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20 Best Rollerblades for Men in 2023: The Ultimate Guide

For all the fellas out there who love to rollerblade and inline skate, this page is for you! I know a lot about roller skating these days is geared at women, but us guys skate, too! In today’s article, I am going to review the best rollerblades for men that are on the market today, plus give you a lot of personal tips of what to look for before you buy.

First, I’ll go over my top 20 best rollerblades for men, then I’ll give you the most thorough buyer’s guide on the web. We’ll discuss rollerblade boots, frames (or plates), wheels, bearings, brakes, safety gear and more.

So, whether you’ve been inline skating for a decade or you are just starting out, I’ve got a pair of rollerblades with your name on them! Let’s get skating!


But first, if you want to learn even more about roller blades and inline skates in general, then be sure to check out my Best Rollerblades page. Or, if you are instead interested in quad roller skates, check out my Best Roller Skates page. Both of these pages give a lot of general advice about picking the best skates for your next roller skating adventure.

Ok, let’s get started!

My Top 20 Best Rollerblades & Inline Skates for Men

Rollerblade BladeRunner Advantage Pro XTPinRollerblade Bladerunner Advantage Pro XTBest Rollerblades for Men – BeginnersCheck Price at Amazon
Rollerblade Zetrablade ElitePinRollerblade ZetrabladeBest for Beginners (Runner-Up)Check Price at Amazon
K2 Kinetic BluePinK2 KineticBest for Beginners (Bronze)Check Price at Amazon
Rollerblade Macroblade 80PinRollerblade MacrobladeBest Rollerblades for Men – FitnessCheck Price at Amazon
K2 Fit 84 ProPinK2 F.I.T.Best Fitness Rollerblades for Men (Runner-Up)Check Price at Amazon
Liku Fitness Inline SkatesPinLiku Fitness SkatesBest Fitness Rollerblades for Men (Bronze)Check Price at Amazon
Rollerblade Maxxum Edge 90 MenPinRollerblade Maxxum EdgeBest Rollerblades for Men – Cross TrainingCheck Price at Amazon
Kinetic VO2 90 MenPinK2 VO2Best Cross Training Rollerblades (Runner-Up)Check Price at Amazon
Rollerblade Twister Edge MenPinRollerblade Twister EdgeBest Rollerblades for Men – UrbanCheck Price at Amazon
Rollerblade RB Cruiser MenPinRollerblade RB CruiserBest Urban Rollerblades (Runner-Up)Check Price at Amazon
K2 UptownPinK2 UptownBest Urban Rollerblades (Bronze)Check Price at Amazon
Rollerblade Formula 100 MenPinRollerblade Bladerunner Formula 100Best Rollerblades for Men – Budget PerformanceCheck Price at Amazon
Roller Derby Aerio Q80X MenPinRoller Derby Q80Best Budget Performance Rollerblades (Runner-Up)Check Price at Amazon
Roller Derby VTech Cobra MenPinRoller Derby V-Tech CobraBest Budget Performance Rollerblades (Bronze)Check Price at Amazon
Roces M12 Aggressive Inline SkatesPinRoces M12Best Aggressive Inline SkatesCheck Price at Amazon
Roces Fifth Element Aggressive Inline SkatesPinRoces Fifth ElementBest Aggressive Inline Skates (Runner-Up)Check Price at Amazon
Flying Eagle Enkidu Aggressive Inline SkatesPinFlying Eagle EnkiduBest Aggressive Inline Skates (Bronze)Check Price at Amazon
Rollerblade Powerblade Pro 125PinRollerblade Powerblade Pro 125Best Men’s Inline Skates for Speed SkatingCheck Price at Amazon
Atom Luigino StrutPinAtom Luigino StrutBest Mens Inline Skates for Speed Skating (Runner-Up)Check Price at Amazon
Rollerblade RB XL MenPinRollerblade RB XLBest Rollerblades for Big FeetCheck Price at Amazon

Rollerblade Bladerunner Advantage Pro XT – Best Men’s Inline Skates for Beginners

The Rollerblade BladeRunner Advantage Pro XT is my top rollerblades for beginners pick for those of you looking to do some basic recreational skating. This is a great skate for novice skaters due to the fact that it’s a good pair of quality skates from a great manufacturer at a price everyone can afford.

The Rollerblade Advantage has a stable boot with padded liner with extra padding to keep your feet comfortable. The soft boots also comes with a triple closure system of skate laces, velcro straps and buckle to keep your feet safe and secure. It also has heel brakes so you can stop easily.

The Bladerunner Advantage has a composite, plastic frame. These four wheel skates come with 80mm Bladerunner wheels. It’s a good skate for those of you out there who are okay with moderate speed and want to focus more on stability.

These roller skates from Rollerblade is the cheapest model they offer for beginners, but is still a great skate on parts. If you are just getting started and want the best inline skates for beginners, check out the Bladerunner.

