The Top 10 Best Shoes with Wheels in 2021

This is our review of the best shoes with wheels in 2021.

I’m an avid roller skater who has been reviewing, testing and rating roller skates for decades. I have researched the products below to help you find that perfect set of wheel shoes.

After my research, I have found that the best shoes with wheels are the Heely Voyager.

In a hurry? If you are looking for the best, then here are my top 10 best shoes with wheels at a glance.

  1. Heelys Voyager – Best Overall
  2. Heelys Gr8 Pro 20 – Runner-Up
  3. Heelys Split – Best Roller Sneaker
  4. Heelys Dual Up X2 – Best Little Kids Skate Shoe
  5. Heelys Force – Best Neon Skate Shoes
  6. Heelys Propel 2.0 Skate Sneaker – Most Popular
  7. Heelys Bolt Plus X2 – Best Little Kids Runner-Up
  8. Heelys Launch Skate Sneaker – Best for School/Work
  9. Nsasy Roller Shoes Girls Roller Skate Shoe – Best LEDs
  10. Ufatansy Roller Shoes – LEDs Runner-up

The Best Shoes with Wheels Reviewed

We have given you all of our picks for best roller shoes above at a glance, now let’s get into the details.

1. Heelys Voyager Girls Boys Roller Shoes – Best Overall

Our top shoes with wheels pick is the Voyager. These shoes are designed with an awesome style. It has low profile wheels that make it easier for you to quickly turn and corner. It’s also great for boys or girls and is long lasting. They are also great for kids of all ages. There are two pairs of the Voyager that are reflective making them safer in the dark.

These shoes also come in a variety of colors including black & white, black & red, black & pink, gray reflective & black, black reflective, gray & light pink.

The Voyager is made out of synthetic materials with a durable rubber sole and has laces without a strap to keep your feet firmly in place. They are quite stylish and look like a normal everyday pair of shoes. They resemble a classic pair of Vans shoes.

The shoes have a large logo on the side of them. They come with ABEC 5 bearings which will have you rolling smoothly for hours.

Things We Like

  • Reflective parts on the upper part of the sneaker on two of the six designs. Makes them safer rolling city streets at night.
  • Looks a lot like a pair of Vans
  • Low profile wheels for faster speeds while rolling
  • The large size range makes it great for a little or big kid


Sizes13 Youth – 13 Men
MaterialsSynthetic nubuck leather
Laces / StrapsLaces only – no strap
ColorsMain colors of black, white or gray with pink, black or red highlight color
PrintsNo Prints but some parts are reflective
# of Wheels1

2. Heelys Pro 20 Wheel Shoes – Runner-Up

If you want a pair of shoes that is truly special, then the Pro 20 may be the roller sneaker for you. The Pro 20 looks a lot like a pair of Vans shoes. It also has some really fun prints like Sponge Bob Square Pants, Rainbow Flames, Camo, Flames, Multi-Color Logo and Skeleton. You will certainly make heads turn in this sneaker.

These long lasting shoes are designed with a canvas upper, a rubber sole and a thick tongue which makes it super comfortable. It has lace closures to keep your feet firmly in place. The wheels are low-profile, which makes it easier to turn. Plus, these shoes also come with ABEC-5 bearings to keep you rolling smoothly. They are also great for kids of all ages.

For the more sensible adult, there are also normal-looking Pro 20s. You can pick from black & red, black & gray, gray & blue, blue & white and black & pink. This makes the Pro 20 a great roller sneaker for both a kid or adult.

Things We Like

  • Padded tongue is nice for comfort
  • Has a tab on the heel to easily pull the sneaker on
  • Extra padding for more comfort
  • The large size range makes it great for a little or big kid


Sizes13 Youth – 15 Men
MaterialsCanvas upper
Laces / StrapsLaces only – no strap
ColorsMain colors include black, white, gray & navy with highlight colors of red, blue & pink
PrintsSponge Bob Square Pants, Flames, Skeleton, Multi Color and Camoflauge
# of Wheels1

3. Heelys Split Roller Shoes – Best Roller Sneaker

Next up is the Split. This sneaker offers more cool prints including Spider Man, Beavis & Butthead, MTV and unicorns! Who doesn’t love unicorns?

