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The 8 Best Indoor Roller Skate Wheels of 2023: An Ultimate Guide

When you are roller skating in your local skating rink, you want a nice smooth ride that will keep you moving and gliding for hours. In today’s article, I’m going to go over the best indoor roller skate wheels and help you find the right wheels for your roller skates.

Roller skating indoors and finding the right indoor skate wheels requires you to think about a few things: the hardness of your wheels (or durometer), the surface you are skating on and finally what type of skating you are doing. Each of these three areas will be covered below in my indoor skaters buying guide below.

But first, I’m going to go over my top indoor wheels for roller skating. I have 8 different roller skate wheels for you to choose from and I put each in it’s own special category for things like roller derby, speed skating, artistic skating, jam skating and just general recreational skating.

If you are instead interested in a much wider view on wheels and want to know everything about them, then don’t miss my Best Roller Skate Wheels page that has 16 of the top wheels on the market today. It also covers both indoor and outdoor wheels and provides a buying guide called the Top 10 Tips for Buying the Perfect Roller Skate Wheels.

Ok, lets look at some of the best indoor skating wheels out there today!

The Best Indoor Roller Skate Wheels for Roller Skates

Indoor WheelsCategoryCheck Prices
Rollerbones Turbo Indoor WheelsPinRollerbones TurboBest Overall Indoor WheelsCheck Price at AmazonCheck Price on Roller Skate Nation
Sure-Grip Fame Roller Skate WheelsPinSure-Grip FameRunner-Up Indoor WheelsCheck Price at AmazonCheck Price on Roller Skate Nation
Roller Bones Elite Artistic Roller Skate WheelsPinRollerbones EliteBest Artistic WheelsCheck Price at AmazonCheck Price on Roller Skate Nation
Sure-Grip Hyper Shaman Speed Skate WheelsPinSure-Grip Hyper ShamanBest Speed Skate WheelsCheck Price at AmazonCheck Price on Roller Skate Nation
Sure-Grip ZombiePinSure-Grip ZombieBest Roller Derby WheelsCheck Price at AmazonCheck Price on Roller Skate Nation
VNLA Backspin EclipsePinVNLA Backspin Eclipse WheelsBest Jam Skating WheelsCheck Price at AmazonCheck Price on Roller Skate Nation
Sure-Grip WoodPinSure-Grip WoodBest Wheels for Sliders & Rhythm SkatersCheck Price at Amazon
Sure-Grip Boardwalk Roller Skate WheelsPinSure-Grip BoardwalkBest Wheels for BeginnersCheck Price at AmazonCheck Price on Roller Skate Nation

1. Rollerbones Turbo – Best Overall

Our top pick for the best overall indoor wheels are the Rollerbones Turbo. This wheel is perfect when you skate indoors at your local skating rink and are just awesome wheels. These wheels come in 7 different durometer scale (wheel hardness) grades, so it makes it easy to pick the right one for the right surface.

So, for example, you can go with harder wheels like the 101A for top speed or softer wheels like the 80A which will work as a great set of outdoor roller skate wheels for your outdoor roller skates. Or, you can go with an 85A or 88A hybrid wheel and use them both indoors and outdoors. So many choices!

These indoor wheels sport aircraft grade aluminum cores which make them great for transferring the full force of each of your pushes to the wheel. This aircraft grade aluminum is also super lightweight compared to other aluminum cores. This helps to make the wheel roll faster without a ton of weight added to your skates. If you are into speed skating or roller derby, then the Rollerbones Turbo are a great pick.

Made in the USA, these quad wheels have good grip and are perfect for a smooth surface. Remember that the softer the wheel the more grip your wheels will have overall. And a hard wheel is more for advanced skaters as it will provide less traction but will roll faster. These are some of the top performing wheels on the market today.

Wheel Features at a Glance

SurfacesBest for indoor surfaces like sports court and coated wood skating rink floors but the lower 80A and 85A are also good for outdoors
Durometer80A, 85A, 88A, 92A, 94A, 97A, 101A
Diameter / Height (in mm)62mm
Width (in mm)38mm
Available ColorsBlack or White
Wheels per PackSold in 8 packs

What I Like

  • My favorite overall speed skating wheels.
  • With 7 different wheel hardness grades, it makes it easy to pick the right one for the right surface.
  • The aluminum core makes for a super strong wheel that is perfect for speed skating, roller derby and for getting the most out of each push. The skate bearings snap into these wheels pretty easily, too.

