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Getting Started Roller Skating – Part 4 – Choosing Your First Roller Skates – 021

Today, we continue the Getting Started Roller Skating Series with part 4. In this episode, I give you 10 quad roller skates, rollerblades and inline skates recommendations for the beginner skater (or for those of you returning to skating after a long time away). So, if you don’t have skates and need a pair, then this episode is for you.

In today’s episode, I cover:

Show Notes

Details about all of the skates that I discussed in today’s show can be found in my article The 10 Best Roller Skates for Beginners. In that article, I breakdown each of the above skates in more detail (I actually own 9 of the 10 skates). You can also find photos and soon separate articles on each skate. For now, I have a roundup summary of each one.

Episode 21 Transcript

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Wrapping Up

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