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The 15 Best Hockey Gloves to Protect Your Hands in 2023

Need a new pair of hockey gloves? Perhaps your current pair is worn out, or you want to acquire a lighter, more protective pair? The choice of gloves is crucial for hockey players since they hold the stick. Poor glove selection can impact a player’s handling and scoring abilities.

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The ideal hockey gloves must be flexible enough to move with the player while providing the necessary protection level and not adding unnecessary bulk. The glove choice can determine whether a player leaves a shift early or scores the game-winning goal.

To help simplify this choice, our team has put together a list of the best hockey gloves for adults and kids based on extensive research.

Pin1. Bauer X Hockey Gloves – Senior, Intermediate, or Youth
Pin2. Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic Gloves – Senior, Intermediate, or Junior
Pin3. CCM Jetspeed FT4 Pro Hockey Gloves – Senior or Junior
Pin4. Bauer Supreme 3S Pro Hockey Gloves – Senior, Intermediate, or Junior
Pin5. CCM Tacks AS-550 Hockey Glove – Senior, Junior, or Youth
Pin6. Bauer Pro Series Hockey Gloves – Senior, Intermediate, or Junior
Pin7. TRUE Catalyst 9X Gloves – Senior or Junior
Pin8. TRUE Catalyst 7X Gloves – Senior or Junior
Pin9. Sher-Wood Rekker Element One Hockey Gloves – Senior or Junior
Pin10. CCM Tacks 4R Pro 2 Hockey Gloves – Senior or Junior
Pin11. CCM Tacks 9080 Hockey Gloves – Senior or Junior
Pin12. CCM Super Tacks AS1 Hockey Gloves – Senior or Junior
Pin13. Warrior Alpha FR Lite Hockey Gloves – Senior or Junior
Pin14. Bauer Vapor X2.9 Hockey Gloves – Senior or Junior
Pin15. Warrior Covert Pro Hockey Gloves – Senior or Junior

My Top 15 Picks for the Best Hockey Gloves

1. Bauer X Hockey Gloves – SeniorIntermediate, or Youth

The Bauer X Hockey Gloves was created for recreational or novice hockey players searching for gloves that don’t have all the high-end innovations but offer the comfort and protection required for occasional or pond play. The glove is made with a Poly Mesh integrated shell and is light, strong, and ergonomically designed for maximum comfort.

Bauer uses MD foam with PE inserts in the fingers and backhand to protect against regular hockey occurrences like slashes and blocked shots. The taktile palm on the Bauer X glove makes it simpler for hockey beginners to hold their stick. Players will have additional movement because of the two-piece flex thumb, which also guards against hyperextension.

Most players ask this question while purchasing gloves: “How long until these need to be re-palmed? And with them, the solution is straightforward: not for a while. These gloves maintain excellent condition; even when they begin to deteriorate, it happens gradually. Additionally, a player can maintain their strength on the stick thanks to the three-piece lock thumb. The liner keeps your hands cool throughout a game, and the strong shell shields wrists from cuts. 


  • The Taktile Palm ensures a better grip on your stick.
  • The PE and MD foam inserts in the fingers and backhand provides lightweight protection.
  • The two-piece flex thumb prevents hyperextension and offers enhanced mobility.


  • It could be a bit tight for thick hands.

2. Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic Gloves – SeniorIntermediate, or Junior

The Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic Glove is a top-tier glove that offers a high degree of comfort and protection. These are really comfortable, to start with. The senior, intermediate, and youth hockey gloves have triple density foam for protection. Its shell is composed of Pro-Lite Tex, which lightens its weight and Max Connekt Palms which improve the feel of the puck.

Last but not least, Ultrasonics offers the best wrist movement. These are designed for professionals. It would cost a little more, but you won’t regret buying them.


  • Additional features. The Bauer hockey gloves have many extras that other hockey gloves often don;t have.
  • The glove’s lightweight segmented back pads and 3-piece fingers provide maximum mobility without compromising on security. 


  • The gloves weigh a bit more than most models.