What I Don’t Like

  • The only downside is that this wheel is so popular that it can be hard to find in stock. If you do find it in stock, be sure to grab a set because they sell out often.
Check Price at AmazonCheck Price on Roller Skate Nation

2. Sure-Grip Fame – Runner-Up

Next up, we have some of the most narrow wheels you will find on the market today, the Sure-Grip Fame skate wheel. They come in with a 57mm height and a 30mm width, which is pretty small. These come outfitted on a the Sure-Grip Fame roller skates, a top pick of mine for beginners and kids.

These harder wheels come in with a 95A durometer making them one of my top picks for best artistic roller skate wheels and a great recreational wheel for indoors. These roll smoothly on wood and sports court surfaces. They are great for most indoor skaters who are just starting out or are serious about freestyle skating.

They come in a variety of 8 different colors suitable to fit most people’s needs.

Wheel Features at a Glance

SurfacesBest for coated surfaces like sports court and wood skating rink floors
Diameter / Height (in mm)57mm
Width (in mm)30mm
Available ColorsAqua, Solid Black, Solid White, Solid Blue, Clear Blue, Clear Red, Clear Purple, Clear Pink
CoreHollow core
Wheels per PackSold in 4 packs & 8 packs

What I Like

  • These come already on some of my favorite indoor roller skates for beginners, kids and toddles – the Sure-Grip Fame roller skates. They are a good starter skate.
  • The low profile on this wheel makes it easier for beginners to handle.
  • Also serves as a good artistic roller skate wheel.

What I Don’t Like

  • The low, narrow profile on these wheels mean they won’t be going very fast, but that’s the tradeoff when you want something that is slick, can spin and is easy to maneuver.
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3. Rollerbones Elite – Best Artistic Skate Wheels

I’m excited to write about my favorite wheel for recreational and artistic skating – the Rollerbones Elite. This is my go-to wheel for all of my indoor roller skating. I use it every time skate indoors at my local rink. I personally have a set of the 103A whiskey clear wheels and just love them!

As an ex-figure skater (30+ years ago), I really like how smooth these roll. They are super hard so they roll really fast without much effort. Because of their hardness, they spin well even on a super coated wood floor with a lot of plastic on it.

They have two different heights available – the 57mm and 62mm. I personally have the 62mm, but the 57mm is probably best if you are a true figure skater. It will give you more maneuverability than the taller wheel. I use them as my recreational wheel, so I like the taller size because I also speed skate in these wheels often – not a prescribed use for the wheel, but I don’t care. 🙂

If you want to learn more about this awesome wheel, check out my Rollerbones Elite Review here.

Wheel Features at a Glance

SurfacesBest for indoor surfaces like wood floors, sports courts, smooth indoor concrete
Durometer101A or 103A
Diameter / Height (in mm)57mm or 62mm
Width (in mm)30mm
Available ColorsBlack, white, whiskey (clear) or red
Wheels per PackSold in 8 packs

What I Like

  • These are my favorite wheels on the planet.
  • Super smooth ride and a very hard wheel. They are fast and narrow – great for doing spins.
  • Really only go after these wheels if you are a more advanced skater, have good balance and can handle a little slide in your skating.

What I Don’t Like

  • Nothing. They are pretty perfect to me. They are pretty hard and narrow, so they are not ideal for most skaters – especially beginners.
Check Price at AmazonCheck Price on Roller Skate Nation

4. Sure-Grip Hyper Shaman – Best Speed Skate Wheels

Next up we have the best speed skate wheels on the planet, the Sure-Grip Hyper Shaman. These bad boys are fast! They come in 4 different wheel hardness scales for different surfaces – 89A, 93A, 95A and 97A. The 97A are the slickest and really fly! The 89A are more for derby and uncoated wood floors / sports court where you need a little more grip.

Two things stand out to make this such an awesome wheel.