This is a great budget set of inline skates for the whole family. It’s also one of my top picks for best rollerblades for women. I also recommend the Phoenix (a smaller version of this skate) as one of the best rollerblades for kids. You really can’t beat it for the price and it’s great for those of you just starting out.

Rollerblade Bladerunner Advantage Pro XT Highlights

BootsMen Sizes 7-13 black boot with red trim
Wheels4 wheels – 80mm Bladerunner Wheels – 78A durometer
BearingsABEC-7 Bearings

What I Like

  • Ideal skate for beginner skaters who are just starting rollerblading and want a comfortable ride.
  • For a cheaper, beginner skate, the internal soft boot design has nice padding and is comfortable.
  • Priced at right around $100, they fit most people’s budget when first starting. That is why it has our top spot. Good price and good quality without breaking the bank.

Rollerblade Zetrablade – Best Men’s Inline Skates for Beginners (Runner-Up)

Next up, we have the Zetrablade from Rollerblade. These roller skate are a little more expensive than our top pick, but you also get a nicer pair of inline skates. First, the liner is nicer and more padded. The boot also has a nicer mesh and a seamless toe box that makes the skate more comfortable.

It has a secure closure system comprising of laces, a power strap and a buckle like you will find on most rollerblades. The inline skate comes with a nylon frame and 80mm diameter wheels – both which are good enough for those just starting out.

Rollerblade Zetrablade & Rollerblade Zetrablade Elite Highlights

BootsMen’s Sizes 6-13. Zetrablade has a black boot with gray highlights. Zetrablade Elite has a black and lime boot. The Elite boot is a little nicer with more mesh and padding.
Wheels4 wheels – 80mm – 82A durometer
BearingsSG5 Bearings

What I Like

  • Both Zetrablade versions typically come in at under $150. This makes the skate affordable for most people just starting out inline skating.
  • The 80mm / 82A hybrid wheels make this inline skate good for both indoor and outdoor skating.

K2 Kinetic – Best Men’s Inline Skates for Beginners (Bronze)

K2 Kinetic & Kinetic Pro Men's RollerbladesPin

Rounding out our list of best rollerblades for men beginners, we have the K2 Kinetic. One of the nice things about K2 skates is they often come in half sizes – not something Rollerblade always offers. K2 also often offers speed lacing systems that make putting on your skates faster. This is true with the K2 Kinetic Pro that offers this feature.

The K2 Kinetic has a nylon frame that has a low center of gravity giving you extra stability. It also has 80mm diameter wheels which are good for a beginner and will give you a smooth ride. You want to be on smaller, shorter wheels when just starting out.

K2 Kinetic Highlights

BootsKinetic & Kinetic Pro: Men’s Size 5-13 (in half sizes). The major difference with the Kinetic Pro is that the boot is a little more well padded and has a speed lacing system to make putting your skates on quicker.
Wheels4 wheels – 80mm
BearingsABEC-5 Bearings

What I Like

  • These are great budget rollerblades for beginners just starting inline skating. The boot provides good ankle support and it has a low 80mm wheel that will keep you sturdy and upright.

Rollerblade Macroblade – Best Fitness Rollerblades for Men & Intermediate Skaters

The Rollerblade Macroblade is our top pick for all of you intermediate skaters out there that want a smooth ride and a sleek look without breaking the bank. The Macroblade is one of Rollerblade’s hottest selling inline skates. It comes in a variety of different wheel heights from the 80mm beginner skates to the 110mm for those skaters who are more advanced.

The Macroblade comes in half sizes from 6-13.5. It has an aluminum plate which is perfect for extra power transfer, more stability and just a better overall feel while skating – especially on rough roads and asphalt. The Macroblade 80 and 90 come with four wheels, whereas the 100 and 110 have larger wheels and so only come with three wheels.

If you are a beginner, then stick with the Macroblade 80 or 90. They offer a lower center of gravity which is important for newbies who are just getting started. You’ll have more stability and balance on the smaller wheels.

The Macroblade 90 or 100 are more intermediate level skates. These taller wheels will give you the extra speed that you are after. Finally, for all you advanced bladers, the 100 or 110 are probably what you are after for the superior speed. The bigger wheels will bring superior speed compared to small wheels.

Of course, even those skaters with a lot of experience still like shorter blades for the increased maneuverability. So, it’s up to you. Rollerblade has a Macroblade size for every skating level and type. Enjoy!