3. CCM Jetspeed FT4 Pro Hockey Gloves – Senior or Junior

The CCM Jetspeed FT4 Pro Hockey Gloves is one of the best hockey gloves for young hockey players. When it comes to durability, comfort, and protection, these gloves are the complete package. The cuff is shorter, pre-angled, and one-piece, allowing unfettered wrist movements, increased flexibility, and safety. It has a reinforced soft nash palm that provides a soft feel to aid in stick control while also maintaining outstanding durability.

Its foundation layer is made of high-density PE foam and PE inserts to give you the finest impact absorption possible, and the two-piece segmented fingers provide excellent dexterity.

The FT4 gloves fit all the criteria, so if you’re the kind of player that wants the lightest hockey glove or one with the most mobility, you can stop your search right now.


  • The innovative, flexible open cuff design gives your hands moreflexibility and mobility when handling the puck.
  • Pro Level Protection. With this glove, you can drive to the goal unafraid of taking shots or getting slashes off your hand.
  • Lightweight Feel. You have an advantage over other players thanks to the more incredible feel and puck control that the open cuff design provides.


  • The open cuff design exposes a little more of your wrist. Although the added movement makes up for it.

4. Bauer Supreme 3S Pro Hockey Gloves – SeniorIntermediate, or Junior

With these Bauer Supreme 3S hockey gloves, you can have a terrific experience while sticking, thanks to it’s anatomical design. The gloves fit snugly, making them comfy but still allowing you to exercise fine control.

You have a lot of protection because of the double-density foam. The 3-piece technology feature that makes sure each of your fingers has ample protection is something we also liked. You’ll be able to manipulate your fingers in any way you desire while still having this protection.

The palm is built with AX Suede to ensure the gloves are robust and will last for a long time.

Also, the youth hockey gloves, as well as the intermediate and senior hockey gloves come with technology that stops odor from building up and has a ventilation feature that keeps your hands cool and well-ventilated.


  • Compared to most hockey gloves of the same quality in the market, the Bauer Supreme As is more affordable without making significant performance compromises.
  • The gloves are incredibly soft and flexible when handling and shooting the puck. This makes it one of the most comfortable and practical gloves in this price range.
  • Super Protection. The XRD foam technology and PE inserts protect your fingers and prevent injuries.
  • The outside and palm of this hockey glove are incredibly durable.


  • Although the glove often comes with a much better price tag, it weighs a bit more than Bauer’s Supreme 1S model.

5. CCM Tacks AS-550 Hockey Glove – SeniorJunior, or Youth

The CCM Tacks AS-550 hockey gloves are a fantastic choice for beginning players who require a protective and cozy design to wear while honing their skills.

The Tacks AS-550 features the anatomical fit from CCM, which is close-fitting through the backhand, fingers, and opens up at the wrist and cuff. This design gives you the flexibility of movement and a fantastic feel for increased control as you practice stickhandling.

The design is improved by using lightweight polyester, which helps cut down on overall weight without compromising durability. Additionally, the pre-angled one-piece cuff by CCM gives the glove’s top plenty of protection and mobility.

The Tacks AS 550 has PE inserts and foams in the backhand and fingers for adequate protection in these crucial regions. These PE foams will help to protect your hands whether you come into contact with ice or experience more typical hockey impacts like blocked shots and slashes.


  • Flexible Feel. This glove is made specifically for handling the puck and traveling bar down from the wrist to the fingers.
  • Highly Durable. This glove will perform as intended for a long time, thanks to its polyester exterior, D30 smart material, and PE foam.
  • It offers complete coverage protection leaving no part of the hand exposed.


  • The Tacks ASV is one of CCM’s best models but comes at a premium price.

6. Bauer Pro Series Hockey Gloves – SeniorIntermediate, or Junior

The Bauer Pro Series hockey gloves provide players who require professional-level feel and features with elite-level protection and technology.

The Pro Series glove was designed to replace the top-tier Nexus glove for Senior and Intermediate. The fit was narrowed and given a rounder side shape, which is the most significant change from the Nexus. Bauer simply tweaked the fit for a closer feel while maintaining the traditional 4-roll style.

