Roller Skater Product Reviews

You have seen my roller skate reviews here on the website. Now, it’s your turn to help out the roller skating community!

The Mission

If you own a piece of roller skate gear and you’d like to give back, then please fill out the form below. Whether you love or hate the product you are reviewing, provide me with good information that is useful and I will include it in one of my roller skate gear articles and attribute it to you. Yes. I will put your name and quote into my gear articles! How cool is that?

People Climbing a Mountain Together

But I’m not an Expert

You don’t need to be an expert to tell others what you think about skate gear. We all tell friends and family what we think about products every day. Everyone’s review is welcome – whether you have 3 months or 30 years of experience. If you own any skate products, then you surely have an opinion about them. Fill out the form below and share that opinion with others. You can do it! 🙂

Why is Roller Skate Dad Accepting User Reviews?

Because I am just one person reviewing skate gear and I’d love to get the community more involved. There is only so much 1 person can do. There are now 4,000 people in the Roller Skate Dad Club and 50,000+ people / month visiting this website. I’d like to put those numbers to good use and get more excellent skating knowledge on this site.

Plus, I know many of you out there are like me and have tried dozens of different roller skating products over the years. I’d like to bring that collective knowledge to the masses. The goal here is to get as much good, quality information on this site about all the good (and bad) roller skating gear out there today. Let’s help other people find great gear and get roller skating!

Yes Baby

Your Reward

As a special thank you for taking the time to fill out this form, I will give you 25 entries into the most recent Roller Skate Dad giveaway so you have a greater chance at winning!

Even More Chances to Win

I also am not limiting the number of times you can fill out this form. So, if you have 1, 3 or 10 products that you own and you have the time to create reviews, it can really add up to 50, 100, 200 entries!

Please only review each product once. Also, only review products you own or have owned at some point.

I am manually processing these reviews myself, so extra entries will appear on your giveaway share page in 2-3 business days. Thanks again for taking the time!

Your Product Review

Please fill out the form below. All fields with an asterisk (*) are required. Any field marked as “Optional” is optional to fill in. It would be nice if you included a photo of yourself (and the product if you have it handy). And, thank you. Terms & Conditions: By filling out and submitting this form below, you agree to allow the Roller Skate Dad website to use your name and comments on the website.

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