Rollerblade Macroblade Highlights

BootsMen’s Sizes 6-13.5 (in half sizes).
FrameAluminum. The 100mm & 110mm frames are a little longer and taller to accommodate the larger wheels.
WheelsMacroblade 80: 4 wheels – 80mm diameter – 82A durometer. Beginner.
Macroblade 90: 4 wheels – 90mm diameter – 85A durometer. Intermediate.
Macroblade 100: 3 wheels – 100mm diameter- 85A durometer. Advanced.
Macroblade 110: 3 wheels – 110mm diameter – 85A durometer. Advanced.
BearingsMacroblade 80: SG5 bearings for moderate speed
Macroblade 90, 100, 110: SG9 bearings for increased speed

What I Like

  • The Macroblade is Rollerblade’s new beginner to advanced skater model. It’s great for intermediate skaters who are serious about fitness skating. They have a wheel size and skill level for each skater type. It’s a major upgrade in quality from the Bladerunner or Zetrablade. If you want the best fitness rollerblade then this is the one you want.
  • The aluminum plate is really nice. This gives better power transfer on each of your pushes and makes for a much better pair of inline skates than those previously mentioned.

K2 F.I.T. – Best Fitness Rollerblades for Men (Runner-Up)

To round out the fitness category, we have the K2 F.I.T. skates. This is an older K2 model (2019) that has been sold for the last few years and is still popular. It also a great pair of roller skates for men who are intermediate skaters.

All of the skates in this lineup are in men’s sizes, so be sure to size down appropriately (usually 1 full size). Like the Alexis, this skate comes with aluminum plates on all of the models except the 80 Pro and 80 BOA which have a composite frame. It also comes in either 80mm, 84mm or 90mm wheels – per the model number. All of the wheels are good for skating outdoors – whether it be on asphalt, sidewalks or a bike path.

Besides being an older model, this skate also gets our 3rd place mark because a number of skaters complain about these skates not being good for those with wide feet. So, if you fall in that category, you may want to look elsewhere.

K2 F.I.T. Highlights

BootsMen’s sizes 5-13 with half sizes. All of the boots are pretty much the same on this skate except for the BOA closure skates which have a little dial on the front of the skate to allow you to tighten / loosen the skates with just a twist.
FrameAll of the F.I.T. inline skates come with a stamped aluminum plate except for the F.I.T. 80 Pro and 80 BOA which come with a composite nylon frame.
WheelsAll of the F.I.T. skates from K2 come with an 80A durometer wheel except for the F.I.T. 90 BOA which has an 83A durometer wheel. This makes the wheels good for outdoor surfaces. You can use them indoors, they just will be a little slower.

F.I.T. 80 Pro: 80mm diameter
F.I.T. 80 BOA: 80mm diameter
F.I.T. 80 ALU: 80mm diameter
F.I.T. 84 Pro: 84mm diameter
F.I.T. 84 BOA: 84mm diameter
F.I.T. 90 BOA: 90mm diameter
BearingsAll F.I.T. skates come with standard ABEC 5 bearings except the F.I.T. 84 BOA and 90 BOA which come with higher end ILQ 7 bearings.

What I Like

  • The aluminum plates on all of the models except the 80 Pro and BOA is nice. Aluminum just makes inline skates feel more solid and sturdy. Not to mention they are just better.
  • These are a little cheaper than the newer Alexis and Rollerblade Macroblade.

What I Don’t Like

  • Folks with wide feet have complained about these skates not being comfortable. Others have complained about the overall quality. This is why it gets our Bronze prize as it is not as nice as the Rollerblade Macroblade mentioned above.

LIKU Fitness Skates – Best Fitness Roller Skates for Men (Bronze)

If you want a solid pair of fitness skates, but don’t want to break the bank, then the LIKU Fitness inline skates are worth a look. These typically sell for around $100, so they are the cheapest of the 3 fitness skates recommended here.

The LIKU are a little different then the other fitness skates mentioned here. They come with 2 smaller wheels on the front wheel and the back wheel, whereas the 2 middle wheels are 4mm taller. This is so you can maneuver better and do tricks in them. They also come disassembled, so you will have to install the wheels onto the skate yourself. All of the tools involved to do the installation come with the product and it’s really easy to do.

This skates comes with a black and gold boot and an aluminum plate. This is great for power transfer and is more solid than a composite plate. It also comes in half sizes in size 5-11. Sorry fellas with bigger feet (like me). You’ll have to look elsewhere.

LIKU Fitness Skates’ Highlights

BootsMen Sizes 5.5-11. Black boot.
WheelsThese roller skates come with two smaller wheels on the outside and two larger wheels on the inside. This makes them easier to do tricks on. All of the wheels are 90A hardness, making them better for smooth outdoor or indoor surfaces.

Men Sizes 5.5 – 7.5: 72mm wheels on front and back wheels. 76mm for two middle wheels.
Men Sizes 8-11: 76mm wheels on front and back wheels. 80mm for two middle wheels.

What I Like

  • It’s hard to beat the $100 price point for a pair of mens rollerblades with an aluminum frame. Half sizes is also nice to get that proper fit.

Rollerblade Maxxum Edge – Best Cross Training Rollerblades for Men

If you really love to ski and you are looking to cross train off season, then look to inline skating! It’s a great way to stay in shape when there is no powder on the slopes. If that sounds fun to you, then the Rollerblade Maxxum Edge is the skate for you!