First, the width of this wheel comes in at a super wide 42mm. That’s one of the widest wheels we have measured to date. That extra width gives you more contact patch (or surface area) for your wheel to push off the ground.

Second, the Shaman comes outfitted with a blue anodized aluminum hub. This hub allow the wheel to roll more purely and does a much better job transferring all of the power from your pushes to the wheel. This makes for a much faster wheel.

So, if speed skating is your jam, then check out these awesome wheels!

Wheel Features at a Glance

SurfacesBest for indoor speed skating and roller derby on smooth indoor surfaces.
Durometer89A (Blue), 93A (Green), 95A (Red), 97A (White)
Diameter / Height (in mm)62mm
Width (in mm)42mm
Available Colorsblue, green, red and white
CoreBlue anodized aluminum hub
Wheels per PackSold in 8 packs

What I Like

  • These are the best speed skate wheels on the market today.
  • The full-sized aluminum hub means less urethane in the wheel giving you a greater top end speed. Suregrip says this is the fastest wheel in the world!
  • The width and diameter of this wheel are perfect for quad speed skating.

What I Don’t Like

  • The natural colors are un-tinted urethane and so different batches may show some variation in colors. So, don’t be too upset if the color of the wheel doesn’t look exactly like the one in the product photo.
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5. Sure-Grip Zombie – Best Roller Derby Skate Wheels

One of the best roller derby wheels rolling today are the Sure-Grip Zombie wheels. If you are looking to take out that jammer or lap the pack, the Zombie has a number of different choices for each type of player.

First, the Zombie comes in 4 different durometers ranging from 89A to 98A. If you are looking for ultimate top level speed, then go with the 98A. However, if you want a wheel that is super sticky then the 89A will be much slower but also more stable.

Next, this wheel comes in 3 different wheel profiles: the Max, Mid or Low. The Max is 62mm tall and a super wide 42mm in width – a perfect speed / derby wheel that will allow you to fly down the track. It’s inverse is the Low coming in at 59mm tall and 38mm wide – perfect for cutting across the track and maneuvering quickly. Then, right in the middle is the Mid coming in at 62mm tall and 38mm wide – perfect for doing a little of both.

These wheels have a solid aluminum core to help transfer the full power of your pushes to the wheel. This aluminum core also just makes the wheel a lot tougher. They stay more round and can really take a beating.

Wheel Features at a Glance

SurfacesBest for roller derby on smooth, coated and uncoated floors like wood and sports court
Durometer89A (Purple), 92A (Black), 95A (Red), 98A (Green)
Diameter / Height (in mm)62mm or 59mm
Width (in mm)62mm x 42mm (Max), 62mm x 38mm (Mid) or 59mm x 38mm (Low)
Wheel VarietiesMax, Mid or Low
Available Colorspurple, black, red or green
CoreAluminum hub
Wheels per PackSold in 4 packs and 8 packs

What I Like

  • These are my favorite roller derby wheels.
  • They come in a variety of different durometers so you can match up your surface and wheel hardness easily.
  • There are 3 different wheel profiles allowing you to increase speed (Max) or maneuverability (Low) to suit your needs.

What I Don’t Like

  • Like the Hyper Shaman, these wheels also don’t always match the colors in the photos. This is due to the wheel colors being a little different on every press run. So, understand you are getting an awesome wheel and don’t get too butt hurt if the red turns out to be a little more magenta.
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6. VNLA Backspin Eclipse Wheels – Best Jam Skating Wheels

If you are looking to get your jam on, then look no further than the Backspin Eclipse from VNLA. These jam skating wheels come in 2 different wheel hardness scales 95A (Black or Oil Slick) or 97A (Orange).

It also has an aluminum core and 2 different wheel profiles: a low profile (59mm x 38mm) for extra maneuverability and a wide profile (62mm x 42mm) great for extra speed.

The Eclipse wheel also serves as a good speed skating / jam skating hybrid wheel. So, if you are doing a little jam skating and then want to run fast at the races, these wheels will do the trick.

The Oil Slick is my favorite of the 3 because of the cool swirling colors, but it can be really hard to find a set online right now.