The Pro Series glove keeps its conventional shape but fits the hand and fingers slightly more snugly. Both have plastic inserts that are strengthened to provide an additional layer of impact protection. The dual-layer EPP foam and poly inserts in the senior and intermediate gloves provide the best protection against hits throughout a game.

Overall, this glove offers players a contemporary take on the classic style fit and is packed with elite-level protection.


  • Additional Features. The Bauer Pro Series has many extras that most hockey gloves don’t have, like the Ivory Pro palm and Hypersense finger liners.
  • Maximum mobility. The glove’s lightweight segmented back pads and 3-piece fingers ensure maximum mobility. 


  • Due to its lightness, the glove doesn’t give the same level of protection as some others on the list, but they do feel superior.

7. TRUE Catalyst 9X Gloves – Senior or Junior

The Catalyst 9X Gloves are possibly the most protective gloves on this list and in the market in general. While the gloves don’t have the best looks, and you may have to pay more for them, they have a lot of high-end features.

The 9X comes with the AX Suede base palm with AX Suede pro-style gussets stitched in to give improved protection and comfort and slow the rate of palm wear.

The Pro-grade EPP foam with PE inserts provides maximum protection against slashes and stick checks. The TRUEFLEX3 3-piece hinge flex thumb offers unequaled hyperextension protection, improved flexibility, and further defense against stick checks.

Overall, if you want to stand out a bit from the crowd, the True Catalyst 9X glove is a good choice.


  • The True Catalyst X9 hockey gloves are made with a flexible cuff for a range of motion and a pro lining material that provides excellent ventilation during the game.
  • Maximum protection. The TrueFlexx Locking thumb technology protects you from harm if you fall onto the ice or the boards.
  • Great flexibility. The fingers are divided into three halves to ensure outstanding flexibility. 


  • The glove has a loose, traditional fit around the wrists, which may compromise wrist protection but enhances flexibility and puck handling.

8. TRUE Catalyst 7X Gloves – Senior or Junior

The True Catalyst 7X gloves are yet another fantastic set of hockey gloves. Although they are relatively pricey, they are incredibly mobile, comfy, and defensive.

The fit and feel is great, with just the right amount of free space and tightness. One of this glove’s most significant advantages is stick control. Although the high-grade nylon shell is exceptionally light, it protects the hands and fingers.

The 7X gloves have impact absorption built-in to prevent the pain when you get shot in the hand or have your wrist cut. The Microban technology is another excellent feature of these gloves. They utilize antimicrobial qualities to prevent bacterial growth and maintain the freshness of your gloves, lowering the overall odor of sweat on your gloves.

Overall, the True Catalyst 7X gloves are great for hockey players of all ages. They are sturdy, protective, and equipped with the essential features to prevent bacterial growth. 


  • Breathable Flexibility. The True Catalyst X7 hockey gloves are made with a flexible cuff for enhanced mobility and a pro lining material that provides excellent ventilation during the game.
  • Maximum protection. The TrueFlexx Locking thumb technology protects you from harm if you fall onto the ice or the boards.


  • It could be a bit tight for thick hands.

9. Sher-Wood Rekker Element One Hockey Gloves – Senior or Junior

The Sherwood Rekker Element one gloves use four layers of high-density foam for the best defense against powerful impacts. It also has a tapered fit profile to provide a more precise fit through the fingers and back of the hand.

As a result, you can easily handle the stick and take powerful shots without worrying about getting hurt. The outside is a very abrasion-resistant cable net mesh. Its palm is made of a long-lasting, high-quality clarino microfiber nylon.

The glove also has a two-piece thumb design, like most contemporary choices that ensures a more conventional stick handling feel. The liner is made of moisture-wicking hydrophobic mesh that provides a secure grip while playing.

Sherwood uses COP-R29, a copper-infused antimicrobial material, in the Liner of the Element 1 gloves, which will provide improved defense against odors and bacteria that can make your gloves smell.

Overall, the Element One gloves would be an exceptional choice for any player looking for elite protection with a glove that has a custom-like fit and feel.