These skates are for more intermediate to advanced skaters or skiers who already have good balance and stability – especially for the 125mm skates. The Maxxum Edge boot is a durable, vented boot that keeps your feet from sweating. It also has a V-cut cuff to allow for extra flex and versatility as you skate.

It has a heel shock absorber to keep vibration to a minimum. It also has a high performance, active airflow foot bed and a premium mesh liner to keep your feet cool while you roll outdoors.

Finally, it has an aluminum plate which is solid and offers the best power transfer with each of your pushes. This helps to make inline skates faster, more sturdy and longer-lasting than it’s composite counterparts.

Rollerblade then offers two of it’s top wheels on both of these inline skates. The Edge 90 comes with the Rollerblade Supreme wheels. The Edge 125 comes with the Rollerblade Hydrogen wheel.

If you really want a more advanced, solid pair of rollerblades, check out the Edge series.

Rollerblade Maxxum Edge Highlights

BootsMen’s Sizes 5-13. See the skate sizing chart for each skate before selecting.
WheelsMaxxum Edge 90: 4 wheels Supreme – 90mm diameter – 85A durometer
Maxxum Edge 125: 3 wheels Hydrogen – 125mm diameter – 85A durometer
BearingsMaxxum Edge 90: Twincam ILQ-7 Plus
Maxxum Edge 125: Twincam ILQ-9 Classic Plus

What I Like

  • For you more advanced inline skaters out there who need a great skate, the Maxxum Edge has it all. A great boot, aluminum plate and the best rollerblade wheels that Rollerblade offers today.

K2 VO2 – Best Cross Training Rollerblades for Men (Runner-Up)

Another good pair of cross training rollerblades are the VO2 rollerblades from K2. Again, if you are into skiing and need to cross train offseason or if you just want to take your fitness to the next level, then check these out.

K2’s softboot technology is combined with a speed lacing system that makes it easier and quicker to lace your skates in a single pull. It also has a Vortech ventilation system that provides a comfortable, breathable fit to keep your feet dry. It also has a lot of extra padding around the cuff.

The K2 VO2 comes with an aluminum frame that makes them faster, more study and longer lasting than their composite counterparts. The boot It also comes with ILQ 9 skate bearings.

K2 VO2 Highlights

BootsMen’s size 5-14 in half sizes.
WheelsVO2 90: 90mm diameter – 83A durometer
VO2 100: 100mm – 83A durometer
BearingsILQ 9 Classic Plus bearings

What I Like

  • The fast speed lacing system is a nice feature. It makes putting and taking off your skates a whole lot faster.

Rollerblade Twister Edge – Best Urban Rollerblades for Men

If you are looking for a great pair of rollerblades for city skating or commuting to work / school, then check out the Twister Edge from Rollerblade. This rollerblade was especially created for you city slickers who are skating in an urban setting but still want to skate for fitness.

The boot has a new, anatomical transfer footbed that provides extra cushioning, shock absorption and support while you skate on those city streets and sidewalks. It also has a V-cut liner to ensure that the boot breathes well and keeps your feet dry.

It has an aluminum frame has lateral sliders built-in. It’s a great frame for extra speed, stability and power transfer. It also has Rollerblade’s Supreme wheels which are some of the best they offer.

If you want a great fitting skate that is comfortable and will get you up and down those city streets, then the Twister Edge is a good choice.

Rollerblade Twister Edge Highlights

BootsMen’s sizes 5-13 in half sizes
FrameExtruded aluminum that are laterally adjustable
WheelsSupreme 80mm diameter – 85 durometer
BearingsTwincam ILQ-7 Plus

What I Like

  • The Supreme wheels from Rollerblade are some of the nicest rollerblade wheels on the market.
  • The extruded aluminum plate is laterally adjustable.

Rollerblade RB Cruiser – Best Urban Rollerblades for Men (Runner-Up)

If you really love to commute to work in rollerblade or just like some good old fashioned urban street skating, then take a look at the RB Cruiser from Rollerblade.

The RB Cruiser is a moderately priced skate for the parts included. It is a tough, easily maneuverable skate that is fast.

It has RB hard shell, molded boots that are durable and comfortable. It has an extruded aluminum frame that is great for extra power transfer and stability.

Then, it comes with 80mm / 85A durometer wheels that provide a lower center of gravity and a smooth roll. Smaller wheels always are more maneuverable, perfect for an urban setting where there are always lots of thing to dodge.

The best part is that unlike the Twister Edge, the RB Cruiser can usually be had for less than $200.

