is able to offer a similar premium grip, speed and durability at this secondary price-point.

Wheel Features at a Glance

SurfacesGreat for indoor sports court
DurometerKonixx +0 Special Grip Rating
Diameter / Height (in mm)59mm, 68mm, 72mm, 76mm & 80mm
Available ColorsWhite
Ideal Skater WeightUp to 185 lbs.
Wheels per PackWheels are sold individually

What I Like

  • A well-constructed, grippy wheel with speed for a cheaper price. You can’t beat that!

Best Roller Hockey Wheels Buyer’s Guide

Whether you just love roller hockey, or you love to play ice hockey in the winter and then crossover to the roller rink in the summer, this buying guide will help you find the wheels you need. We will cover the different durometer rating, indoor and outdoor surfaces, wheel diameter and how your weight impacts your wheel choice.

Wheel Durometer Rating vs. Different Surfaces

Roller hockey wheels are different from a lot of other roller skate wheels because they come in a durometer rating that is usually much softer than most other wheels for other roller sports. This is because hockey players really need grip – especially on most soft, rubber roller hockey rink floors.

Outdoor Surfaces

For roller hockey wheels, your outdoor wheels are actually going to have a higher durometer rating than your indoor wheels. It’s a bit backwards when compared to regular roller skate wheels where the softest durometer is always used outdoors. However, there does come a point where the urethane in the wheels is too soft for outdoor use. Unless you are always on smooth outdoor surfaces, a wheel that is too soft can be damaged more quickly on rough surfaces.

For roller hockey wheels, the durometer range is very narrow when compared to other roller skate wheels. You will find that most hockey wheels range from 78A-84A with the 78A and 80A considered a more hybrid or multi purpose wheel and the 82A and 84A considered exclusively outdoor wheels. Then, your super softer wheels 72A-76A are going to be best suited for indoor surfaces.

The 82A-84A wheels are best for outdoor surfaces like concrete, polished concrete, blacktop, asphalt and sidewalk / road skating. This wheel hardness is perfect for these surfaces because the wheel won’t get torn up on these rougher materials.

Indoor Surfaces

The best roller hockey wheels for indoors are going to be in the 72A-80A range. The 80A are more multi-surface wheels that can be used both on smooth indoor surfaces and sealed outdoor surfaces. They are best suited for wood floors and sealed concrete. However, most hockey players will not consider them to be grippy enough for the soft sport court tiles where hockey is often played.

The 72A-78A are really what most indoor players use. These are perfect for the rubber sport court where hockey is played. This softer durometer has a lot more grip.

Skater’s Weight Impacts Wheel Choice

Now that you have your surface figured out, you should have a pretty good idea whether you need super soft wheels, multi-surface wheels or harder outdoor wheels.

However, before you make a choice, you need to take your weight into account. The heavier you weigh, the harder durometer you are going to need for indoor use. For lightweight indoor hockey players, you will want to go with a super soft 72A wheel. However, for hybrid and outdoor wheels, this doesn’t matter as much because the outdoor surface is not soft like most roller hockey floors.

Find the Right Wheels: Roller Hockey Durometer, Skating Surface and Skater Weight Chart

Use this table below to determine the best durometer rating for you based on your weight and skating surface. This is a general table that works for most hockey wheels. However, please see each manufacturer’s guidance for each wheel above about the best durometer to buy based on your weight and skating surface.

Your WeightSurfaceBest Durometer Rating
< 150 lbs (68 kg)Roller Hockey Sport Court72A
150-190 lbs (68-86 kg)Roller Hockey Sport Court74A
190-210 lbs (86 kg – 95 kg)Roller Hockey Sport Court76A
210+ lbs (95 kg+)Roller Hockey Sport Court78A
All weights on the right surfaceHybrid – Wood Floors / Sealed Concrete80A
All weights on the right surfaceAsphalt, blacktop, sealed concrete, sidewalk82A
All weights on the right surfaceOutdoors84A

Wheel Size – Wheel Diameter Explained

Next, lets talk wheel height or diameter. Inline skate wheels for roller hockey typically run from 47mm – 80mm. Wheel height is a tradeoff between speed, acceleration and agility. The taller wheels will give you a longer, faster roll but less agility and acceleration. Shorter wheels give you more agility and quicker acceleration but less overall speed.

You will find that most of the really small wheels in the 47mm – 60mm provide a lot of agility and quick acceleration. The 72mm – 80mm provide a combination of speed, quickness, and performance. This is what you typically will find on most hockey skates. With a “hi-lo” configuration where the smaller 72mm wheels are in the front and larger 80mm are in the back. This puts the hockey player in an aggressive hockey position.

Goalies typically go for wheels that are much smaller as they need to be low to the ground, stable and quick on their feet. They often go for wheels in the 47mm-59mm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use indoor roller hockey wheels outdoors?

You should not use indoor roller hockey wheels on rough outdoor surfaces like asphalt. Smooth concrete (think garage floor) is okay, but rough surfaces like asphalt and sidewalks can damage the softer wheels that are made for rubber sports court.

Can you use roller hockey skates outside?

Yes. You can use your roller hockey skates outside with the right wheels on them. For asphalt skating, go with a 84A wheel. For concrete and sidewalks, go with an 82A or 84A wheel. If you need to do both indoor and outdoor roller hockey, then look for a hybrid wheel in the 78A-80A range. Just realize you will sacrifice some grip indoors.

What roller hockey wheels should I use?

Choosing the right inline wheels for roller hockey requires you to understand your skating surface and your weight to pick the right wheels. See our handy table above to pick out the perfect wheels for your skating surface and weight.

How do you change and rotate roller hockey wheels?

This is a really easy process. You just need a hex skate tool / allen wrench to loosen the axle bolt. Then, push / pull the axle out from the wheel’s bearings. Then, pull the wheel out from the skate plate. You can now change out your wheels or rotate them.

How do you clean roller hockey wheels?

The easiest way to clean roller hockey wheels is to wash them in warm water with a mild dish soap. Wipe off any buildup on the wheel. Make sure to dry your wheels thoroughly and then set them on a towel to dry for an hour.

How long do roller hockey wheels last?

It really depends on how often you use your wheels and the skating surface you skate on. The best way to determine if you need to replace your wheels is if they don’t sit flat anymore or if there is a flat spot. You will usually here a thudding sound when your wheels flatten. When that happens, it’s time to replace them.

What is the best wheel setup for roller hockey?

Many top-of-the-line roller hockey skates come with 2 different wheel diameters on them. You will see a smaller wheel on the front wheels of the skate (usually a 72mm) and then a taller wheel on the back half of the skate. This puts the hockey player in an attacking position easily.

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