Wheel Features at a Glance

SurfacesBest for speed and jam skating on wood and sports court
Durometer95A or 97A
Diameter / Height (in mm)59mm or 62mm
Width (in mm)59mm x 38mm or 62mm x 42mm
Available ColorsOil Slick (95A), Black (95A), Orange (97A)
CoreAluminum hub
Wheels per PackSold in 8 packs

What I Like

  • These are my favorite wheels for jam skating.
  • The aluminum hub is nice to see in VNLA wheel. They are not as common. This makes the Eclipse a good jam / speed skating hybrid wheel suitable for both sports.
  • This is one of the newest products made by VNLA – one of the top manufacturing leaders of jam skates and wheels.

What I Don’t Like

  • The Oil Slick 95A jam wheels can be really hard to find. They are super popular because they are just really cool looking. They actually look rainbow like an oil slick. If you do find a pair, snatch them up and consider yourself lucky.
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7. Sure-Grip Wood – Best Wheels for Sliders & Rhythm Skaters

If you are into sliding all around the rink floor and want a super slick wheel, then check out the Sure-Grip Wood wheels. These babies are so hard and slick, you will be sliding all around your rink floor.

Made especially for wood floors and sports courts, these wheels are super hard compared to their urethane brothers. They come in at 50mm tall and 38mm wide – skinnier than a speed wheel but wider than an artistic wheel. The small 50mm height won’t win you any speed awards, but that’s not what you’re after with these wheels.

The Sure-Grip Wood are great if you want to slide, spin or glide down your rink’s floor. Check them out!

Wheel Features at a Glance

SurfacesBest for sliding on wood floors and sports court
Diameter / Height (in mm)50mm
Width (in mm)38mm
Available ColorsWood
Wheels per PackSold in 8 packs

What I Like

  • If you are into sliding and rhythm skating, then the Sure-Grip Wood are my favorite wheel for that style of roller skating. Not made for outdoor skating!
  • I wouldn’t plan on doing much else in these wheels. I have a set and they are slick as ice. However, if you want a great sliding wheel, this is one of the best.

What I Don’t Like

  • Because these are made out of wood, they can be a little different to clean. A damp cloth and a little sandpaper work wonders.

8. Sure-Grip Boardwalk – Best Wheels for Beginners

Wait a minute! What are outdoor wheels doing in an article about indoor quad roller skate wheels? Well, if you are a beginner and looking for some great wheels, then I recommend you go with the Sure-Grip Boardwalk outdoor wheels – even for indoors.

This wheel is a great outdoor wheel that you can also use when indoor skating. It is 78A in wheel hardness which is super grippy and stable. It will help to keep you upright even indoors without any debris to navigate. A softer wheel is just what I recommend for the newbs out there.

It also comes in at a good size 65mm x 38mm. The extra width will give you more stability and the larger height will have you rolling well for hours. They are taller wheels, but that will help with increased speed as you progress.

Plus, by having a good outdoor wheel as your first set of wheels, you can easily take your skates both indoors and outdoors. When you are ready to go faster and want to upgrade, then check out the other wheels above.

Wheel Features at a Glance

SurfacesBest for outdoor surfaces like sidewalks, boardwalks and asphalt but they can also be used indoors too. You just will go a little slower in the softer wheels – a great thing for a beginner.
Diameter / Height (in mm)65mm
Width (in mm)38mm
Available Colorsblack, blue, pink, purple, red, light blue, light pink, light purple, light green
Wheels per PackSold in 8 packs

What I Like

  • These are my favorite roller skate wheels for beginners because they are soft, wide and roll well.
  • They are great for outdoor skating and indoor skating too. You just will go slower on these wheels because they are so soft.
  • They come in a variety of fun colors, too!

What I Don’t Like

  • You will go slow in these wheels with a 78A durometer. However, that’s good for a beginner roller skater.
Check Price at AmazonCheck Price on Roller Skate Nation

Indoor Skate Wheels Buying Guide

Below we are going to go over everything you need to know to pick out the best indoor roller skate wheels for your next skate indoors. We will cover wheel hardness and indoor surfaces. Then, we will discuss different wheel characteristics to take into account for each kind of roller sport out there. Then, I’ll answer a few of the most frequently asked questions that I receive about indoor wheels.