  • There are various size options.
  • It has a padded and adjustable wrist-roll closure.
  • Strong gloves with a simple design.
  • Complete protection and thick padding. 


  • It could be a bit tight for thick hands.

10. CCM Tacks 4R Pro 2 Hockey Gloves – Senior or Junior

Pro hockey players who don’t want to spend a million dollars on a beautiful set of gloves would get the same functionality from the CCM Tacks 4R Pro 2 gloves. The gloves are generally rather comfy and have a little pause. Although higher-quality gloves have better features, they are still desirable because of their reduced price.

The gloves offer excellent protection and unhindered movements. They have dual-density foam in the fingers and back of the hand for further protection. The wrist has an open segmented cuff, a movable design, and PE inserts.

The palms is reinforced with additional material to lengthen the life of the gloves. The thumbs are easily flexible forward but rigid when bent backward. This prevents collisions from hyperextending your thumbs.

Overall, these gloves are of excellent quality and are significantly less expensive than most of the same quality.


  • The CCM Tacks 4R Pro 2 hockey glove is incredibly functional and has much protection and mobility features to improve your game.
  • Lightweight- Besides having a fantastic design and being quite durable, it also features a highly lightweight construction that focuses on using the fewest materials possible.
  • The glove is made to feel like a natural extension of your hand and provides superior mobility.


  • Some people claim that the Polygiene-treated liner used in the CCM Tacks 4R Pro 2 hockey glove takes some getting used to due to its thickness.

11. CCM Tacks 9080 Hockey Gloves – Senior or Junior

The Super Tacks 9080 Gloves are one of the best CCM hockey gloves to date because of the plethora of extra features it comes with. Thanks to its one-piece thumb construction, you can shoot the puck with a more conventional feel.

The anatomical fit of the Super Tacks 9080 gloves is tight around the hand and progressively opens up near the wrist and cuff. This gives players tremendous mobility for stickhandling and shooting in confined locations, as well as greater control and feel of the stick.

Dual-density foam is used all around the back and top of the glove to offer a high level of protection, while synthetic leather is used in the palm region for comfort and effortless movement.

The Super Tacks 9080 Gloves’ interior features an antibacterial liner that has been Polygiene-treated by CCM! The inserts is comprised of highly moisture-wicking hydrophobic mesh that dries fast.

Overall, the Super Tacks 9080 Gloves is one of the best and most affordable hockey gloves. It offers features and capabilities that are comparable to those of more expensive gloves. We’re convinced that you or your kids will enjoy wearing this hockey glove, which guards against unexpected injuries that could occur while playing.


  • Fantastic Qualities
  • Lightweight construction
  • highly flexible.
  • Made with odor-resistant material
  • Fantastic grip


  • We haven’t discovered any cons to these gloves.

12. CCM Super Tacks AS1 Hockey Gloves – Senior or Junior

The CCM Super Tacks ASI Hockey Gloves are the ideal choice if you’re an exceptional player seeking the best level of comfort and protection from your gear.

These gloves feel like an extension of one’s hands and give you the space you need to move about while playing, thanks to it’s unique build. CCM employs an anatomical design that is close-fitting around the hand and expands up near the wrist and cuff.

The gloves are made using Pro selected polyester, a premium material to increase durability and reduce weight. It also has a segmented flex cuff that enhances the range of motion, flexibility, and protection.

The Super Tacks ASI Hockey Gloves are made of the reliable D3O material. You’ll receive unmatched protection from slashes and blocked shots because of the molecules’ increased reactivity to stronger impacts.

Overall, these gloves feel lovely and are pretty well made. If you want a light feel and reliable glove, the Super Tacks ASI Hockey Gloves might be what you’re looking for.


  • Fantastic Qualities
  • Lightweight construction
  • Amazing flexibility
  • Made from odor-resistant material
  • Fantastic grip 


  • Some players find that the palm piece’s extension to the wrists significantly impairs their grip; thus, they don’t like it.

