The Roller Skate Dad Podcast is Live!

Hello Skaters!

Welcome to The Roller Skate Dad Podcast! We are officially live on all of the following platforms to the right. Just click on your favorite place to listen to check out the show now!

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So, what is this podcast going to be about?

First, this show is all about roller skating. It’s past, it’s present and hopefully it’s healthy, prosperous future.

While there are other roller skating podcasts out there, it is pretty slim pickings. Many of the shows are not active and there are only a handful that are updated regularly. Hence, my show will be regular – served to you on a weekly basis.

Second, I’m on a mission to help keep roller skating fun, thriving and, most importantly, accessible to the masses. As some established roller skating rinks are closing here in the US, I want to see even more new ones opening. Therefore, I hope to bring my voice to this cause.

Third, I’m looking forward to bringing you all of my regular roller skating tricks, tips, techniques and product reviews just like I do here on the website. But now, I am going to be bringing you a whole lot more.

Podcast topics will include:

    • Tips for teaching others how to roller skate
    • Picking out the best equipment for each type of skating
    • How roller skating got it’s start. Where is it’s future going?
    • Also, lots of interviews with people from the skating industry including:
      • US & World champion speed, jam, artistic and derby players
      • Roller skating filmmakers & actors
      • DJs to talk about music
      • Skating historians & long-time skaters
      • Rink owners
      • Other roller skating podcasters
      • Roller skating industry associations (USA Roller Sports, Women’s Flat Track Derby Association, RSA Intl, etc.)
      • Wheel, bearing and skate manufacturers to discuss specifications and new product lineups
      • Note: If you are any of the above, please contact me. I want to hear from you!
    • Becoming a better skater
    • Skip the gym and go skate instead and other health tips
    • Answering questions from you & the rest of the Roller Skate Dad community.
    • And much, much more!

If you have a question, please visit the Ask Dad page and drop me a note. If I answer your question on the podcast, I will send you a free piece of Roller Skate Dad swag.

Thanks again for stopping by!

Keep on rollin’,

The Roller Skate Dad