Rollerblade RB Cruiser Highlights

BootsMen’s Size 5-14 full sizes only
FrameExtruded aluminum
WheelsUrban 80mm diameter / 85A durometer
BearingsSG7 bearings

What I Like

  • A well made urban skate with 80mm wheels and a nice hard shell boot for dodging plants, trees, humans and cars. You need a skate that can move when you have obstacles to avoid.
  • Pre-pandemic pricing had these skates at under $200. Some sizes are over $200 as these skates are popular and harder to find.

K2 Uptown – Best Urban Rollerblades for Men (Bronze)

Last in our best urban rollerblades for men list we have the K2 Uptown. This is another great skate for skating in urban areas where you need to be able to maneuver, turn and dodge objects quickly. If you need a good commuter skate, this is also worth a look.

These rollerblades are unisex but they do come in men sizes. They also only come in the one color – black with the brown highlights. They have an aluminum frame which is great and they also have a low 80mm diameter wheel which keeps you lower to the ground and more able to dodge quickly.

K2 Uptown Highlights

BootsMen’s Sizes 5-14 with half sizes from 6.5 – 12.5.
Wheels80mm diameter – 85A durometer
BearingsILQ 7 bearings

What I Like

  • The wide range of sizes is great including half sizes. It also looks like a sneaker, which is kinda cool.
  • The boot is snug and responsive. The frames and wheels are rockerable in every position by simply flipping the frame spacer
  • They also can double up an an aggressive trick skate for those tricksters among us.

Rollerblade Bladerunner Formula 100 – Best Budget Performance Rollerblades for Men

For you skaters on a budget that want a high performance skate, check out the Rollerblade BladeRunner Formula 100. These skates are great for those of you who started on the beginner Bladerunner or Zetrablade skates are now looking to upgrade.

The boot has the familiar strap, buckle and lace closure system that you already know. Then, it has an engineered mesh liner with extra padding to give you the comfort you need. All of that extra padding also provides the extra support you’ll need on these larger 100mm / 82A wheels.

The skate comes with an extruded aluminum frame that supports a three wheel design. The brake is also standard and already mounted. If it’s time to upgrade to a new skate but you aren’t ready to go all out on a Macroblade, then give the BladeRunner Formula 100 a try.

Rollerblade Bladerunner Formula 100 Highlights

BootsMen’s size 7-13. Full sizes only.
FrameExtruded aluminum
Wheels100mm diameter – 82A durometer
BearingsABEC 9 bearings

What I Like

  • The taller wheels really help increase your overall speed. Great for an intermediate blader who is ready to upgrade to the next level.

Roller Derby Aerio Q80 – Best Budget Performance Rollerblades for Men (Runner-Up)

Next up, we have the Aerio Q80 rollerblades from Roller Derby. An older version of these rollerblades are what my youngest daughter, Violet, first learned how to rollerblade on. They are a great pair of budget rollerblades and she loved them until they didn’t fit her anymore.

The Roller Derby Aerio Q80 is a well-padded rollerblade that is comfortable with extra memory pad foam. It has an 84mm diameter wheel with an 82A durometer. This makes it great for all outdoor surfaces. It will work indoors, too, it will just be a little slower than harder wheels.

The Q80X has a cooler black and yellow style. It also comes with a better boot and a slightly nicer aluminum frame.

Roller Derby Aerio Q80 Highlights

BootsMen’s sizes 5-12 in full sizes only. Q80 is black and teal. Q80X is black and yellow. The 80X has a nicer boot and a better aluminum frame.
Wheels84mm diameter – 82A durometer
BearingsBevo Gold-7 Race Rated bearings

What I Like

  • The fact that my daughter skated in these rollerblades for a good 2 years and loved them give me fond memory of these rollerblades. They aren’t the best skate on this list, but if you are just starting out and want a good rollerblade, these are pratty great.

Roller Derby V-Tech Cobra – Best Budget Performance Rollerblades for Men (Bronze)

Roller Derby VTech Cobra MenPin

If you really are after a budget skate but want something with adjustable sizing, then take a look at the Roller Derby V-Tech Cobra. This skate has adjustable sizing where you use a button on the side of the skate and pull on the front of the boot to change the size.

This size adjustable skate has a buckle closure type in three places with no pesky skate laces to get in the way. They have 76mm wheels which are great for beginners as this keeps you low to the ground and more stable.

Roller Derby V-Tech 500 Highlights

BootsAdjustable Men’s Sizes 6-9.
Wheels76mm diameter
BearingsGold 7 Race bearings

What I Like

  • If these skates will fit you, the adjustable sizing is nice. I’m not a huge fan of adjustable skates, but some skaters love them. Especially good for kids or teenagers whose feet are still growing.

Roces M12 – Best Aggressive Inline Skates

If you need a true pair of street skates, then look no further than the classic Roces M12. This skate is a favorite of hard core aggressive inline skaters who love to do tricks on their skates. They have been making a version of the M12 since 2012. A very popular skate.

