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The 10 Best Outdoor Roller Skates for Women & Men in 2023: An Ultimate Guide

Outdoor roller skating is so much fun. The wind blowing across your face on a nice summer day as you roll down the road. It’s super carefree, fun and relaxing. And in today’s article, I am going to go over the best outdoor roller skates for women, men and beginners wo you can have a blast the next time you get the urge to go outdoor skating.

We’ll also cover a couple of additional outdoor roller skates for wide feet, a top end pair for you high rollers and a decent quality pair of cheap outdoor roller skates so no one is left behind.

All of the roller skates in this list are quad outdoor roller skates for adults. If you are instead looking for rollerblades or inline skates, please be sure to check out my article on the Best Rollerblades and Inline Skates. For even more on quad roller skates, check out my Best Roller Skates page.

But first, let’s look at my top picks for when you skate outdoors.

My Top 10 Best Outdoor Roller Skates

Moxi Lolly Roller Skates for WomenPinMoxi LollyBest Outdoor Roller Skates for WomenCheck Price at AmazonCheck Price on Roller Skate Nation
Moxi Beach BunnyPinMoxi Beach BunnyBest Outdoor Rollerskates for Women (Runner-Up)Check Price at AmazonCheck Price on Roller Skate Nation
Sure-Grip Boardwalk Outdoor Roller SkatesPinSure-Grip BoardwalkBest Outdoor Roller Skates for BeginnersCheck Price at AmazonCheck Price on Roller Skate Nation
Sure-Grip MalibuPinSure-Grip MalibuBest Outdoor Roller Skates for Beginners (Runner-Up)Check Price at AmazonCheck Price on Roller Skate Nation
Sure-Grip GT-50 Outdoor Roller SkatesPinSure-Grip GT-50Best Men’s Outdoor Roller SkatesCheck Price at AmazonCheck Price on Roller Skate Nation
Sure-Grip Fame Motion Outdoor SkatesPinSure-Grip Fame OutdoorBest Mens Outdoor Roller Skates (Runner-Up)Check Price at AmazonCheck Price on Roller Skate Nation
Riedell Avanti Energy Outdoor Roller SkatesPinRiedell 265 Avanti EnergyBest Outdoor Roller Skates for Wide FeetCheck Price on Roller Skate Nation
VNLA Parfait Outdoor Roller SkatesPinVNLA ParfaitBest Outdoor Roller Skates for Wide Feet (Runner-Up)Check Price on Roller Skate Nation
Riedell 220 Century Outdoor Roller SkatesPinRiedell 220 CenturyBest High End Outdoor Roller SkatesCheck Price on Roller Skate Nation
Pacer Stratos Outdoor Roller SkatesPinPacer StratosBest Budget Friendly Outdoor Roller SkatesCheck Price at AmazonCheck Price on Roller Skate Nation

1. Moxi Lolly – Best Outdoor Roller Skates for Women

Our top pick for the best outdoor roller skates for women is from Moxi Skates – the Lolly. This skate is made by Moxi Skates right here in the USA. It’s made especially for recreational and street skating. It has a soft leather boot that slowly breaks after you skate on it for awhile. Nothing is like leather. It forms to your foot better, lasts longer and is more durable than it’s synthetic counterparts.

And the ladies love these skates! Their bright colors, 100% bovine leather and strong overall design make them loved by roller skaters everywhere. The boot comes in men’s sizes 4-10 in medium width.

The Moxi Lolly comes in 8 different colors, so there is something for everyone. They come with the Moxi Gummy outdoor wheels on it. These wheels are 65mm tall x 35mm wide and have a 78A hardness rating. That makes them perfect for skating on rough surfaces like asphalt, concrete, sidewalks and other outdoor surfaces.

They come with ABEC 5 carbon steel bearings, a lightweight Powerdyne Nylon plate and adjustable toe stops. If you are looking for a great pair of outdoor quad roller skates, then the Moxi Lolly is for you.