13. Warrior Alpha FR Lite Hockey Gloves – Senior or Junior

The Warrior Alpha FR Lite is a popular hockey glove from the Warrior line that is affordable and offers good performance. Although they are not elite hockey gloves, they are nonetheless a premium pair that should keep you safe during a match.

The stretch mesh in this hockey glove, especially in the finger gussets, gives you the feeling of a broken-in glove right away because it is designed anatomically. The gloves contain a layer of high-density foam in the upper cuff roll and a layer of medium-density foam in the lower cuff, which gives you the finest protection possible.

The DynaMesh material will provide some toughness, but it also provides you with the breathability you need in a pair of hockey gloves. The liner is created using polygiene and WarTech FNC technology from the Warrior. An odor-reducer called Polygiene is added to both the foam and the liner.

One of the most fascinating features of a pair of gloves is that they don’t limit your hands’ range of motion, ensuring maximum flexibility.


  • Professional Feel. The gloves offer unrestricted movement when handling and shooting the puck.
  • The glove is adequately ventilated even with the extra material, thanks to the vented finger gussets.
  • Ultra Lightweight Protection – Warriors’ new Exo Protect foam package has significantly reduced weight while increasing protection for the QR Edge glove.


• The thumb on this glove is a little stiffer, so it took me a couple of skates to get used to it.

14. Bauer Vapor X2.9 Hockey Gloves – Senior or Junior

The Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Hockey Gloves are the lightest gloves on the market right now. It protects your hands with professional-grade Shock Lite foam padding and Thermo Core liningwhich keeps your hands warm.

The additional layer of Hypersense lining around your fingers and the Connekt+Palm function, both designed to provide you with comfort and a firm grip, are two extra features that set these gloves apart.

The Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Hockey Gloves offer exceptional mobility. The thumb is divided into two halves, whereas the fingers are made up of three to ensure better stick handling, passing, and shooting.

The gloves also come with a moisture-wicking technology that contributes to a faster drying time for your gloves. It’s obviously next to impossible to keep your gloves dry in a game or practice, but technology like this certainly does help! The glove’s interior remains dry mainly, preventing the dreaded hockey stench and extending the life of your gloves.

Overall, Bauer Vapor 2X Pro gloves probably aren’t the same caliber as the elite-level gloves, but they are still adequate for the price.


  • Good pair of gloves for the money
  • Incredibly common among high school athletes
  • Wrist suppleness 


  • The glove’s exterior may initially feel a little heavy.

15. Warrior Covert Pro Hockey Gloves – Senior or Junior

Even though the Warrior Covert Pro gloves aren’t the newest on the market, they are nonetheless exceptional. The tapered fit is great since it makes the glove a natural fit in your hand, as all hockey gloves should be. The glove has a lightweight construction for added comfort while being firm enough to provide the defense you require.

Because of their strong palm, you can anticipate using these gloves for a very long period. The Wartech FNC liner of the Covert Pro gloves keeps your hands as dry and comfortable as possible. The cuff is made of high-density, lightweight EXO Foam with additional shield inserts to increase protection and mobility.

Overall, wearing gloves like these make it hard to go wrong. It’s affordable, quite protective, and can last you several seasons. While reviewing these gloves, an anonymous reviewer wrote “These Warrior gloves are wonderful. I’ve worn gloves made for NHL players, and these are just as nice.”


  • Exceptionally light
  • Offers enhanced protection and mobility
  • The watch liner provides dry comfort.
  • Pro palm for optimum toughness


  • The thumb on this glove is a little stiffer, so it can take a couple of skates to get used to it.

Best Ice Hockey Gloves Buyer’s Guide

When looking for the best hockey gloves, there are a number of things to consider, fromthe material, thumb locks, cushioning, and how the gloves fit on your hands.

It’ important that you choose the appropriate gloves for your purposes as no two gloves ar the same. Here’s what you should consider when shopping for a hockey glove.

