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The History Of Riedell Roller Skates

Hey Skaters, are you interested into roller skate brand history? 

Well, stick around in this article series I will be going through each well-known roller skates brand and their history in this amazing community. 

In today’s article, I will be writing about The History Of Riedell Roller Skates.

Riedell Skates has been around for 75 years, the company was founded by Paul Riedell and Sophie Riedell whose goal was to produce the best roller skates and ice skates.  

They have been making skates for over 75 years and are made in Red Wing, Minnesota.

Today, Riedell is still going strong. Today Paul’s grandsons Scott, Bob, Paul & Dan Riegelman run the Riedell Skates company. 

The Riedell company sells all different types of skates ice skates, artistic skates, roller derby skates, jam skates, outdoor roller skates, rhythm skates, and speed skates. They also have all kinds of skate gear like roller skate wheels, roller skate bearings and roller skate plates.

They also work and have a number of other brands including Riedell Ice, Eclipse Blades, Riedell Roller, Radar Wheels, PowerDyne, Kwik bearings, Moxi Skates, and Antik Skates

Some of Riedell’s most popular skate products are:

  • The Riedell Dash Skate Sets
  • Riedell Dart Ombre Skate Sets
  • Riedell Citizen Skate Sets

The company Riedell is mainly known for selling quad roller skates and their other brand Riedell Ice sells ice skates. So if you are looking for inline skates or rollerblades then this isn’t the brand for you. 

My next article about Riedell will be a complete review of their most popular skates so be on the lookout for that. 

Wrap Up 

How did you like my article on The History Of Riedell Roller Skates? Did you learn anything new? If so let me know what you learned.

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