This is a synthetic leather sneaker with a rubber sole that has a slight shine to it (like a regular pair of tennis shoes). It then has one of the four designs above on it. They have a dual-density lightweight outsole and a smooth classic toe silhouette just like most of the others on the list. They are also great for kids of all ages because they come in a wide range of sizes.

These roller shoes come with one low-profile wheel and bearings. You and your kids will love rolling around in a pair of Splits!

What We Like

  • The prints are fun. Spiderman or Unicorns are a great daddy/daughter sneaker combo!
  • Extra padding on the tongue and around the shoe
  • The shoe feels like a regular sneaker
  • The large size range makes it great for a little or big kid


Sizes13 Youth – 13 Men
Laces / StrapsLaces only – no strap
ColorsThe main color is black for all of the shoes and each sneaker has a print.
PrintsChoose from Beavis & Butthead, MTV, Spiderman or Unicorns
# of Wheels1

4. Heelys Dual Up X2 – Best Little Kids Roller Shoes

The Dual X2 is certainly the best sneakers with wheels for kids. These sneakers come in sizes 12 Youth – 6 Women and are perfect for kids. They have bright colors, awesome prints and an extra closure velcro strap to make sure your kids feet stay secure while rolling.

These sneakers sport a pull-up tab on the heel to make it easy to pull the shoes on. They also come with a variety of different prints including two unicorn prints, a solar system print and a rainbow print to choose from. There are also several pairs with different neon colors and no print.

Unlike our first three recommendations, these roller skate shoes also come with two wheels on the bottom of the sneaker. This additional wheel gives the skater more stability, balance and support. All perfect for little kids.

Your little one will definitely like the bright colors and the cute prints.

What We Like

  • We like the safety features on this skate – velcro straps and double wheels on each sneaker
  • Our top pick for little kids because of the extra safety features
  • The unicorn prints are super cute. We also like the neon shoes.


Sizes12 Youth – 6 Women
Laces / StrapsLaces with a strap
ColorsA rainbow of colors
PrintsChoose from Unicorns, Love, Rainbows and the Solar System
# of Wheels2

5. Heelys Force – Best Neon Skate Shoes

The Force roller shoe is our favorite neon skate shoes. It comes in neon pink, green, purple and blue and is quite stylish. It looks a lot like a regular pair of sports sneakers from Nike or Reebok, but with a wheel on the bottom! These stylish shoes also come in white, black & pink which some ladies may prefer.

The shoe is made out of synthetic leather with a rubber sole and has breathable mesh around the toes. This helps to ensure proper airflow and keep your feet from sweating. The shoe comes with one low profile wheel on the bottom and has ABEC-5 bearings.

It has good padding like a normal pair of sneakers. In fact, with the included heel plug, you can easily take the wheels out and use it as a running shoe. It’s perfect for going back and forth from rolling to running. All Heelys come with heel plugs and a tool to switch the wheel in and out.

What We Like

  • We love the neon color shoes
  • A very sporty shoe that looks like a regular sneaker
  • If you are a big walker/runner and also want to try a roller shoe, this may be the one for you.


Sizes13 Youth – 9 Women
MaterialsSynthetic Leather with Breathable Mesh Upper
Laces / StrapsLaces only – no strap
ColorsMain colors are black and white with pink, neon pink & green and cyan.
PrintsNo prints just a lot of color
# of Wheels1

Next up is the Propel 2.0. Its a great all-around skate shoe that comes in a variety of sizes and colors. It comes with a new dual-density lightweight outsole. The Propel also has a smooth toe classic silhouette and is made of synthetic leather.

There is an oversize Heely logo on the side of the shoe. It also comes with low profile wheels and ABEC 5 bearings to keep you rolling for hours. It is one of the best-selling roller shoes on the market today.

