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Getting Started Roller Skating – Part 2: Tips for Picking Out Your First Roller Skates Part 1 of 2 – 019

Today, we continue the Getting Started Roller Skating Series with part 2. This episode is all about tips and questions you need to ask yourself before selecting your first (on next) pair of roller skates. Understanding the answers to these questions and what to consider can help you when deciding what roller skates are best for you.

In today’s episode, I cover:

  • Understanding where you plan to do most of your roller skating – indoors at a rink, a gym or outdoors?
  • What kind of surface will you be skating on? Wood, sports court, concrete or asphalt? The surface plays a big roll (pun intended) in knowing what wheels are best for you.
  • How good is your balance already? How good your balance is will help dictate how much you need your equipment to help your stability.
  • Do you already have a roller sport or a specific kind of skating that you want to do? If so, that can also dictate the type of skates you need.
  • And, finally, if you are doing a kind of roller sport, understand the different types of skates that most people in that sport use regularly. This may help you decide whether you need quads, rollerblades or inlines.

Show Notes

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Wrapping Up

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4 thoughts on “Getting Started Roller Skating – Part 2: Tips for Picking Out Your First Roller Skates Part 1 of 2 – 019”

  1. Hi. Thanks for making these podcasts. In this episode you talk about aggressive inline skates in the context of speed skating. I am slightly confused by this as I think of aggressive skates as being for ramps and grinding, with manufacturers including USD and Razors. Instead it sounds like you are talking about low cut speed skates by the likes of Bont. Is this use of the term aggressive a cultural thing? Are low cut speed boots called aggressive in the US?


    • Thanks, Ben, for rolling by and leaving a comment. You raise some interesting points.

      There are a lot of skating terms out there floating around. Most people in the industry refer to skates like the VNLA Carbon, Luigino or Bont low cut speed skates as an aggressive inline speed skate. Bont, like a lot of skate manufacturers, make a variety of different skates. Using Bont as an example, one of their “aggressive inline speed skates” would be the Jet. You can see a couple of other examples in this article about beginner skates that I wrote. I show a couple of pairs of aggressive inline speed skates at the bottom of that article.

      I have always seen and heard of these lower cut speed skates with the 3 or 4 tall wheel inline skates referred to as aggressive inline skates. I think it’s just the term that I and other skaters use to refer to them based on the industry people and crew that we hang around with. I could certainly see some rollerblades (and shoot even some quad skates) that could be referred to as aggressive based on the type of skating you may do with them. 🙂

      I hope that helps and thanks again for popping by.

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