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The History Of Chicago Roller Skates

Hey Skaters, in today’s article I will be going over The History Of Chicago Roller Skates. So stick around if you want to learn the beginning of this great company.

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The Chicago roller skates company was founded in 1905 by the Ware Brothers (which was there company name until they changed it to Chicago). 

The founders are Ralph Ware, Walter Ware, and Robert. R Ware. They were all in their early 20s so they started the company pretty young. 

Chicago was one of the first brands to popularize roller skates in America. 

The Chicago roller skate company patented their popular roller skate design to make their skates one of a kind, unlike the rest.  

The Chicago roller skate factory in Illinois Chicago was open until the 1980s which was a 90-year run. 

In 1992 the company was sold to National Sporting Goods Company or NSG. NSG now sells and markets the Chicago brand altogether. 

Although the Chicago roller skates company is no longer owned by the founders family their memory will live on in the skates that NSG creates for the brand.

Their memory will also live on because their patents have been used by other skate makers such as Scott Olson, who was given the Wares Brothers roller skate patent to create the rollerblade one of the most popular skate styles.

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Lily is an avid roller skater who has been skating since the age of 6. She spent several years as a member of the Playland Speed Skate Team in Austin, TX competing in quad speed skating events as a teenager. When Lily is not skating, she enjoys her job as a cosmetologist, cleaning everything and hanging out with her family and friends.

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  2. I was lucky to find and buy a NEW pair of vintage CHICAGO roller skates men’s size 11 with leather brown boots with Ware Bros CHICAGO wood wheels NO 87 SP, inside the boots appears to be tan burlap with printing 11 5212 on both boots. The laces look to be factory tied for shipping and looks like they have never been skated anywhere. only me just sliding my 10 1/2 foot into the boots.
    I have been trying to find out more to try to get a more exact timeframe when these were made. they are in excellent condition and a work of long gone quality construction when people took pride.
    I have been skating for over 6 decades and my 1st skates were hand me down CHICAGO skates that had the lever for removing the plates from the bottom of the boots. I have also over those years ordered two new pairs of CHICAGO skates that had to wait weeks if not months for them to be made and I still have those skates.
    I try to skate at least once a week indoor or outdoors and I am 66 years old.


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