These are Italian made roller skates that come in black. They are mens roller blades sizes 6-11. It has glass-fiber reinforced nylon frame and tiny 58mm / 88A wheels. These smaller wheels make the skate slower than your average roller skates but give this skate extra maneuverability that are great for you tricksters out there.

If you want a functional, light, simplistic and quality trick skate, the Roces M12 is for you!

Roces M12 Highlights

BootsBlack boot in men’s sizes 6-11. Be sure to check the size chart as the size is not typical.
FrameGlass-Fiber Reinforced Nylon
Wheels58mm diameter / 88A durometer
BearingsABEC3 Bearings

What I Like

  • 58mm wheels are perfect for the extra maneuverability you crave.

Roces Fifth Element – Best Aggressive Inline Skates (Runner-Up)

Our runner-up is the new Fifth Element skates from Roces. The Fifth Element boots come in a classic white color and they have a wider shell and toe box than the M12 boot previously mentioned. Great roller skates for wide feet.

The dual-density boots on these skates are hard where support is needed and softer where you lace up. They come with a 60mm / 92A wheel that is great for maneuverability. It also has ABEC 5 bearings.

If you are into aggressive inline skating, then give these a look.

Product Highlights

BootsMen’s size 6-10.5. See the skate sizing chart to insure a good fit. If swapping out with a thinner Intuition or MyFit Liner, you can get this to fit men’s sizes 11-12 feet.
FrameGlass Fiber Reinforced Polyamide
Wheels60mm diameter / 92A durometer
BearingsABEC 5

What I Like

  • The bigger boot is nice for those with wider feet. I also like the new color. Very sleek.

Flying Eagle Enkidu – Best Aggressive Inline Skates (Bronze)

Last but not least in our best aggressive inline skates category, we have the Flying Eagle Enkidu skates. Flying Eagle is a Chinese based company that makes many inline skates that people all around the world love.

The Enkidu comes in European sizes, so be sure to check out the skate size chart before purchasing. The Enkidu comes in men’s sizes 4-13. It has a composite grind plate and 66mm diameter / 90A hardness wheels. It also comes with ABEC 7 skate bearings.

Papaison Adjustable Inline Skates Highlights

BootsMen’s sizes 4-13. They come in European sizes, so see the skate sizing chart to find the right size.
Wheels66mm diameter / 90A durometer
BearingsABEC 7 bearings

What I Like

  • It’s a solid aggressive skate for less (around $200). It’s hard to beat the price if you want to get started.

Rollerblade Powerblade Pro 125 – Best Men’s Inline Skates for Speed Skating

Finally, we come to the last category in our ultimate guide – inline skates for speed skating. And the Rollerblade Powerblade Pro 125 wins our first prize. These bad girls are fast. They sport a lightweight, aluminum, durable frame that is great for superior power transfer. This means you have to provide less effort to go fast.

The low cut boot means it provides very little ankle support (like none). That’s great because aggressive skating when speeding around tight corners requires you to get low. You already have superior balance if you are rocking these skates.

They have larger wheels than almost all inline skates – sporting Rollerblade’s top-of-the-line Hydrogen 125mm wheel. With an 85A durometer, these wheels are great on all outdoor surfaces and really fly! I should also mention to you beginners out there that please don’t even try. These skates have no brakes and they are really only for the serious skaters among us.

These really are the best inline skates on this page and are only for you advanced level skaters out there who have a death wish and a need for speed! 🙂

Rollerblade Powerblade Pro 125 Highlights

BootsHeat moldable carbon fiber. Men’s size 5-12.5.
FrameExtruded aluminum
WheelsRollerblade Hydrogen Wheels 125mm diameter & 85A durometer
BearingsTwincam ILQ-9 Pro

What I Like

  • If you have a need for speed, then these are the skates you crave. 125mm wheels, heat moldable boots, aluminum plates. This is the perfect pair of skates to dust the competition.

Atom Luigino Strut – Best Men’s Inline Skates for Speed Skating (Runner-Up)

If the Powerblade is not your style (or within your budget), but you still are an advanced skater who needs some aggressive wheels, then check out the Atom Luigino Strut speed skates.

When my daughter Violet competed in inline speed skating, she wore a pair of these in all of her races. The has a carbon fiber boot that is heat moldable. The skate frame is the Strike Mark II aluminum frame. It a great frame that will hold four wheels.

All the wheels on this pair of skates are 100mm tall and are an 86A durometer. The Atom Matrix wheels are a great hybrid wheel that is mostly for outdoors but can also be used indoors (though it will be slower). Check out my best inline speed skate wheels page for some other wheel recommendations for indoors.

Atom Luigino Strut Highlights

BootsMen’s sizes 5-12 in full sizes. Comes in colors red, pink, black and blue.
PlatesStrike Mark II Aluminum
WheelsAtom Matrix wheels – 100mm diameter / 86A durometer
BearingsABEC 7 bearings

What I Like

Rollerblade RB XL – Best Rollerblades for Big Feet

Rollerblade RB XL MenPin

For all the athletes out there (I’m looking at you Shaq!), Rollerblade makes the RB XL skates that come in sizes 14-17.5. It’s the only rollerblades on the market that I know of that come in these larger sizes.

