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The 8 Best Inline Speed Skate Wheels in 2023: An Ultimate Guide

If you are serious about speed skating, then you know that having the best inline speed skate wheels strapped onto your inline skates is key. You’ve trained for months, you’ve worked hard, so make sure you have the best speed wheels when it’s time to win the race.

In today’s article, I am going to go over the top 8 inline speed skating wheels on the market today. Then, I’m going to give you a speed skaters’ guide for inline wheels that will go over key attributes like skating surface, wheel hardness and wheel diameter so you can pick out the best wheels.

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Ok, let’s get started!

Our Top 8 Inline Skate Wheels for Speed Skating

Bont Red Magic Hardcore 2.0 Inline Speed Skate WheelsPinBont Red Magic Hardcore 2.0Check Price at Amazon
Atom Matrix Outdoor Inline Speed Skate WheelsPinAtom MatrixCheck Price at Amazon
MPC Storm Surge Inline Speed Skate WheelsPinMPC Storm SurgeCheck Price at Amazon
Atom Boom Magic Inline Speed Skate WheelsPinAtom Boom MagicCheck Price at Amazon
Bont Red Magic Inline Speed Skate WheelsPinBont Red MagicCheck Price at Amazon
Bont Avenger Inline Speed Skate WheelsPinBont Avenger HardcoreCheck Price at Amazon
Atom Boom Indoor Inline Speed Skate WheelsPinAtom Boom Indoor WheelsCheck Price at Amazon
Bont Elemental Inline Speed Skate WheelsPinBont ElementalCheck Price at Amazon

1. Bont Red Magic Hardcore 2.0

The Bont Red Magic Hardcore 2.0 wheels are the fastest wheel on the market today. This wheel has won 5 inline world championships in marathon racing. And Bont is one of the top manufacturers and brands in the sport of inline speed skating. These are some of the top performance wheels on the market today for skating outdoors.

This wheel sports a 125mm diameter. It’s a big wheel. It also has an aluminum hub – the first wheel in inline speed skating to use one. These wheels have a lot more flex than the standard 110mm racing wheel so you need a lot of control to be able to handle these wheels. But if you can handle them, they really fly!

The wheel has a 24mm width and this version 2.0 has a perfect bearing seat. The wheel has a dual durometer with the inner band made of high rebounding soft material whereas the other urethane is harder and very fast. Plus, it has very strong grip around corners. It comes in a Firm (85A) or an XFirm (87A) durometer wheel hardness.

The Red Magic 2.0 also is good in damp conditions – though not recommended for use in an all out downpour. Lastly, the urethane from this wheel is poured by MPC using their patented high rebound flex band. Plus, like all Bont wheels, these are made right here in the USA!

NOTE: These wheels require 10.05mm spacers between the bearings. I recommend Bont’s Red Self Centering Spacers for the perfect fit.

Wheel Features at a Glance

SurfacesOutdoor Road Surfaces
Durometer85A (Firm) & 87A (XFirm)
Diameter / Height (in mm)125mm
CoreAluminum Core
Wheels Per PackSold individually

What I Like

  • The aluminum core is really nice. It’s lightweight and really makes this wheel fly.
  • 5 world championships is hard to argue with.
  • Bont is one of the best manufacturers today for inline speed skating wheels. If you are into speed skating and love to marathon outdoors, these are your wheels.

2. Atom Matrix

Next up we have the Matrix from Atom Wheels. This wheel comes in an 86A durometer, making it great for outdoor road racing and cross training. The Matrix is an all-purpose wheel that uses Atom’s “Insane Thane” urethane formula that makes it possible to skate at speeds and angles you want as a speed skater.

The Matrix also comes in 6 diameters including 80mm, 84mm, 90mm, 100mm, 110mm and 125mm. This makes the wheel great for beginners and advanced skaters. Beginners can go with the 80mm and slowly move up the diameter ladder until they reach top speeds with the 125mm diameter. The lower diameter wheels provide more stability and maneuverability whereas the 100mm+ wheels provide excellent top speeds.

Wheel Features at a Glance

SurfacesMade for road skating but some skaters use them on the track, too.
Diameter / Height (in mm)80mm, 84mm, 90mm, 100mm, 110mm or 125mm
CoreAtom’s Special X-Flex Nylon Core
Available ColorsRed, Blue, Green and Pink
Wheels Per PackWheels are sold individually

What I Like

  • I really like that these wheels have 6 different diameters. This makes them a great wheel for all types of skater levels and skater types.
  • The 86A hardness makes them useable both on the road and for some skaters on the track.

3. MPC Storm Surge

Next up, we have the Storm Surge from MPC Wheels. This is our top pick for outdoor skating in wet weather. These wheels perform the best and really grip when the surface gets slippery and wet. These wheels can either be put in all positions of your inline skates, or mix them in with other wheels to give you some extra grip.

These wheels come in an 83A XGrip wheel hardness rating. This lower durometer helps make them extra sticky. They also come in 5 diameters including 84mm, 90mm, 100mm, 105mm and 110mm. This wide range of diameters makes it ideal for skaters at all levels.