Moxi Lolly At a Glance

BootsMen’s sizes 4-10. Check out my roller skating size guide for sizing help.
Colors / PatternsRed, Orange, Yellow, Teal, Green, Light Purple, Purple & Black
PlatesPowerdyne Nylon
Wheels65mm diameter x 35mm width – 78A durometer
Toe StopAdjustable with lock nut

What I Like

  • The 100% leather boot is really nice. It takes some time to break it in, but once it does, the boot is a nice and comfy fit. This is a really nice pair of classic roller skates.
  • 8 really standout, bright colors make these a fan favorite.
  • The Moxi Gummies are some of the best outdoor roller skate wheels. They are some of my favorites.
  • This is a great roller skate made right here in the USA!
Check Price at AmazonCheck Price on Roller Skate Nation

2. Moxi Beach Bunny – Best Outdoor Roller Skates for Women (Runner-Up)

Our runner up in this category are also from Moxi Skates – the Beach Bunny roller skates. These outdoor roller skates for women are about half the price of the Lolly, but are still great quality, fun to skate on and made right here in the USA.

The boot on the Beach Bunny skates are made out of vinyl (instead of leather like the Lolly). The vinyl uses a drum-dyed technique to insure pure color saturation so you get a truer, longer lasting color. This boot also provides extra ankle padding giving you more stability. The boots come in ladies sizes 1-10 in medium width.

Beach Bunny skates come with a Marvel aluminum plate, 58mm Moxi Beach Bunny wheels (78A durometer) and ABEC 5 skate bearings. It comes in 5 fun colors including: Peach Blanket (orange), Periwinkle Sunset (purple), Sky Blue, Watermelon and Strawberry Lemonade (yellow).

Beach Bunny Skates At a Glance

BootsWomen’s sizes 1-10. Check out my roller skating size guide for sizing help.
Colors / PatternsPeach Blanket (orange), Periwinkle Sunset (purple), Sky Blue, Watermelon and Strawberry Lemonade (yellow)
PlatesMarvel Aluminum Plates
Wheels58mm diameter, 78A durometer
Toe StopAdjustable with lock nut

What I Like

  • This is a good quality women’s outdoor roller skate for the price. You get a good vinyl boot, sturdy aluminum plates and a nice set of outdoor roller skate wheels.
  • Moxi Skates is known for really good skate quality. These skate are really popular with the ladies.
  • Made right here in the USA.
Check Price at AmazonCheck Price on Roller Skate Nation

3. Sure-Grip Boardwalk – Best Outdoor Roller Skates for Beginners

Next up, we have our top outdoor roller skates for beginners – the Sure-Grip Boardwalk. These are great outdoor roller skates for kids, women or men. It comes in men’s sizes 4-10 for all of the boots except for tan and black. The tan and black colors go all the way up to size 13 – perfect for men with giant feet (like me)! 🙂

I shot all of my How to Roller Skate roller skating tutorials wearing a size 13 pair of tan Boardwalk skates. They are a great all-around beginner outdoor roller skate. They feature high-quality suede boots that are really nicely padded. The high top boot gives you more stability as a beginner.

For folks with smaller feet, you have some super fun colors to choose from. They are sure to get people’s attention with colors like purple, blue, green, red or pink.

This skate comes with a Rock nylon roller skate plates, adjustable rubber toe stops, and ABEC-3 roller skate bearings. It also comes with Sure-Grip’s Boardwalk Outdoor skate wheels – one of my favorite outdoor wheels. These wheels are 78A in durometer and are 65mm in diameter.

Sure-Grip Boardwalk At a Glance

BootsMen’s sizes 4-13. Check out my roller skating size guide for sizing help.
Colors / PatternsBlackTanLavender (Purple)Sea Breeze (Blue)Key Lime (Green)Merlot (Red) and Teaberry (Pink)
PlatesRock Nylon Plates
Wheels65mm diameter, 78A durometer
Toe StopAdjustable toe stop with lock nut

What I Like

  • I like that this skate comes in a wide variety of colors and sizes. It can be really hard to find skates in a wide variety of sizes (especially for men).
  • The boot is a really nice suede that fits well around the foot is comfortable to skate in – especially once it is broken in.
  • The wheels make these great indoor and outdoor skates for those just starting out. Softer outdoor wheels help to promote two important aspects that beginners need – more stability and less speed whether you are indoor skating at the roller rink or skating at the park.
Check Price at AmazonCheck Price on Roller Skate Nation

4. Sure-Grip Malibu – Best Outdoor Roller Skates for Beginners (Runner-Up)

If you want a good quality pair of beginner outdoor roller skates on a budget, then the Sure-Grip Malibu may be for you. These skates usually come in at just over a $100 and they are a good first pair of roller skates. The quality is not as nice as the Boardwalk’s or Moxi Skates mentioned above, but if you are tight on a budget and need a good pair of skates, then check out the Malibu.

