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Roller Skate Dad is a website, podcast and movement run by me, Jeff Stone, to get more of the world roller skating again.

I am a dad, husband and avid skater in my early forties who has been roller skating since I was 8 years old. I am on a mission to bring up to date roller skating news, interviews, tips, product reviews and skating information to all of you.

The Stone Clan
The Stone Clan – Jeff, Lily, Violet & Claire (Left to Right)

Who is Jeff Stone?

And What Does He Know About Roller Skating Anyways?

Jeff Stone - DJ & Floor Guard
Me as a DJ & Floor Guard at the age of 13

In my teenage years, I worked for a roller skating rink as a floor guard and DJ. I also competed with that same skating rink, Forum Roller World, in artistic freestyle roller skating until I was 15. In 1990, I was the Level 1 Division B Junior Olympic Men’s Artistic Freestyle Champion – think Olympic art ice skating but on roller skates.

Jeff in Freestyle Outfit
My Artistic Outfit…Cool huh?? 🙂

During my time at Forum, I also taught hundreds of kids how to roller skate for the first time – skating forwards, backwards, doing turns, spins and jumps. I also taught both of my daughters (Lily and Violet) and even my wife Claire how to skate, too. So, I have a bit of a background in teaching others how to skate.

I have practiced countless times with the Texas Speed Club here at my local rink in Austin, Texas, so I know a thing or two about speed skating. However, I have never competed in speed skating. I do it more for the great exercise.

So I am by no means an expert at every form of roller skating. Just someone continuing to learn about this great past-time, hobby and sport. Come with me on this journey as I teach you what I already know and we both learn together as I talk to other roller skating experts.

Roller Skate Dad Exists to Support You In Your Roller Skating Journey

Most importantly, I have built this site and the podcast for all of you. I love talking to skaters and hearing their stories.

So, if you have a story that you’d like to tell, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Or, if you have a roller skating question that you want me to answer on a future podcast episode, please head over to Ask Dad and fire your question at me. If I know the answer, I will respond. If not, I will hunt down an expert who can answer your question. That’s what I do here. Get you the answers you seek about roller skating.

Jeff Stone Today

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Come and join me and let’s grow this wonderful hobby and sport,

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Jeff Stone

The Roller Skate Dad
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