It comes in a variety of colors including black, gray, white and navy blue with a variety of accent colors. Its a nice, normal-looking sneaker with that sneeky wheel on the bottom. 🙂

What We Like

  • A nicely padded normal-looking sneaker
  • Lightweight shoe making it comfortable to walk and roll in
  • Nice & calm everyday colors that look natural


Sizes13 Youth – 9 Women
Laces / StrapsLaces only – no strap
ColorsThe main color is black, gray or white with red, blue, green, purple, pink, gold and neon choices.
# of Wheels1 single wheel

7. Heelys Bolt Plus X2 – Best for Kids Roller Shoes Runner-Up

Next we have our runner-up for best wheel shoes, the Bolt Plus X2. These roller skates on shoes are perfect for the little kids who are just getting started rolling. They come in sizes 12 Youth – 5 Women that will even fit many toddlers.

They come in abstract prints with multiple colors and really stand out. Your child will love all of the bright colors and the fact that there are wheels on their shoes!

You will love that these roller skates on sneakers comes with two wheels on the bottom. This offers your little one more stability and balance as they roll. It also has laces and a strap to secure their feet in the shoe.

And, finally, these also light up when they move their foot!

What We Like

  • Both laces and a power strap make these roller skates for shoes safer
  • Two wheels on the bottom provides more security, stability and balance
  • Motion Activated Lights is pretty awesome!


Sizes12 Youth – 5 Women
Laces / StrapsLaces with a strap
ColorsBlack or White as main colors with lots of colors for highlights
PrintsNo prints but several are reflective
LEDsMotion activated lights on the quarter
# of Wheels2

8. Heelys Launch Roller Shoes – Best School/Work Skate Sneaker

Next up, we have our last pair of skate sneakers from Heely. The Launch is a low-cut shoe that looks a lot like a pair of Vans. It is made out of 100% canvas and has a synthetic sole. We like this pair of sneakers because they are a little more subdued and some styles also could easily be worn as a work shoe without anyone knowing they have wheels on the bottom. They are very subtle.

Skateboarders may prefer these shoes as they have a similar style. They come with one wheel on the bottom and laces to keep your foot secure. You can also use the tools that come with the shoe to remove the wheels and use them as a regular shoe for school or work.

What We Like

  • The simple design makes it a great shoe for school or work
  • Sometimes simple is better
  • Good padding and a comfortable fit


Sizes13 Youth – 9 Women
Laces / StrapsLaces only – no strap
ColorsThe main color is black, gray or white with red, blue, green, purple, pink, gold and neon choices.
# of Wheels1 single wheel

9. Nsasy LED Light Roller Shoes – Best LED Lights

Next on the list is our favorite LED light roller skates on shoes. These sneakers are just awesome and have an amazing spectrum of colors. If you want to get attention while rolling around, these may just be the pair of sneakers you have been looking for!

If you are looking for something that really stands out, then these led light Nsasy roller shoes may be just what the doctor ordered.

What We Like

  • Comes with beautiful LED lights
  • Did we mention each shoe has an awesome LED light? They are cool.
  • The LED lights can be charged with a USB cable


Sizes13 Youth – 6.5 Women
Laces / StrapsLaces with straps
ColorsA multitude of colors
PrintsNo prints but lots of colors
LED LightsVery bright lights
# of Wheels1 single wheel

10. Ufatansy LED Light Skate Shoe – Best LED Lights Runner-Up

Finally, Top 10 list about skate sneakers would be complete without the Ufatansy LED roller skates with wheels. These fashion sneakers are designed with some of the best LED lights you’ll find anywhere.

These skates include a single wheel and are made out of synthetic materials. They

What We Like

  • Each skate has an LED light that you or your child will love.
  • Overall comfortable sneaker.
  • Comes in a variety of colors.


Sizes11 Youth – 6.5 Women
Laces / StrapsLaces with straps
ColorsA multitude of colors
PrintsNo prints but lots of colors
LED LightsVery bright lights
# of Wheels1 single wheel

Factors to Consider When Buying Roller Shoes

There are 6 main areas to consider when buying a pair of wheel shoes. Those factors are the materials, wheels, safety, comfort, style and price. Lets take a look at each one in more detail.

Shoe Materials

Wheel shoes come in a variety of materials including canvas, synthetic and a breathable material called mesh. Lets go over each type below.


This is the most commonly used material to make roller shoes. It is both light and flexible. It also has better air flow and is more breathable in the heat. And, no one likes sweaty feet. Yuck!