The boots on the Malibu are vinyl high top boots that are leather lined with stitched soles. They have Sure-Grip’s nylon Probe skate plates. One downside is they do have a fixed toe stop – meaning you can’t adjust it – but you can remove it. However, beginners don’t need to be fiddling with their toe stops.

They sport the Malibu wheels that come in a 57mm diameter (height) and an 85A durometer. This 85A wheel hardness makes these skates good as both outdoor and indoor roller skates. The color choices are limited to just black or white, so you don’t get all of the fun colors. The boots come in men’s sizes 1-12 so most folks can also fit into these skates.

Sure-Grip Malibu At a Glance

BootsMen’s sizes 1-12. Check out my roller skating size guide for sizing help.
Colors / PatternsBlack or White
Wheels57mm diameter, 85A hardness
Toe StopNon-Adjustable

What I Like

  • The price point is usually just over $100. A great price point for a good quality skate from a reputable skate manufacturer.
  • The Malibu hybrid 85A wheels are good for both indoor and outdoor use.
Check Price at AmazonCheck Price on Roller Skate Nation

5. Sure-Grip GT-50- Best Men’s Outdoor Roller Skates

For all you fellas out there like me looking for some good men’s outdoor roller skates, take a look at the Sure-Grip Rock GT-50 Outdoor skate package. The GT-50 comes with a low top synthetic, vinyl boot that has extra padding and is super comfy. I have a pair of these bad boys and they are comfortable especially around the ankles.

The boot is mounted to a lightweight Rock nylon plate that won’t hold you down with unnecessary weight. The skate plates are set at 10-degrees and have double-action (meaning there are 2 cushions on each kingpin) making your ride smooth. They come complete with aluminum trucks and adjustable rubber toe stops.

Next, you have a choice on wheels. The GT-50 package at Amazon has the Sure-Grip Motion outdoor wheels on them. These wheels are 78A in durometer and are 62mm diameter (height). They are perfect for outdoor surfaces like asphalt.

However, if you are doing both outdoor and indoor skating, then you may want to instead go with the GT-50 package sold by Roller Skate Nation. They offer the same skate package but with the Sonar Zen wheels on the skate.

The Sonar Zen wheels are a hybrid wheel that has an 85A durometer. Also coming in with a 62mm diameter, the Zen will be better if you want both outdoor and indoor skates. Though do understand that the harder wheels will be a bit more jiggly and bouncy on asphalt.

Sure-Grip Rock GT-50 At a Glance

BootsMen’s Sizes 1-13. Check out my roller skating size guide for sizing help.
Colors / PatternsMotion – Amazon
Sparkle Sonic – Roller Skate Nation
Zen – Roller Skate Nation
PlatesRock Nylon Plates
Wheels62mm diameter x 33mm width, 78A durometer
Toe StopAdjustable toe stop with lock nut

What I Like

  • The Sure-Grip GT-50 boot is really comfortable. I have a pair of them in the garage with the Sure-Grip Motion wheels on them and I wear them outdoors a lot. The padded collar is nice around the ankle.
  • They have a decent nylon plate on them. Not as durable as an aluminum plate, but sturdy enough even for bigger fellas like me who are at 200 lbs.
  • If you are just getting started roller skating again after a long hiatus, then this is a good skate to start back up with. These are the skates I started back on after I left skating and came back.
Check Price at AmazonCheck Price on Roller Skate Nation

6. Sure-Grip Fame – Best Men’s Roller Skates (Runner-Up)

Next up, we have another really good outdoor roller skate by Sure-Grip – the Fame. These outdoor roller skates for men come with a classic boot-style skate with plenty of padding to keep you comfortable as you conquer the great outdoors.

This outdoor package comes in one color – black. The boot also comes in men’s sizes 5-12. This skate also comes with a Rock nylon plate with aluminum trucks, double-action and adjustable toe stops.

Like the GT-50 mentioned above, this skate package also comes with different wheel choices. The version sold on Amazon come with the Sure-Grip Motion wheels and the Roller Skate Nation version comes with the Sonar Zen wheels.

If you will be on asphalt a lot, then go with the Sure-Grip Motion wheels as they are softer at a 78A durometer. However, if you will be on both indoor and outdoor terrain, then go with the Sonar Zen hybrid wheels that come in at an 85A durometer.