It has an extruded aluminum frame great for supporting extra weight of athletes and all around bigger fellas. It also works great for giving your extra speed and power. These rollerblades come with 90mm diameter wheels that have an 84A hardness that is great for skating both indoors and outdoors.

If you are a gentle giant with large feet and have been searching for a pair of rollerblades in your size, these are the ones for you. And, if you do have Shaq feet (size 23), your going to need to reach out to a skate manufacturer or retailer directly to get a pair of custom skates. 🙂

Rollerblade RB XL Highlights

BootsMen’s sizes 14-17.5 in half sizes.
PlatesExtruded Aluminum
Wheels90mm diameter / 84A durometer
BearingsSG5 bearings

What I Like

  • If you have big feet, then these are your rollerblades. There are not very many skates made in these larger sizes, so this is one of your only options before going out and having someone make you some custom skates.

Best Rollerblades for Men Buyer’s Guide

If you love inline skating, then you want to make sure you get the best pair of rollerblades your money can buy. In the below guide, I’m going to go over everything you need to understand to make sure you get the best you can afford. We’re going to cover rollerblade boots, plates, wheels, bearings, brakes, safety gear and more.

Let’s get started!

Rollerblade Boot Design

Rollerblade Boot Cut - High and Low CutPin

First, rollerblade boots can come in a soft shell boot or hard shell boot. The vast majority of rollerblades will come with the hard shell boot which will give you more stability, a snug fit and lateral support. Most rollerblades also will match your shoe size and have a lot of extra memory padding to give you a secure fit.

They also typically come with both laces and either a power strap and/or buckles that you tighten. This gives you the ability to tighten your blades and give you more stability. It makes the rollerblades feel like they are really attached to your feet and this will give you more confidence to skate without falling.

However, if you are a more advanced skater, you may want a low cut inline speed skating boot. This type of boot allows the advanced skater to get super low to the ground but requires a lot more control and balance as the boot provides no ankle support.

Most importantly, make sure to check the Rollerblade and K2 sizing charts to make sure your skates will fit well. Skates that are too big can cause blisters as your feet move around inside the skates. And, small skates can cause pressure points that make the rollerblades no fun to wear. You want something that fits just right, so use the sizing charts. They are your friends. When in doubt, ask the skate retailer for help.

Rollerblade Plate or Frame

Next, lets talk about your rollerblades’ plates or frame. This is the part on your rollerblade that connects to your boot and supports all the wheels on your inline skates.

Composite vs. Aluminum FramesPin

Composite / Nylon Frames

A composite frame are the cheapest rollerblade frames and what you will find on most beginner and intermediate rollerblades. The composite frame is lightweight and sturdy but will not offer as much power transfer and speed as an aluminum frame.

Aluminum Frame

An aluminum frame is a metal frame that you will find on higher end rollerblades and inline skates. All of your aggressive inline speed skates and many top-of-the-line fitness rollerblades will have an aluminum plate. They do cost more, but they also offer superior performance, speed and power transfer.

Rollerblade Wheels

Next, lets talk a little about wheels – one of my favorite topics. Besides insuring you get a comfortable pair of skate boots, I feel this is the most important aspect of your inline skate. There are two main components about wheels to understand. Let’s go over each below.

Wheel Durometer vs. Skating Surface Explained

Men RollerbladingPin

First, we have wheel durometer or the hardness of the wheel’s surface. The harder the wheel the faster that it can travel. Softer wheels on the other hand roll slower and are more stable. Harder wheels are better for indoor, sticky surfaces – like roller rink wood floors. Softer wheels are better for outdoor terrain like sidewalks, concrete, uneven pavement and asphalt.

All of this is measured on a scale called durometer. A softer wheel will be on the low end of that scale (usually around 78A for softer outdoor wheels). A harder, indoor wheel will be in the 90A-103A spectrum. Then, we have the hybrid wheels that are good for most indoor and outdoor surfaces. Those usually fall in the 85A-90A range.

Wheel Diameter Examined

Next, lets discuss the height of your wheels. Taller wheels go faster than smaller wheels. However, they are much less stable and require the skater to be more advanced and have superior balance. Beginners should stick with smaller wheels (80mm or below) because they provide a lower center of gravity. This provides better balance and more stability.

Rollerblade Wheel Diameters: 72mm-125mmPin
Example of Rollerblade Wheel Diameters / Heights

Advanced speed skaters on the other hand will want super tall wheels – some as tall as 125mm. These taller wheels take longer to accelerate on, but they are easier to keep at top speeds once you get them rolling. They are typically worn by speed skaters doing marathon racing.