Almost all of the roller skate sneakers listed above come in either canvas or synthetic. Both materials protect pretty well against wear and tear.


You will typically see synthetic materials used in the upper portion of a pair of roller shoes. This is the part that covers the top of the foot and toes.

Many roller shoes manufacturers use synthetic materials because they are cheap and durable. Skate shoes are typically made for kids. And, synthetic materials are used because kids feet grow faster usually than the wear and tear on the shoe.

One downside with too much synthetics in skate shoes are that they can cause excess sweating.


Mesh is used in the liner to help air flow circulate through the shoe. This helps to reduce moisture and keep your feet from sweating.


I listed leather because it’s one of the best shoe materials available. It’s comfortable, sturdy and long lasting.

However, to date, I have not come across any roller shoes made out of leather. Most roller skate shoes are made out of canvas or synthetics.

Why don’t they make them out of leather? One word. Price. Leather shoes are always more expensive.


Next, we have the actual wheels on the shoe. We will go over the wheels’ material, size, style, bearings and the number of wheels typically found.


Like roller skate wheels, most shoes with wheels are made out of a plastic material called polyurethane (PU). Wheels are made out of PU because they are the best material for wear and tear. PU wheels just last longer.

Because of this fact, all of the shoes with wheels outlined here are made out of polyurethane. Besides durability, PU wheels are also resistant to abrasion, oil and tearing. They also work great in different climates.


Roller shoes have a variety of different wheel sizes. Heelys is the most popular shoes with wheels manufacturer. They offer three sizes: small, medium and large.

The size is very much dependent on the shoe. A larger shoe will have a larger wheel to support the skater. Larger wheels are going to provide more stability whereas smaller wheels will be easier to turn and spin on.

Removable Wheels

Many roller sneakers come with a tool that allows you to remove the wheels from your roller shoes. Each pair also comes with a plug so you don’t have a giant hole in the bottom of your shoe.

Some Chinese brands of shoes with wheels do offer retractable wheels. This means that there is a lever, button or clip to retract the wheels up and down. When the wheels are down, your shoe becomes a skate. When they are up, your shoe behaves like a regular shoe.

I did not include any of those brands in this list. However, you can find some here on Amazon.

Number of Wheels

Most roller shoes come with one single wheel. This is placed at the back of the roller shoe on the heel. Roller skate shoes for kids often have two wheels. Two wheels are better for beginners and small kids as it provides more stability. The single design is more for older kids, adults and people good with balance.


Finally, we have the skate bearings. The shoes with wheels will have 2 bearings in each wheel (one on each side). Most of the wheeled shoes from Heely come with ABEC 5 bearings.


Its all fun and games until someone gets hurt. “Oh Dad! I’m just trying to have fun.”

If you are new to roller skating or using shoes with wheels, then it might be a good idea to invest in some roller skate pads and a helmet.

The shoes themselves are pretty safe. If you are anything like me, then it’s the user trying to perform tricks or take on that massive hill that you have to worry about. 🙂

Lets go over the two main safety features: shoe closures and grip.

Closure – Laces & Straps

Just like roller skates, shoes with wheels have to keep the skater’s feet enclosed and secure. All of the roller shoes I recommend have laces to secure your foot.

On roller shoes for kids, you will also find a velcro strap. This strap makes it easier to secure the ankle and give the child more balance.

As with roller skates, tie your roller shoes to the top of the shoe and make sure your foot is secure inside the shoe. If your foot is sliding or moving around inside the shoe, then you either have not tied it tight enough or you have the wrong size.


All brand new roller shoes are going to have good grip or tread. However, once you’ve used your shoes for awhile, the tread on the bottom of the shoes will wear out. This is when you will want to replace the shoe.


When it comes to shoes, there is nothing more important than comfort. There is nothing worse than a bad fitting pair of shoes.

Shoes with wheels are little bit different than normal shoes when it comes to comfort. I am going to break it down into 2 categories: padding and shoe size.


Roller shoes have more padding than regular shoes. This is primarily due to the fact that there is a wheel embedded in the shoe. Without that extra padding, roller shoes would not be comfortable.