Sure-Grip Fame Skate At a Glance

Boots9J – Men’s Size 14. Realize that you may have a hard time finding the toddler version of these skates. Check with Roller Skate Nation or another online skate vendor if you need the 9J-13J skates. Amazon sells these starting at kids size 1. Check out my roller skating size guide for sizing help.
Colors / PatternsBlack or White
PlatesSure-Grip Rock Nylon Plate
WheelsSure-Grip Motion 78A or Riedell Sonar Zen 85A
Toe StopLock nut adjustable

What I Like

  • The Sure-Grip Fame boot is really comfortable and a great high-top roller skate.
  • The sizes offered are big enough to fit most men’s feet.
  • You have a couple of choices for wheels at different retailers.
Check Price at AmazonCheck Price on Roller Skate Nation

7. Riedell 265 Avanti Energy – Best Outdoor Roller Skates for Wide Feet

For those of you out there with wide feet, take a look at the Riedell 265 Avanti Energy outdoor roller skates. These bad boys are comfortable and very high quality. First, there is the Riedell 265 boot. Riedell is one of the leading manufacturers of roller skates.

These skates are some of the most comfortable skate boots on the planet. The boot is really made for roller derby skates and comes with a roller collar and a power strap to ensure a snug fit. It is made of leather and it is heat moldable which allows you to form the boot to your foot. It is comfortable and well padded.

Next comes the Sure-Grip Avanti aluminum plate. This plate has a 10 degree double action and has a sleek, hollow design. This is one of the lightest aluminum plates on the market made from aircraft aluminum – a material that is super strong and super lightweight.

The Radar Energy wheels outfitted on this skate have a 62mm diameter and a 78A hardness. These are perfect wheels for outdoor skating on asphalt, sidewalks, concrete or sports courts. The skate has adjustable rubber toe stops that use a cinch screw to adjust the toe stop. This is a superior design that you only find on top of the line skates.

Riedell 265 Avanti Energy At a Glance

BootsRiedell 265 boot in men’s sizes 4-13. Check out my roller skating size chart for sizing help.
Colors / PatternsBlack
PlatesSure-Grip Avanti Aluminum
WheelsRiedell Energy – 62mm diameter and a 78A durometer
BearingsSpeed Master ABEC-7
Toe StopAdjustable toe stop with cinch screw

What I Like

  • This is a really nice pair of skates with an excellent, comfortable boot that is perfect for wide feet skaters. If you don’t like the lower-cut derby profile, check out some of Riedell’s other boots. They have a lot of boots in wide D sizes. They have some of the best boots on the market – both in roller skating and ice skating.
  • The Avanti plate is also an amazing skate plate. It’s made of aircraft aluminum which is super strong and lightweight. It’s like there isn’t even a skate plate on your skates.
  • The Riedell Radar Energy wheels are perfect for all kinds of outdoor skating.

8. VNLA Parfait – Best Outdoor Roller Skates for Wide Feet (Runner Up)

If the last skate was a little out of your price range and you want a slightly cheaper skate still for wide feet, then check out the VNLA Parfait. This is a new skate that just recently came onto the market from VNLA (formerly Vanilla Skates).

These women’s outdoor roller skates come in 3 different colors: Aqua (blue), Coral (pink) and Purple. Plus, Roller Skate Nation also offers a cool setup where you can get the left skate in 1 color and the right skate in another color! That is something really different. Why choose purple or aqua when you can have both. 🙂

The skates come in ladies size 5-11 and are perfect for skaters with wide feet. If you have narrow feet, the skates come with an additional counter insole that you can add to the boot. For the wide feet folks out there, just leave the extra insole out and you are good to go!

These skates have an aluminum plate and double action aluminum trucks. The plate and trucks on the Parfait are also 20% lighter than other high-top roller skates. This makes skating for longer easier without all of that extra weight on your feet.

The wheels on these skates are perfect for outdoors. They have a 58mm diameter and are 32mm wide. They also are a 78A durometer which is perfect for outdoor surfaces like asphalt. Finally the skates come outfitted with ABEC-7 skate bearings and lock-nut adjustable toe stops.