  • Padding: You need extra padding to protect your hands from wounds like cuts and bruises, but you don’t want your gloves to get too big or uncomfortable to wear. The gloves’ inside and exterior should be padded, but the material also needs to be airy and light. To increase the gloves’ flexibility and breathability, most companies mix spandex and mesh. You should use fully padded gloves only if you play a challenging game and require additional protection. This is because fully padded ones don’t offer as much mobility as alternative possibilities.
  • Durability: When you buy a pair of hockey gloves, you want to use them for at least a year or two before they worn out. While traditional gloves survive longer than those made of synthetic leather, you don’t want to replace them with new pairs each year. So it’s essential to compare various products before making a choice, and this article will help you do just that and make the right choice.
  • Dimensions and Fit: You should pay close attention to the glove’s size and how well it fits your hand as the first and most crucial aspect. You can choose from several sizes when browsing for the gloves, including 13 “, 14″, and 15”. Adults can wear these sizes, while any glove under size 12 is perfect for young players. Additionally, check that the measurements are accurate for both your right and left hands, as they may sometime differ. 
  • Color and design: Make sure the design and styling of the gloves are perfect, just as you would with any other aspect. The colors should complement the hockey gear you are wearing to start. It’s also important to pick the right color schemes for the gloves. Take the opportunity to give your equipment some personality and flair. Choosing a striking color scheme will make your gloves stand out when playing.
  • Material: Back then, leather was the material of choice since there was no other choice. Some players used bamboo to strengthen their cuffs in the early 1900s. Thankfully, technology has advanced considerably. The industry has come to rely on various synthetic materials, including carbon fiber weave, nylon, and even Kevlar, even though leather is still in demand. Everyone around you will value synthetic fabrics’ strength, lightweight, and reduced water absorption. Any player with a nose will tell you that those damp gloves get really smelly after a season or two. Because of the aforementioned advantages and how simple and quick they are to break in, nylon is by far the most common synthetic material. Apart from that, any synthetic material will generally function the same. Also verify the padding components to ensure they can withstand shock and jerks from impacts. The glove’s cover material must also be durable enough to withstand your fist’s stretching and relaxing motions. But also ensure the stitches are flawless and tight. 
  • Adjustment Capability: Every hockey glove has features that allow you to alter the fit and degree of tightness around the wrist and palm. Make sure the gloves don’t come free as you move your wrist if the wrist piece of the glove comes with a hook and loop strap. Some gloves have buckles that can be used to secure the garment around your hand further.
  •  Finger Locks: Most gloves you will find will have a thumb lock mechanism. The gloves are made with plastic inserts that can only bend in one direction to prevent your thumb from bending the other way abnormally.Without a thumb lock, your thumb could be hyperextended backward in the event of a collision during play, increasing the likelihood of damage. Thumb locks are necessary because if your thumb is hurt, you won’t be able to hold the stick securely.

Frequently asked questions about hockey gloves

How much room should there be between the gloves and the hand?

The gloves should be roomy enough to let your fingers and palm move around freely. When creating a fist, there should be no stretching and at least a quarter-inch gap between the fingertips.

Why is wearing hockey gloves mandatory for players?

The hockey gloves include additional padding on the inside to help them absorb shocks. As a result, your finger, wrist, and knuckle bones will remain safe from harm.

Is the left-hand glove’s measurement the same as the right-hand glove’s?

No. The left and right hands must be measured separately for proper glove fitting. This will enable you to choose the glove size with the highest accuracy.

What are the top brands of hockey gloves?

When it comes to the top brands of hockey gloves, Bauer is the most popular. They have the Vapor, Supreme, and Nexus glove lines. The Vapor series is a snug-fitting glove that works well for skilled stick handlers.

CCM hockey gloves are a fantastic alternative. The three fit styles offered by CCM—JetSpeed, Tacks, and the Tacks 4-Roll—are comparable to those of Bauer in terms of their features. However, CCM has demonstrated that they are a fantastic choice for gamers who also want unsurpassed durability.

Warrior hockey gloves are beginning to get a lot of notoriety with a steadily growing number of NHL players starting to wear them. Warrior offers two fit options: the anatomically fitting Covert line and the traditional-fitting Alpha line. The hockey gloves from Warrior also have the best color possibilities. Other popular brands include True and Sher-Wood.

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