The inside of the shoe is also often padded on all sides. Because you are quasi roller skating, your feet move around a lot more in the shoe than when you are just walking. This extra padding makes roller skate shoes comfortable while you’re zooming around.

Finally, some roller shoes have more padding than others. Some of the Heely canvas shoes out there don’t have a lot of padding. This means they can become more uncomfortable quicker.

Shoe Size

Getting the right size of shoes with wheels is important. Most roller shoes come in the same size as your traditional shoe size. However, be sure to check the manufacturer’s sizing chart before you purchase.


Shoes with wheels come in a variety of styles including different prints, colors, high / low top and LED lights. There are roller shoes with different prints like Sponge Bob Square Pants and Spider Man woven directly on the shoe. There are dozens of different colors to choose. And, there are even roller skate shoes with LED lights on them!

Low Top or High Tops

High top roller shoes provide extra support and stability. When you lace high tops up to the top of the shoe, that extra tightness around the ankle can really help the beginner.

Low top roller skate shoes provide more flexibility as the ankle is free to move. However, they do require more control by the skater.


Shoes with wheels come in dozens of colors. From red to pink to traditional black and every color in between, there is something here for everyone.


Why go with a plain pair of shoes when you can add a cool print? There are dozens of shoes with wheels that have all kinds of neat prints. Some of my favorites are the Sponge Bob Squarepants and the Spider Man. There are also some with the American Flag. And if you are in the market for fashion sneakers, then how about some with glitter on them?

LED Lights

Last up we have LED lights, my favorite. There are many shoes with wheels that have LED lights on them. There are several manufacturers in China that make the LED light roller sneakers. I have picked a few for you in spot 9 and 10 on our list. They are very cool and many kids (and adults) love them!


Most shoes with wheels are going to fall in the $30 – $100 price range. The average price at the time of this writing is around $50-$60.

Top 10 Questions about Shoes with Wheels

Are shoes with wheels safe?

Yes, but you may want to wear a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards when using them.

Does my child need to wear protective gear?

Maybe. It all depends on your skill level and balance. You may want to invest in a good roller skating helmets and some skate pads.

How do you use shoes with wheels?

Simple. Simply walk in your shoes like you normally would with more weight on the front of your feet. Then, when you are ready to roll, lean back on your heel and off you go!

How do I clean my shoes with wheels?

You can clean your shoes with soap and warm water. Do not wash your shoes in the washing machine as this may damage the shoes and will void your warranty.

How do I pull the wheel off my roller sneakers?

Follow the steps below to remove your wheels:

  1. Hold the shoe upside down with the sole and wheel facing away from you. Position both thumbs (one on top of the other) against the side of the wheel that is closer to you.
  2. Using your thumbs, push out and upward on the side of the wheel. Because axles are pressure fitted into the axle arms, removing the wheels may be difficult at first.
  3. If after step #2, the wheel has not come loose, turn the shoes around and repeat step #2 on the other side of the wheel.
  4. To prevent potential injury, always point the bottom of the show away from you and others.
  5. Using the heel plug tool to remove your wheels may damage the wheels, which are designed to be removed by hand.

How does roller shoes sizing work?

Most shoes with wheels sizes are the same as your shoe size. However, you should always check the manufacturer size chart. I have printed the Heelys size chart below for easy reference.

[Size Chart]

When did shoes with wheels come out?

Heelys were the first brand-name shoe to hit the market in 2000.

What are the best brands for roller skate shoes?

Heelys are by far the most popular shoes with wheels. They off the best quality, support and warranty.

Where can I buy a good pair of roller shoes?

The best place to buy is on Journeys, Zappos & Amazon. Those links take you to the Heelys category pages on all 3 websites for easy access.

How much are shoes with wheels?

Roller skate shoes range between $30-$100. The average price is around $50-$60.

Final Thoughts

I hope you find that perfect pair of roller shoes. Whether they are for you or your child, I know you will have a blast zooming along. These shoes are really fun. They are also a great entry into roller skating, which is an added bonus to me.

After thorough research, the Voyager was my top pick for the best shoes with wheels on the market today.

Now, get on out there and skate!

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