Indoor Surfaces and Wheel Hardness

There is a correlation between indoor surfaces and wheel hardness. If you skate indoors a lot, then you want a wheel that matches your surface and level of skating.

The basics of wheel hardness are that a harder wheel (higher durometer number ex: 103A) will roll longer and stronger on a smooth indoor surface. A softer wheel (lower durometer number – ex: 78A) will roll slower. However, the harder wheel will slide more and be harder to control. Whereas the soft, sticky wheel will give you more stability.

With the basics out of the way, lets look deeper into indoor surfaces and wheel hardness.

Indoor Surfaces

Skating Rink Wood Floors

If you do your rink skating on coated surfaces like wood floors, then you can get away with a much harder wheel without your wheels sliding out from under you. I roll in the Rollerbones Elite which has a 103A durometer – super slick. However, I like the slide because it allows me to do 1 foot turns and spins quite easily on a super sticky wood floor.

If you are on an uncoated wood floor (it won’t have a shine to it), then a harder wheel may cause you to use your grip. If that happens, your skate may slide out from under you if you are trying to go too fast.

You can get away with anything in the 78A-103A durometer range you typically see on most wheels.

Sports Court

Sports court is similar to wood in hardness and therefore a lot of the same characteristics apply. If the sport court is coated and you are an experienced skater, then you likely want the hardest wheel you can find. However, if you need more stability or quick maneuverability, then go with a mid range hardness wheel.

You can get away with anything in the 78A-103A durometer range you typically see on most wheels.

Polished Concrete

Finally, polished concrete is also a great indoor surface to skate on. My sister and I first learned how to roller skate in our garage. Most polished concrete can be pretty slick, so you’ll want a softer wheel on these surfaces. Somewhere between 85A-95A.

Wheel Hardness

Wheel hardness (also known as durometer) is a scale that ranges typically from 78A – 103A. The lower the number, the softer, stickier and gummier the wheel will be on the skating surface. The higher the number, the harder and slicker the wheel will be on the surface.

Indoor Roller Skate Wheels Hardness Chart

Here is a indoor roller skate wheel hardness chart to help you understand the best hardness wheel to pick out for the different skating surfaces.

  • Wood Floor (Coated): 78A – 103A
  • Wood Floor (Uncoated): 78A – 95A
  • Sports Court: 78A – 95A
  • Polished Concrete: 78A – 95A

Different Wheels for Roller Sports

Beside wheel hardness and the surface you are skating on, what you plan to do on your wheels is also super important. If you are just recreational skating, then just paying attention to your wheel hardness is enough. However, if you are serious about a roller sport, then you’ll want to try a lot of different wheels and see which is best for you. I have well over a dozen wheels that I use off and on….so you can go a little bit crazy with all of the choices. 🙂

Speed Skating

Speed skaters really need a wheel that will roll a long time with minimal effort. It’s super important that each push from the skater transfers as much power as possible to the speed wheels and that the wheel is designed in a way to allow for maximum roll.

On a coated wood floor (where most indoor speed skating takes place), you’ll want as hard of a wheel as you can personally handle. I prefer the Hyper Shaman White (97A) wheel. It is the perfect wheel hardness to where I get maximum roll without my feet slipping out from under me. The aluminum core is also great because it helps keep the wheel perfectly round and transfers the maximum power from your pushes to the wheel.

You also want a taller wheel. This allows the wheel to roll longer and faster. A wider wheel is also a good choice because it gives you more surface area to push off of. This again is where the Hyper Shaman shines with its 65mm x 42mm profile.

Roller Derby

If you play roller derby, then you know that wheel choice is super important. No one wheel fits all derby skaters needs, that is why there is such a variety of different wheels out there. Some derby players want to go fast like their speed skater brothers. Others want more maneuverability on their derby skates. Depending on what you are after will determine what wheel is best for you.

If you are into speed and can sacrifice quick movements, then a taller, wider wheel should be your choice. The taller the wheel the longer it will take you to accelerate, however, you will roll faster for longer. If you need quicker movements, then a shorter, more narrow wheel is what you are after.