VNLA Parfait At a Glance

BootsWomen’s sizes 5-11. Check out my roller skating size chart for sizing help.
Colors / PatternsAqua (Teal), Coral (Pink) or Purple. On Roller Skate Nation you can even mix and match the colors if you want each skate with a different color.
PlatesAluminum plate and trucks
Wheels58mm diameter x 32mm width – 78A durometer
Toe StopAdjustable Lock Nut

What I Like

  • The Parfait skates are a great pair of skates for the price.
  • The boots are good for folks with wide feet – something that can be hard to find.
  • The wheels, plate and bearings are all of good quality and good for outdoor terrain.

9. Riedell 220 Century – Best High End Outdoor Roller Skates

If you want a pair of roller skates made for a professional roller skater, then check out the Riedell 220 Century outdoor roller skates. These are the best outdoor roller skates on this page and at the highest price point, too (over $500).

Everything on these skates are top of the line. First, the Riedell 220 boot is handmade out of top grain leather right here in the USA. It has dual-density ankle padding making these boots super comfortable. These boots are really comfortable. They are actually made for beginning artistic roller skaters so they provide great balance, stability and maximum comfort.

Next, the Sure-Grip Century skate plate on these skates are made for artistic roller skating. You can choose between two different plates – one with toe stops and one without. It has a jump bar that is great if you plan to do some art skating. They are 10 degree double action plates with aluminum trucks. The toe stop plate also uses a cinch screw to adjust the toe stops – a feature you only find on the best skate plates.

Finally, these awesome skates come with the Sure-Grip Boardwalk wheels that are 65mm in diameter and 38mm wide. They are a 78A durometer wheel that is perfect for almost all outdoor skating. These skates also have Speed Master ABEC-7 bearings that roll really well.

Riedell 220 Avanti At a Glance

BootsRiedell 220 Leather Boots. Check out my roller skating size chart for sizing help.
Colors / PatternsBlack or White
PlatesSure-Grip Century Aluminum Plates
WheelsSure-Grip Boardwalk 65mm x 38mm wheels / 78A durometer
BearingsSpeed Master ABEC 7
Toe StopperCinch screw adjuster

What I Like

  • When comfort is key, Riedell is the boot you want. They are the most expensive boots on the market, but no one can beat their quality and comfort. They have been in business for over 70 years and they know how to make a boot that feels great.
  • Everything on this skate is perfect. The boot is top of the line for comfort. The plate is solid and perfect for any kind of outdoor or indoor skating. The wheels and bearings are also top notch. Buy an extra set of bearings and indoor artistic wheels (like the Rollerbones Elite) and you have an amazing pair of skates you can use anywhere.

10. Pacer Stratos – Best Budget-Friendly Outdoor Roller Skates

Last but not least, we have the Pacer Stratos. It wins the best budget-friendly outdoor roller skates on our list. You can find these skates on Amazon and Roller Skate Nation for under $100.

These wheels are 58mm tall and 32mm wide and are made of a polyurethane material that make them great for indoor rink skating and outdoor skating on cement or sidewalks. They will be a bit bumpy on asphalt as the wheels are a little harder and made for smooth surfaces.

The skate plate is made out of a heavy aluminum making them sturdy for skaters of all sizes. It also comes with a jump bar for extra stability. The boots are comfortable for the price and provide good ankle support. The men’s skate in black comes in sizes 3-12 and ladies skate in white comes in sizes 3-10.

Pacer Stratos At a Glance

BootsBlack comes in men’s sizes 3-12, White comes in women’s sizes 3-10. Check my roller skating size chart for help with getting the right size skates.
Colors / PatternsBlack or White
Wheels58mm diameter x 32mm width, Indoor / Outdoor urethane wheels
Toe StopsAdjustable with lock nut

What I Like

  • The quality for the price can’t be beat. It’s really a great pair of outdoor roller skates for less than a $100.
  • The wheels on this skate are hybrid wheels that are good for both indoor and most outdoor skating – though I would avoid asphalt if you want a smooth roll.
Check Price at AmazonCheck Price on Roller Skate Nation

The Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Roller Skates

In the section below, I will discuss all of the parts that make up the best roller skates. We will go step-by-step through each major components including your boots, plates, bearings, wheels and toe stops. Everything that makes up a great pair of outdoor roller skates!