Almost all of the rollerblades on this page feature rollerblades under 100mm. The taller wheels are better if you are skating long distances. You won’t have to exert as much effort to keep your speed up. However, the smaller wheels are great for those who want more agility and stability.

Just remember that if you are a beginner and just now learning how to rollerblade, smaller wheels are better. You need to focus on balance and stability first. Speed will come later.

To geek out even more on wheels, check out the Best Roller Skate Wheels page. I have spent a lot of time researching and writing about this roller skate part. A lot of the information on that page is about quad wheels, but the guide applies to all skate wheels – rollerblades included.

Rollerblade Bearings

ABEC Bearing OpenedPin

Next, we have roller skate bearings. Two of these spinning disks slide into each of your rollerblade wheels and then attach to your skate frame with an axle screw. There are two main types of bearings – steel and ceramic.

Steel bearings are the most common bearings that you will find and are what included on all of the rollerblades above. You’ll see them typically listed as ABEC 1-9. Don’t worry too much about this ABEC rating as it’s not that important for roller skates. What is important is that your bearings are clean and lubed – which they will be on all of the inline skates above because they are new! 🙂

Ceramic bearings have the little ball bearings made out of ceramic instead of steel. This allows these bearings to roll super smooth. However, they are 2-3x more expensive than steel bearings. This is why you won’t find them on more rollerblades. You have to buy them separate and install them yourself.

To learn a whole lot more, check out my Best Roller Skate Bearings page.

Rollerblading Protective Gear


I’ve had several head injuries in my 30+ years of roller skating, and they are never fun. So, it’s important (even for advanced skaters like me) to wear a helmet. If you are a beginner skater and doing a lot of outdoor inline skating, then please get a roller skating helmet. Yes, it is a little more money to spend, but you will be grateful you got it. Trust me….concussions are no fun.

To learn more, check out my post on the Best Roller Skate Helmets.

Rollerblade Protective Gear including helmet, elbow pads, wrist guards and knee padsPin

Knee Pads, Elbow Pads & Wrist Guards

Next, we have some roller skating pads. For beginners, I recommend you get a set of all three of these pads. You may even want to invest in a good tail bone / butt pad, too. These are just a pair of super padded shorts – kind of like hockey goalies and skiers wear.

I’ve broken my radial bone in my left elbow, damaged my tailbone, broken every blood vessel in my hands and sprained both wrists pretty badly throughout the years and all without pads. The radial bone break alone cost several hundred dollars just in X-rays plus a sad couple of months off my skates. 🙁

A great set of new roller skating pads can easily be found for under $100. They are well worth the investment and rarely have to be replaced unless you are into roller derby or inline skating hockey.

To learn more, check out my post on the Best Roller Skate Pads.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good brand of rollerblades?

The best brands for rollerblades and inline skates are Rollerblade, K2 and Powerslide. If you are into aggressive inline speed skating, then Bont and Luigino are also great brands for those types of inline skates.

Rollerblade LogoK2 LogoPinPowerSlide Logo

The best overall quality for the price are going to come from Rollerblade (the original company that make rollerblades). K2 is also a nice brand, but they tend to be a little cheaper – both in price and overall quality. Therefore, I recommend Rollerblade for most of the rollerblades here because they are just better quality than K2. You can find most of these rollerblades on Amazon, the brand’s website or at any aggressive inline skate shop.

What are the fastest rollerblades?

The fastest rollerblades on my list above are the Rollerblade Powerblade Pro 125. The fastest rollerblades are going to be those with 125mm wheels. These skates are really more for advanced skaters, so if you are a beginner remember that I warned you. Taller wheels are faster than smaller wheels but they are much harder to control. But if you have a need for speed, the taller the wheels the better. You can check out my page about inline speed skate wheels for a lot more details.

What size roller blades should I buy?

Your feet should fit snug in your roller blades without a lot of movement. Feet moving inside of skates (also known as “patines” in spanish) is bad because it can cause blisters. However, you also don’t want them too tight that your feet hurt. So, make sure to always check out the manufacturer or retailers skate sizing chart before purchasing. Most rollerblades are the same as your shoe size, but it’s always best to check before buying.

Are rollerblades harder than roller skating?

In my experience, quad roller skates are usually easier for absolute beginners and folks who are balance challenged. This is because you have more of your weight spread out across 4 wheels that are side-by-side vs a blade of wheels in a single line.

However, Rollerblade has done a great job with their boot construction to give beginners a lot of support when first learning how to roller skate. This makes a lot of beginners (especially those who have good balance already) to feel that rollerblades are easier. It really depends on how good your balance is overall before you learn to rollerblade.

There is actually a lot of debate on this topic of which is easier for beginners. See my Comparing Rollerblades vs Roller Skates vs Inline Skates article for a lot more in depth analysis on the topic as it deserved a page of its own.

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