5 Best Outdoor Roller Skates

Hey Skaters, looking for a pair of outdoor only skates? Well, you’ve come to the right place, in this article I will be going over the top 5 Best Outdoor Roller Skates from RollerSkateNation. 

A little note you don’t have to buy skates that are only made to be used outdoors, you can just buy outdoor wheels. 

These wheels are usually softer and can be found with every type of skate (quad, rollerblades, and inlines). If you plan on skating only outside then stick around! 

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1. #uGOgrl Outdoor Ladies Roller Skates

The #uGogrl is a great pick for anyone who likes pastel colors and floral print. The boot comes in men’s sizes ranging from 3 to 7 and women’s sizes running from 5 to 9. 

Colors are pink with blue and yellow wheels with a blue nonadjustable toe stop. Purple with pink and green wheels with a pink toe stop. 

Teal with green and pink wheels with a pink toe stop.

Lastly coral with blue wheels and a light mint toe stop. 

Plate is made of nylon to help support your feet while you’re skating.

The wheels are 60mm by 38mm made from urethane that comes with ABEC-5 bearings. 

2. Sonic Cruiser 2.0 Outdoor Roller Skates

If you’re looking for a pair of sneaker-like outdoor skates then these may be the pair for you. 

These sneaker-like outdoor skates come in teal and black with blue wheels and blue toe stops that are nonadjustable, and pink and purple with purple wheels and purple toe stops. 

These skates come in women’s sizing so men will have to size up for best fit. Sizes range from 5 to 10 for women and 4 to 9 for men. 

Plate and trucks are made of aluminum to help support your feet through any movement or trick.

Wheels are the 60mm and 85A high rebound urethane wheels. These wheels come with ABEC-5 bearings. 

3. Sure-Grip Malibu Outdoor Roller Skates

These Sure-Grip Malibu roller skates are perfect for any beginner. These classic high cuffed boots come in two colors white with pink wheels and black with black wheels. 

Toe stops are nonadjustable (sadly). Sizes range from 4 to 12 men’s sizes and 5 to 13 women’s.

 The plate is the Sure-Grip Rock Nylon plate with aluminum trucks. 

Wheels are the Malibu 57mm wheels with ABEC-5 bearings. 

4. Riedell Dart Black/Neon Ombre Outdoor Roller Skates

This is the Riedell Dart Neon Outdoor roller skates are great for anyone who wants a more expensive pair that will last them years to come.

The Dart comes in only black and neon, sizes range for men range from 4 to 14 and women’s range from 5 to 11. 

The plate is the PowerDyne Aluminum plate to help support your feet no matter what.

The toe stops are adjustable so that’s a plus in my eyes.

Wheels are the Sonic Outdoor Wheels with a 62mm and an 82A hardness. These wheels come with KwiK ABEC-5 bearings. 

5. Riedell R3 Sonic Outdoor Roller Skates

My final pair of skates on the list of 5 Best Outdoor Roller Skates are these Riedell R3 Sonic roller skates. 

These skates come in black with neon wheels, sizes for men range from 4 to 14, and women’s sizes range from 5 to 13. 

The plate is the PowerDyne Thrust Nylon. 

Wheels are the Sonic Outdoor Wheels 62mm x 32mm with 84A hardness, these wheels come with ABEC-7 bearings. 

Wrap Up

How did you like my article on the 5 Best Outdoor Roller Skates? Please let me know down in the comments below if you have any questions.

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