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The History Of Impala Roller Skates

Hey Skaters and Rollerbladers, in today’s article I will be writing about The History Impala Roller Skates. Stay around if you are intrigued by brand history. 

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Impala Roller Skates was founded in 2017 in Melbourne Australia by Globe International. This company has been known for its surf, skate, and women’s streetwear and is backed by this experienced by over 30 years.

The Impala brand is known for their 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s style roller skates and rollerblades. 

Impala sells to Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, the USA, Canada, Europe, UAE, and Asia. 

All of their skates are PETA approved meaning they are vegan and made out of faux leather. 

The brand Impala works to help the following charities like Dangerous Females, Sea Shepard, Decks for Change, Hermosa Beach Education Foundation, GOOD WORLD POWER OF PEACE, REACH, Dili Skatepark, Boarding for Breast Cancer, and Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency.  

The brand Impala works with the National Forest Foundation to help plant trees for the trees they use for their skateboards.

Impala sells roller skates, inline skates, skateboards, accessories, apparel, and gift cards

In the list below I will link to Impalas quad roller skate selection:

The list below I link to all of their inline skates:

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