Comfortable Roller Skate Boots

First, we have roller skate boots. Most skate boots are made of 2 types of materials. Either a durable vinyl boot or a leather boot. Vinyl boots are easier to break in and cheaper. Whereas leather offers a more durable boot for the long-term, requires more time to break in but is then much more comfortable than vinyl once it is fully broken in. Leather boots also conform better to your foot and some of the high-end leather boots are even heat moldable.

The price for leather boots can sometimes double the cost of a pair of roller skates, so if you are looking to save money, then go with a durable vinyl boot. If you want supreme comfort, then go with a leather boot.

The most important thing is you learn how to size roller skates using the manufacturer’s roller skating size chart. This insures a great fitting boot and a comfortable pair of skates.

Also, if you want to protect your boots from scuffs and scrapes, be sure to check out these toe guards for roller skates.

Nylon vs. Aluminum Metal Plate

Next, we have the roller skate plates. This is the plastic or metal piece that attaches to your boot. Then, your trucks / axles attach to the plate and your bearings and wheels slide onto the axles. Most plates come in one of two flavors: either a nylon plate or an aluminum plate.

Nylon plates are cheaper, lightweight and offer less power transfer. Cheap aluminum plates are heavier than nylon plates and usually cost just a little bit more than their nylon plate brothers.

Aircraft aluminum and magnesium plates are usually much more expensive than all other plates but they are super lightweight, extremely sturdy and are best for transferring all of your power to your wheels. This is why many roller derby and speed skaters use these higher-end aircraft aluminum plates.

Check out my article on the Best Roller Skate Plates to learn more.

Roller Skate Wheels

Next, we have the most important part of the roller skate – the roller skate wheels. All quad skates have eight wheels total – four wheels on each skate. There are three things to keep in mind when choosing the right wheels for skates: the hardness / roughness of the surface you are skating on, the hardness of your wheels and the diameter and width of your wheels.

Let’s go over each below.

Lots of Roller Skate WheelsPin

Indoor vs. Outdoor Surfaces

Whether you are doing street skating, like to do tricks at the skate park or are into rink skating at your local roller rink, you need to understand your skate surface to understand the right wheels to use.

Most good street skates will use a wheel with a 78A durometer (or wheel hardness). The durometer scale for wheels usually goes from low 70s all the way up to a 103A. For outdoor skating on asphalt, stick with a 78A wheel. If you want a pair of wheels that are good for concrete or sidewalks, you can get away with a 85A wheel.

If you are skating on a slipper rink floor you may also want to stick with a softer wheel as this will stick easier to the surface. Most people at skate parks will also go with a wheel in the 82A-90A range because the surface is smoother than asphalt.

Indoor Wheels vs Hybrid Wheels vs. Outdoor Wheels

Most people skating indoors will want harder wheels (something in the 85A-103A range). The only exception being roller hockey wheels that is used on roller hockey skates where the sport is played on slippery plastic sports court.

Softer wheels are best used for outdoor surfaces like asphalt. Most outdoor roller skate wheels for quad skates will run in the 78A-85A range. These gummy outdoor wheels are just better than harder wheels outdoors because they don’t make your feet jiggle on the rougher surfaces like asphalt.

Also, remember that soft wheels roll slower than harder wheels. Softer wheels are better for beginners too because they are more stable and won’t slip as much. Harder wheels roll faster and are better for more advanced skaters skating indoors. Hybrid wheels are good for both indoor and outdoor skating and usually fall in the 82A-89A range.

Wheel Diameter (Height) & Profile (Width)

Next, we have the wheel diameter or height and the wheel profile or width. First, lets talk diameter. Shorter, smaller wheels are easier to control. You are closer to the ground and so they provide better stability. Shorter wheels also roll slower but they are easier to accelerate to top speed.

On the other hand, taller wheels roll faster and take more effort on your part to get them to their top speed. However, once you reach top speed, you will go faster than those on smaller wheels. This is why most inline speed skate wheels are so tall.

The width of the wheel also matters. The wider the wheel, the more stable it will be for beginners. Quad speed skaters also like wider wheels because it allows them to get more power from each push as more of their wheel’s contact patch can push against the surface. However, for elite roller derby players this may not be what you want as a wider wheel is easier for it to clip other skaters’ skates.

To learn a whole lot more, check out my Best Roller Skate Wheels page and my Top 10 Tips for Picking Out the Perfect Roller Skate Wheels.