Wheel Features at a Glance

SurfacesFor outdoor speed skating on roads in wet conditions
Durometer83A XGrip
Diameter / Height (in mm)84mm, 90mm, 100mm, 105mm and 110mm
CoreHollow Nylon Core
Wheels Per PackSold individually

What I Like

  • The ability to use these wheels in wet weather make them a top pick.
  • They also have 5 different diameters – making them great for lots of different skater levels.
  • The extra diameters also make it easier to mix these wheels in with other harder wheels – giving you a great balance between speed and stability.

4. Atom Boom Magic

Next come the Boom Magic from Atom Wheels. These outdoor wheels come in a variety of different hardness ratings and diameters. The Boom Magic comes in either an 83A, 85A or 87A durometer. The softer wheel (83A) will give you more stick whereas the 87A will give you more speed.

Then, there are 4 diameter options including 90mm, 100mm, 110mm and 125mm. This allows you to really dial-in on your skill level, acceleration and top speed. The 90mm will give you more maneuverability and quicker acceleration. They are also easier for beginners. On the other hand, the 125mm will give the advanced inline skater the top speeds that they are after.

These wheels are poured here in the USA by MPC Wheels. MPC has dominated track speed skating. This wheel has Atom’s new core tech and mixes that with MPC’s inner band and tire formula. So, you get a track like wheel but for the road. Put them together, and you have a happy (and very fast) outdoor road speed skater.

Wheel Features at a Glance

SurfacesMade for outdoor road skating
Durometer83A (Firm), 85A (XFirm) and 87A (XXFirm)
Diameter / Height (in mm)90mm, 100mm, 110mm and 125mm
CoreHollow Nylon Core
Wheels Per PackSold individually

What I Like

  • Three durometers and four diameters make this a great wheel for lot of skater levels and skater types.

5. Bont Red Magic

Next up, we have our first inline speed wheel made for the track – the Bont Red Magic. The goal of the Red Magic is to give you great grip and increased roll while maintaining high speeds. This wheel uses fiberglass in the structure of the hub making it 7% stiffer than previous versions.

This wheel comes in 3 different durometers – Firm (83A), XFirm (85A) and XXFirm (87A). The Firm is best for rough roads or sprinters and the XXFirm (87A) is best on smooth tracks and for long distance skaters. The XFirm 85A is a good inbetween wheel suitable on the track or the road.

And, unlike the Red Magic 2.0, this version comes in 3 different diameters including 90mm, 100mm and 110mm. This is one of the most popular inline speed skating racing wheels today because of the Bont and MPC wheels collaboration. MPC wheels are famous for their patented “Flex Band” – providing incredible grip on all of their wheels.

Pros on the track and on the road use the Bont Red Magic wheels. If you want to reach top speeds and have great grip on the track (and the road), then these are a great set of wheels.

Wheel Features at a Glance

SurfacesBest for road or on the track
DurometerFirm (83A), XFirm (85A), XXFirm (87A)
Diameter / Height (in mm)90mm, 100mm, 110mm
CoreHollow Nylon Core
Wheels Per PackPriced Individually

What I Like

  • A number or durometers and hardness ratings making this a good wheel for the track or the road.
  • Bont and MPC working together to make a great grippy wheel without sacrificing speed.

6. Bont Avenger Hardcore

If you want to try out the new wheels by Bont, then check out the brand new Avenger Hardcore. This wheel sports an aluminum hub which provides more rebound than nylon hubs. In fact, MPC pours this wheel for Bont and this wheel has the highest ever rebound score of any wheel ever. And, MPC poured wheels have won more world titles than any other wheel manufacturer in the last 10 years.

The Avenger has a 24mm width and a 110mm diameter. The bearing housing also is machined for a perfect fit. It also comes in 3 different durometers: Firm (85A), XFirm (89A) and XXFirm (92A).

NOTE: These wheels require 10.05mm spacers between the bearings. I recommend Bont’s Red Self Centering Spacers for the perfect fit.

Wheel Features at a Glance

SurfacesRoad and track
DurometerFirm (85A), XFirm (89A) and XXFirm (92A)
Diameter / Height (in mm)110mm
CoreAluminum core
Wheels Per PackSold Individually

What I Like

  • I really like the aluminum hub on these wheels. It really make for a faster and more durable wheel with high rebound.
  • 3 different durometers really lets you dial-in the right durometer for the right surface.

7. Atom Boom Indoor Wheels

Next on the list we have the Atom Boom Indoor inline wheels. These indoor / track wheels use a proprietary urethane called “Race Thane” giving you top rebound, grip, longevity, and most importantly, speed! They also have a special core that helps to maximize grip and improve speed. The special 8 spoke core also provides more flex and grip on every push.

This wheel comes in 2 colors and durometer ratings. The black Firm 91A and the purple XFirm 93A wheels. It also has 3 different diameters including a 90mm, 100mm and the taller 110mm – perfect for top speeds.

If you skate indoors or on smooth track surfaces, then the Atom Boom Indoor wheels are a great buy.

