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The Best Luigino Speed Skates in 2023

If you are just getting into speed skating and looking for some good speed skates, then this article on the best Luigino speed skates is for you. Luigino is a roller skate brand owned by Atom Skates – makers of the famous Atom Pulse outdoor wheels.

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In this article, I’m going to breakdown the top 3 Luigino speed skates one by one. Let’s go!

The Top 3 Luigino Speed Skates

Atom Luigino Strut Inline Speed Skates1. Luigino StrutBest OverallCheck Price on Amazon

Check on Atom Skates
Atom Pro Fitness Skates2. Atom Pro FitnessBest for MarathonsCheck on Atom Skates
Atom Luigino Challenge Inline Speed Skates3. Luigino ChallengeBest for KidsCheck on Atom Skates

Detailed Reviews of Atom & Luigino Speed Skate Package

1. Luigino Strut – Best Luigino Speed Skates

The Luigino Strut Inline Speed Skate package is the most popular skate from Luigino on the market and for good reason. These inline speed skates feature a blended carbon fiber shell that is available in 4 boot colors, making them not only durable but also stylish.

The Luigino Strut features upgraded to Nano Buckles and waxed laces for improved fit, ensuring that your heel is locked into place. The modified carbon shell can accommodate wheels up to 125mm, making them perfect for any skating surface.

The Striker Mark II Frames are lighter and stiffer than ever before, and are available in sizes up to 3X125. The convertible frame makes it easy to switch between 3 and 4 wheels, depending on your skating needs.

It also comes with Bionic ABEC 7 or Atom Matrix bearings and your choice of 3 different kinds of wheels. The Atom Matrix All Purpose wheel is good for outdoor speed skating. While the Boom and Sub 7 Max are ideal for indoor speed skating.

There are several different configurations to choose from on the Atom website that will add to the overall package price and allow you to build a custom skate. On Amazon, you really just have the sample package to choose from without any customization.

2. Atom Pro Fitness – Best Atom Skates for Marathon Skating

First up on the list is the newest skate from Atom / Luigino – the Atom Pro Fitness. This inline speed skate package features a carbon fiber shell that is designed for speed and marathon skating or even skating your local trail.

The cuff is hinged to allow an extended range of motion with your pushes while providing great ankle support and comfort. The high-density padding and ratchet buckles on the cuffs provide unbeatable comfort and stability.

This skate comes with the Atom Pro Fitness Boot, Striker Mark II Frame, Bionic ABEC 7 Bearings, and Atom Matrix 86a Wheels.

3. Luigino Challenge – Best Luigino Speed Skates for Kids

Next up, we have the Lugino Challenge inline speed skates for little kids. These automatically adjusted skates come in 2 sizes: 13J-2 and 2-5. They are perfect for the little ones who are just getting started in speed skating.

Each boot covers 4 sizes, so you won’t have to buy new skates every time your little ones feet grow. It comes with built-in adjustments to give your child the perfect fit and ensure their feet don’t wiggle around too much.

These adjustable inline speed skates for kids come with the Striker Mark II frames. Choose from either a 3 or 4 wheel setup. Typically more advanced skaters with better balance go with the 3 wheel setup as it allows for larger, taller wheels. These skates also also come with Striker Mark II Wheels / Matrix wheels for outdoors or Boom / Sub 7 for indoors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Luigino speed skates good?

Yes, Luigino speed skates are a pretty good brand for speed skating. They are seen more as a starter brand with competitors like Bont and Powerslide being their main competitors and with higher end skates – especially for outdoor marathon skating.

My daughter Violet speed skated for years in a pair of Luigino Stuts and won plenty of metals in these lower cost skates.

Can you make indoor speed skates into outdoor speed skates and vice versa?

Yes. The main difference between indoor and outdoor speed skates are the wheels. On asphalt, you want soft, outdoor wheels. For indoor speed skating or smooth outdoor tracks, you want harder wheels so you can go faster.

You can easily get a pair of Luigino Struts, for example, and then simply switch between the Matrix and Boom / Sub 7 wheels when doing indoor speed skating vs. outdoor speed skating.

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