Best Roller Skates for Kids & Toddlers

Reviews of the Best Kids Roller Skates this Year

Are you a parent or grandparent and looking for a great pair of roller skates for your child or toddler? In today’s post, I’m going to cover some of the best roller skates for kids, so you can get that kiddo of yours out skating with you and their friends and having a great time.

Along the way, I’ll also give you some pointers to look for when picking out a great pair of quad roller skates. If you are looking for the best inlines skates for kids or the best rollerblades for kids, then be sure to check out one of my other posts by clicking either link above.

Confused about what type of skate to buy your toddler, kid, tween or teen? Read on for the details.

My Top Roller Skate for Kids by Age

In a Hurry? Here is my #1 Roller Skate for Each Age Group Below

We’re all busy. With kids, jobs and the latest Netflix episodes to binge watch, who has time for reading? 🙂 These are my top pick for each roller skate broken down by age group. No fluff, no extra information. Just the best skate for your kid for their age.

If you’d like more information, be sure to continue reading the rest of the article.

Best Adjustable Roller Skate for Kids – Ages 1-8

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Best Toddler Roller Skate – Ages 1-4 (Non-Adjustable)

Best Roller Skate for Kids – Ages 5-8 (Non-Adjustable)

Best Boys & Girls Roller Skates – Ages 9+

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Picking Out Roller Skates for a Small Child

Roller Skating is a Family Affair

If you’re like me, you love to roller skate! And, if you skate regularly, then your little one is sure to want to emulate dad, mom and the older kids in the family who also skate. Below I review the best roller skates for toddlers and kids and give you my recommendation so you can get your little one out on the floor with you.

Kids Skate Sizes – Should You Go with an Adjustable Roller Skate?

Finding good toddler roller skates is hard, especially for a child under 4. Most roller skates for kids start at a size 1 and many top of the line skates don’t start until a size 4. For a child under 4, that pretty much rules out many of the top name skate brands like Vanilla, Riedell and Sure-Grip. These are some of the best roller skates for adults, but they just aren’t made for the whee ones. So, your choices are more limited.

Almost all toddlers are going to need a skate in the juvenile shoe size (unless your kid has big feet like me). In roller skates, this is measured with a size number followed by the letter “j”. Most toddlers will wear somewhere between a 6j-13j. Once you get to 13j, the next number up is a size 1 (normal child / adult sizes). Read all about how to properly size skates for your child here.

Because sizing is so difficult and feet grow so much at this early age, many parents go with an adjustable roller skate for their toddler or kid the first time. In these early years, a child’s feet can grow as much as a half an inch every year or more! It is really crazy how quickly kids grow out of shoes and clothes.

So, unless you are okay with shelling out more money every time their foot grows, then a pair of adjustable roller skates may be just what you need to get your toddler started. The non-adjustable skates are better quality overall, but the adjustable skates will last you as the child grows – especially in the very early years.

I cover a lot more about roller skate sizes for kids and how to change the size size of adjustable roller skates in the Frequently Asked Questions below.

Best Adjustable Roller Skates for Kids & Toddlers

For Ages 1-8

If you have decided to go with an adjustable roller skate to start out, you have a number of choices. Below are my top picks.

9 Best Adjustable Skates for Kids Ages 1-8

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Adjustable Skates for Toddlers Product Breakdown

1. Candi Girl Lucy Adjustable Girls Roller Skates
Candi Girl Lucy Adjustable Girls Roller Skates
  • Easily Adjustable: The EZ Twist Knob on the back of the skate adjusts up to 4 full childrens sizes (Small 12J to 2) or (Medium 3 to 6)
  • The Hightop boot provides great ankle support and comfortable padded lining
  • Roller Derby is a reputable roller skating brand and makes solid products
  • Fast and smooth rolling Silver-5 Speed Rated (carbon) bearings
  • Urethane 54mm X 32mm indoor or outdoor wheels for rink or pavement

The Candi Girl Lucy Adjustable Girls Roller Skates is my top pick for this category. The Candi Girl Lucy comes with a knob on the back of the skate that makes it super easy to adjust. These skates are made by Roller Derby, a reputable brand of roller skates in the industry.

I also like the high top boot. It’s nicely padded and it has 3 eyelets (little hooks) at the top of the boot allowing you to lace your skates up tighter at the top. This eyelet feature is something you see on the very best figure skates. A tighter boot at the top (not on the toes or feet) is one key to helping a beginner feel more steady.

The wheels are made out of urethane which is what you want. Many of the adjustable toddler skates on the market today have plastic wheels (see Fisher Price and Playwheels below). While these plastic wheels may be fine for really small children just to get started, I would steer towards a urethane wheel whenever possible.

What I Like

  • Knob on the back makes the skate super easy to adjust the size.
  • High top boot is padded and comes with eyelets at the top to tighten laces more securely.
  • The skate is made by Roller Derby – which is a reputable skating manufacturer known for good quality.

What I Don’t Like

  • Can run a little small for some kids. If your child is close to a size 2, look at going with the medium 3-6 size.
2. Pacer XT70 Adjustable Roller Skates
Pacer XT70 Adjustable Artistic Quad Roller Skates for Youth Children (black small)
  • Boot: Pacer XT70 with ankle support and quick release buckle for easy on and off.
  • Plate: Pacer Double Action - adjustable, grows with the skater.
  • Wheels: Pacer Polyurethane - smooth roll indoor/outdoor wheels.
  • Bearings: G Force 608ZB long life bearings for a smooth long lasting roll.
  • Small fits 12J-2, Medium fits 3-6

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The Pacer XT70 Adjustable Roller Skates are a a good all-around adjustable roller skate for toddlers. The Pacer XT70 comes with a high top padded boot with a buckle at the top and middle to make the skate tighter.

I like the high top boot on these skates. The boot is well padded to give your child a comfortable fit. The two buckles on the skate make it easy for you to tighten the skate. I do prefer laces over buckles as I feel you can just get the skate more tight. However, many rollerblades operate in this same way and many people like them. The other upside is that with no laces, your child can put the skates on by themselves.

The wheels are made out of urethane which as I mentioned previously is good. You want to stay away from plastic wheels whenever possible on kids skates. Pacer is also a well-known company in the skate industry and is know for making good middle-of-the-road skates.