Wheel Features at a Glance

SurfacesBest for indoors / smooth track surfaces
Durometer91A (Firm) & 93A (XFirm)
Diameter / Height (in mm)90mm, 100mm & 110mm
CoreHollow Nylon Core
Wheels Per PackPriced individually

What I Like

  • These are cheaper than a number of the other wheels on here by Bont and Atom. But don’t let the lower price fool you. These are still great wheels.
  • The higher durometer makes these great wheels for indoor speed skating and smooth tracks.

8. Bont Elemental

Last but not least, we have new wheels by Bont called the Elemental. This new wheel comes in an 85A durometer that is suitable for skating on all kinds of surfaces. These wheels also come in over 50% cheaper than most of the other Bont wheels on this page, so they are very budget-friendly.

It is a good wheel for training or for doing racing. It can be used both indoors and outdoors – we call this a hybrid wheel. The hub of the wheel is made of reinforced nylon and provides good shock absorption.

Wheel Features at a Glance

SurfacesBest for outdoor road skating, but a good general all-around wheel suitable for all surfaces both indoors and outdoors.
Diameter / Height (in mm)90mm, 100mm, 110mm and 125mm
CoreHollow Nylon Core
Wheels Per PackSold individually

What I Like

  • A very budget-friendly wheel that is from Bont – the top inline speed skating wheel manufacturer.
  • With an 85A durometer, this wheel can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • Multiple diameters really help you pick the right height wheel for your needs.

Inline Speed Skating Wheels Buyer’s Guide

Lets go over all of the aspects you need to think about before selecting the best inline skating wheels for speed skating. When selecting a wheel, it’s important to take into account the diameter of your wheel, the type of core in your wheel, the hardness (or durometer) of you wheel and the surface you are skating on.

Lets go over each below.

Diameter Matters for Speed Wheels

Wheel size is pretty easy to understand. Inline speed skating wheels start at a 70mm diameter height and go all the way up to 125mm.

Larger wheels that are taller in diameter roll longer. This means that once you get to your top speed, you will stay at your top speed for a longer period of time without as much effort. However, taller wheels do take a little longer to accelerate on and they are much less stable, This is why the 125mm wheels are only made for the more advanced skaters.

The 125mm wheels are typically used by advanced speed skaters who are going long distances like marathons. Even the more elite speed skaters who are sprinting will stay away from these largest wheels and instead look for something in the 100-110mm range as they are quicker to accelerate and easier to control – a good mix between speed and stability.

On the other hand, shorter inline skate wheels in the 70mm-100mm range are even quicker to accelerate, easier to maneuver on, much more stable because they are lower to the ground and so are much better for beginners.

Beginners will struggle a lot just trying to stand up on 125mm wheels. So, I really recommend you start off on something smaller in the 70mm-90mm range. Then, work your way up. Just know that these smaller wheels will go slower and you will have to push more to keep them at their top speeds.

Wheel Hardness / Durometer Effect the Speed of Your Wheels

The next important factor to keep in mind is your wheel’s hardness or durometer. Wheel hardness on inline speed skate wheels typically are in the range between 82A-95A. The lower numbered wheels are softer and provide more grip. The higher number wheels are designed specifically to roll longer and faster on smoother surfaces.

You will typically see your outdoor road wheels in the low-to-mid 80s and your track wheels in the high 80s and low 90s. Some indoor track wheels even go higher than the low 90s. However, the harder the wheel the less grip you will have on your surface.

Softer wheels are also easier for beginners as they give you more stability and more grip. This insures you stick to your surface and your feet don’t slide out from under you.

Also, heavier skaters that are over 200 lbs. can handle a slightly harder wheel (1-2 durometer point higher) on that wheel’s recommended skating surface. This is because your extra weight pushes down more on the wheel giving it a little extra grip.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Surfaces for Speed Skating

Next, we have the surface you are skating on. If you are skating on a rough outdoor surface like asphalt or concrete, then you are going to want to go with a wheel in the 82A-87A durometer range. These lower durometer wheels are hard enough to take the pounding that asphalt will give your wheels, but also soft enough so your legs aren’t constantly jiggling while you skate.

If you are on a smooth track or indoor surface like a coated wood rink floor, then you can get away with a much harder wheel in the 88A-95A range. These smoother surfaces are better for the harder wheels as they won’t handle pebbles and debris as well as the softer wheels. Being a harder wheel, they also go faster than the softer wheels. They will have less grip, however.

Nylon vs. Aluminum Cores

Lastly, we have nylon vs. aluminum cores. You will typically see all inline speed wheels with nylon or plastic cores. The core is the middle part of the wheel where your bearings slide in.

This is a topic to discuss now because Bont began releasing their high end wheels with aluminum cores. You will find aluminum cores in Bont’s Red Magic 125mm wheels because they are a lot larger than 110mm wheels and so there is a lot more flex that needs to be controlled. One great way to control all of this extra flex is by upgrading the hub from plastic to aluminum.

These larger wheels like the 125mm are fast but with plastic hubs there’s also a lot of flex that steals away power and speed. Bont upgraded from plastic to aluminum hubs to better control that flex, and the Red Magic Hardcore was an instant hit.

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