Like with speed skating, I would go with an aluminum core for roller derby wheels. While the nylon or hollow cores are a little lighter, you are putting so much wear, tear and pressure on your wheels as a derby skater that the aluminum core really helps round out the wheel better. Many of the higher end derby wheels also have their aluminum core made out of aircraft aluminum making them super light.

This is why I pick the Sure-Grip Zombie as a top roller derby skate wheel. It has 3 different wheel profiles. If you need quicker turns and more manueverability, go with the Low profile. If you want more speed, go with the Max profile. Or, for those goldilocks folks out there go with with Mid which is just right in the middle.

Artistic Skating

If you are into artistic roller skating on quads, then you want a hard, narrow and short wheel. My favorite wheel on planet Earth is the Rollerbones Elite artistic wheels. As an ex-figure skater (wannabe these days), I really like the profile and hardness on these wheels. They glide really well and spinning is pretty effortless.

For freestyle skaters, you want a hard wheel. Somewhere in the 95A-103A range. In my opinion, the harder the better as most figure skaters already have excellent balance. You also want a smaller, narrow wheel.

The narrowness of the wheel helps to make spinning easier as you don’t have as much urethane touching your skating surface. The smaller wheel makes it easier for you to accelerate and move quickly on your feet.

Jam Skating

Most jam skating wheels fall in the 93A-97A range. You want a wheel that is hard and easy to spin, but also grippy enough to hold your tricks without your feet slipping out.

You also want a wide profile like with speed skating. The wider wheel helps with stability through your tricks. Most of the jam wheels you will find also come a little taller in the 62mm-65mm range.

VNLA really is the king of jam skating wheels. Their Backspin line of wheels is super popular and you can easily find a style to fit your desire.

Roller Hockey

Most roller hockey is played on inline skates. However, if you are like me and play hockey on quads, then I would go with a good speed or roller derby wheel. They will work just fine for quad roller hockey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear indoor roller skate wheels outdoors?

Yes you can wear them outdoors but be prepared for your skates and wheels to jiggle a lot on rough outdoor surfaces like asphalt. However, if you are outdoors on a tennis court or on smooth concrete without any debris around, then indoor wheels will work just fine outdoors. I wear my 103A Rollerbones Elite outdoors at the local high school’s tennis court. They roll really nice out there!

However, if you are doing skating outdoors regularly, please check out my article on the best outdoor roller skate wheels. You really should have a soft wheel for outdoor skating. It’s just so much more enjoyable that way.

What wheels are best for indoor roller skating?

A harder wheel is best for indoor roller skating – something in the 82A-103A durometer range. Which is the perfect wheel for you really depends on the type of roller skating you are doing and the surface you are skating on. Wider, taller wheels are best for speed skating. Wider,

Are 82A wheels good for indoors? What about 85A?

82A and 85A hardness scale wheels are what we would call hybrid wheels. These types of wheels can be used both indoors and outdoors. If you are just recreational skating, then a hybrid wheel is just fine. However, if you are into a roller sport, then you’re going to want a harder or softer wheel depending on the sport and your skate surface.

Are Moxi Skates good for indoors?

Most of the wheels on Moxi Skates are made for outdoors. The Moxi Gummies and Juicy are two of the more popular outdoor wheels. However, they do also have hybrid and indoor wheels like the Trick, Bowl Bombers and Fundae wheels. All of these wheels are over 85A durometer.

Are all roller skate wheels universal / the same?

No, roller skate wheels are not universal or the same. There are many different wheel durometers, widths, diameters (heights), colors and more. Learning more about the best roller skate wheels will help you to understand the best wheels for the type of skating and surface you skate on regularly.

What are the best skate bearings to put in my indoor wheels?

The best roller skate bearings for both indoor and outdoor skate wheels are the Bones Super Reds. In outdoor wheels, I also prefer the Bones Ceramic Reds.

Best Roller Skate Wheels for Indoor Skating

Well, there you have it. The 8 best roller skate wheels for indoor skating. I hope the recommendations and guide were useful to you before you. Thanks again for rolling by and we’ll see you next time!

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