Roller Skate Bearings

Next come the roller skate bearings. The most important thing about your bearings are that they are clean. I’ve written extensively about how to clean roller skate bearings. After that, it’s really a matter of personal preference and taste. Most bearings come in 2 flavors: steel bearings (which are the most common) and ceramic bearings.

Steel vs. Ceramic Bearings

Steel bearings are what you will find in all of the roller skates listed above. These are the most common skate bearings and what make your wheel roll on their axle. Two bearings slide into the hub of each wheel and then your wheel is slid onto the axle and secured with an axle nut.

Ceramic bearings are typically bought by more advanced skaters who want a really, really smooth roll. These bearings typically cost 2-3x more than their steel counterparts. The big advantage of ceramic bearings is that they don’t rust as easily as the ball bearings are made out of ceramic (as opposed to steel). Plus, they roll really smooth.

Check out my Best Roller Skate Bearings page for a whole lot more information about skate bearings.

Roller Skate Safety & Protective Gear

Next, there is all of the roller skating pads and roller skating helmets to take into account. These don’t come with most roller skate packages, so you will need to buy them separately. I go over each below.

Roller Skate Helmets

The most important safety gear to purchase for outdoor roller skating is a helmet. When you are skating, it’s important to protect your noggin’. Head injuries are a real thing in skating. Even as an advanced skater, I have had a couple and let me tell you a concussion is no fun. So, be sure to get a good helmet.

Check out my Best Roller Skate Helmets page for more details.

Roller Skate Pads: Knee Pads, Elbow Pads & Wrist Guards

After you get your helmet, be sure to invest in a good pair of knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards. You can easily find all three sold in a pack. This protects your knees and elbows from getting cracked. I’ve cracked the radial bone in my elbow before, and let me tell you, that is no fun. There are also lots of additional items like a mouthguard and possibly even a butt pad you may want to invest in to protect your tailbone.

Check out my Best Roller Skate Pads page to find the best roller skate safety gear.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of roller skates should I get for outdoors?

The main thing that makes roller skates good for outdoors are the roller skate wheels. If you are primarily skating outdoors on rough asphalt, you want to make sure the wheels on your skates are a soft durometer wheel. Something in the 78A-85A durometer is good for most outdoor surfaces.

Can you skate outside with roller skates?

Of course! You just need the right wheels on your skates for the surface you are skating on! For outdoor skating, go with a wheel in the softer durometer range (78A-85A). This will allow you to skate on rough surfaces and still have a smooth roll.

Is outdoor roller skating good exercise?

Roller skating is an amazing way to get exercise. You can burn 600 calories in just 1 hour of casual skating. It also is a great activity because it is a full body workout. Exercise also helps mental health. I wrote an entire article about the health benefits of roller skating. Check it out!

Can you roller skate outside in winter?

You can roller skate outside in the winter as long as it’s not wet or snowing. You just need the right outdoor skates to get started. All of the skates above will work well outside in any season.

Can outdoor roller skates be used indoors?

Yes, outdoor roller skates can be used indoors. Most outdoor skates have a soft 78A durometer wheel that is great for rough surfaces like asphalt, concrete and outdoor sports courts. However, those same wheels will also work inside a skating rink or indoor sports court. Outdoor roller skate wheels will just go a bit slower than wheels made exclusively for indoors.

Many advanced skaters have two sets of wheels and bearings – one set for outdoors and one set for indoors. Then, you just change your wheels depending on the surface you are skating on that day.

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Jeff Stone

Jeff Stone started the website RollerSkateDad.com back in 2015. The site specializes in roller skate reviews and advice about skates and all things roller skating. When Jeff isn't skating with his two daughters Lily and Violet, he enjoys writing code, cooking, watching movies and hanging out with his wife Claire and their german shepherd, Electra.

4 thoughts on “The 10 Best Outdoor Roller Skates for Women & Men in 2023: An Ultimate Guide”

  1. Thank you for your reviews and videos!

    I am a beginner and it appears the Sure Grip Boardwalk would be the best option however it’s not Vegan. Can you recommend a skate for a beginner that is Vegan?

      • Sure Grip does have a skate called Stardust that is vegan, could I put the sure grip motion outdoor wheels on this skate?

        • Yes, the Stardust is Vegan. It’s wheels are a little harder in durometer at an 85A. The Motion are 78A and better for rough asphalt. However, if you are on smoother concrete or sidewalk, the 85A durometer should be fine, too.


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