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The History Of K2 Roller Skates

Hey Skaters and Roller Bladers, are you looking for the history of one of your favorite roller skate brands? Well, stick around because in this article I will be writing about The History Of K2 Roller Skates. 

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The K2 brand started in Washington, in 1962. 

They were originally a ski brand and were call K2 Sports back then. 

Not a roller skate brand they only made the change when rollerblading and inline skating got big by making and selling inline skates and rollerblades.   

K2 was the first brand to use a soft-boot in its inline and rollerblade skates. 

Which grab a lot of rollerbladers who were tired of wearing an uncomfortable hard-boot that was not flexibly like today’s skates.

With this change to the industry of inline skates and rollerblades, this type of style of skate became even more popular. 

Brands like Powerslide and Rollerblade following in the footsteps of K2 Skates making their very own inlines and rollerblades that have soft-boot technology.   

K2 Skates has a lot of popular rollerblades and inline skates, so in this list, I will only be linking a few:

Wrap Up

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