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  1. I liked your review of the Vanilla Spyder skate. Regarding your comments comparing Vanilla generally and the preference experienced skaters have for Lugino: Can you expand upon this? Even though your not a speed skater, with the boots in hand, do you see obvious differences in the quality of construction? Comfort wise, would you expect the more expensive skates to be distinctly more comfortable? Other factors; weight maybe? I’m just puzzled. The Vanilla skates look like an especially good value yet I’m not clear as to what additional benefit comes with the more expensive models. I’m just getting into this; now skating fitness boots; on a budget so don’t want to spend double for limited additional benefits. The Carbon model looks quite good and has generally positive reviews elsewhere.

    Thanks.. Creegr

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      Hi Creegr,

      Sorry for the very delayed response. I appreciate you dropping me a question. My youngest daughter is really into inline speed skating. She is 12 and currently uses the Vanilla Carbon skates. I had a pair of the Vanilla Spyder skates, but I gave them to a friend at my local rink. I just couldn’t get used to the low cut boot and no ankle support of an inline, but all of the kids love them. The Vanilla Carbon especially is great for someone just starting out because of it’s lower price point.

      From a basic construction standpoint, the Spyder and Luigino skates are very similar and also similarly priced. They both have a heat moldable boot and they offer a similar bearing and wheel. I find that most of the advanced inline skaters at my rink prefer the Luigino brand because the boot is more comfortable. They claim that the boot gives more support around the ankle. They also say the heel does not move as much.

      Cosmetically, the Luigino boot also tends not to get scuffed up as easily. The Vanilla brand is beautiful – especially brand new – but I have found that the plastic on the boot easily comes off on the Carbon and the Spyders after quite a bit of use. Also, if you are serious into speed, then most have recommended to me and my daughter that you go with a 110mm wheel. A taller wheel is harder to control, but it gives you more roll for each push. Most of the Vanilla inlines come with a 100mm wheel. It’s easy enough to change those out, though. Weight is also always a consideration, but the Luigino and Spyder are very similar.

      All and all, skates are really all about preference. The Carbon and Spyder are both great skates. My kiddo loves hers. You really have to try skates out to see what you like. My best recommendation is to go to a rink, join a speed team and borrow other people’s skates to see what you like / don’t like. Everyone has their own opinion about what works / doesn’t work. There is no “right” answer. Just people’s opinions.

      I really appreciate you dropping me your question. If I learn anything new about the differences, I’ll be sure to post it here.

      Thanks again,


  2. I’m now 37 with 3 children.i stopped skating when I had my first child and now are takeing it up agen with them.they love it.and my fitness levels have gone up already.❤

  3. I enjoyed this article as I love to skate but due to circumstances have not had the opportunities to head to my local roller rink for a while. This has made me think about getting into outdoor skating which is free afterall and what could be better than soaking up some fresh air. 🙂

  4. Hi I am Clarence , I would love to come and go skating at your rink. I am a Southwest airlines flight attendant and can travel anywhere. Google; “Clarence and Frank funny flight attendants” I especially love good equipment and gear advice as my shoe size is 16 and of course I need equipment that fits! I am quite fit and fast for my age and would love to chat further especially about additional equipment purchases thank you!

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      Hi Clarence – I skate at Playland Skate Center in Austin, TX. It’s the largest rink here in Austin. I did a quick google of your videos and you are so funny. Those are great! You should make a YouTube channel so you can organize all of your videos. I saw many people who have recorded you on different flights through out the years. That’s so cool!

      A size 16 shoe can be a real challenge as they do not make every skate in that size. Are you a quad or more of an inline skater?

  5. Hey Jeff. By 8years baby is skating for last 1year in Haryana, India. Before reading your article I realised that coach was cheating me. He always purchase his own wheels for her. Because I don’t know anything about skating. But Now I can decide what to buy next.


    Thanks so much.

    Jai Kumar

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