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Ultimate List Of The Best Roller Derby Names

No sport is immune to nicknames for some of its star players. We’ve all heard of Roger (The Rocket) Clemens, Wilt (The Stilt) Chamberlain, (Shoeless) Joe Jackson, and of course, Wayne (The Great One) Gretzky, but have you ever heard of Gore-ticia Addams or Jenny Jawbreaker?

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Well, strap a pair of roller skates on! We’re going to break out the biggest bone-crushing list of Roller Derby names ever to hit the internet. We’ll look at the history of these names and go through the best player and team names ever to grace the oval track.

A Brief History Of The Roller Derby Name

Roller Derby started out as a competitive race held in front of a growing fan base by promoter Leo Seltzer in the mid-1930s. However, it wasn’t until the mid to late 1940s that the sport of roller derby, much like pro wrestling, was a platform for players and teams to create catchy and colorful names like Toughie Brasuhn, Bonnie Thunders, and Scald Eagle.

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Names were chosen based on the player’s abilities, height, weight, and even their hair color. Team names were mainly designed around the city’s name or the area from which the team came, combined with a menacing message to other teams.

Original league names included the New York Chiefs, the Brooklyn Red Devils, and the Jersey Jolters. It would be a while before names became more colorful like the Salty Dolls, Tent City Terrors, or The Drop Kick Mollies.

What Makes A Good Roller Derby Name?

Coming up with a catchy roller derby player name is based on many factors. Is the team player a jammer or a blocker? Is the player a fast skater, or are they a powerful and strong force to be reckoned with? This might be a good starting point to building a clever name.

Other things to consider are the personal features and characteristics of the team player, like hair color, eye color, height, and more. Combining the player’s attributes and abilities with where they are from and how they fit within the team dynamic can create some of the most memorable and clever roller derby names.

Roller Derby Names By Years

The 1940s-1950s

Although player names from the 1940s weren’t as creative as they are now, there was still a “pro-wrestling feel” or element to roller derby player names. Players could create an on-track persona that described how they played the game. Here are a few of the vintage roller derby names you would expect to see at the oval track in this era:

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  1. Carl ‘Moose’ Payne
  2. The Midge “Toughie” Brasuhn
  3. Josephine “Ma” Bogash
  4. Annabelle “Slugger” Kealey
  5. Jack “Toddy” Geffinger
  6. Kathleen “Gene” Vizena
  7. Marion “Red” Smartt
  8. George Run Run Jones
  9. Lewis “Punky” Gardner
  10. Annis “Big Red” Jensen
  11. “Tiny” Grosso

The six original National Roller Derby League team names from the 1940s – 1950s were:

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  1. The Brooklyn Red Devils
  2. The Chicago Westerners
  3. The Jersey Jolters
  4. The New York Chiefs
  5. The Philadelphia Panthers
  6. The Washington-Baltimore Jets

The 1960s-1980s

Roller derby player names continued from well into the 1980s with names like:

  1. Russ “Rosie” Baker
  2. Honey Sanchez
  3. Skinny Minnie
  4. Terri Toledo
  5. Little Angie
  6. Mr. T-Bird
  7. Carol “Peanuts” Meyer
  8. Baby Rocko
  9. Donna Fox
  10. John “Big John” Johnson
  11. Florance “Flo” Lang

National Roller League team names were:

  1. Northern Hawks or Chicago Hawks
  2. New York Bombers
  3. Texas Outlaws
  4. Detroit Devils
  5. Los Angeles Thunderbirds or “T-Birds”
  6. Philadelphia Warriors or the Eastern Warriors
  7. Baltimore/Washington-based Mid-Atlantic War Cats
  8. The Florida Jets
  9. The Western Renegades

Other Roller Derby Team Names:

  1. Super Chiefs
  2. Clippers
  3. Pirates
  4. Jolters
  5. Rebels
  6. Panthers
  7. Pioneers
  8. Eagles
  9. Libertadores
  10. Plaid Mafia
  11. Braves
  12. Kangaroos
  13. Renegades
  14. Dynamite

1980s – 2000s

RollerGames was a popular television show created in 1989 by two television producers, David Sams and Michael Miller. It was an over-the-top theatrical version of the sport of roller derby for a growing national audience. It had everything to tantalize the senses – a steeply banked figure-eight track, an alligator pit, several veteran skaters, and younger participants with outrageous gameplay and names to boot. The six roller derby team names were:

  1. The T-Birds
  2. Violators
  3. Bad Attitude
  4. Rockers
  5. Hot Flash
  6. Maniacs

During the late 1980s and early 1990s, names began to be a little more creative. Here are some of the more popular roller derby player names from the TV show RolerGames:

  1. Dyn-o-mite” Darryle Davis
  2. Bill “Blockbuster” Bibbus
  3. Gina “Go-Go” Gonzales
  4. Adam “Speedy” Gonzales
  5. Debbie “the Corker” McCorkell
  6. Matt “Stars & Stripes” Bickham
  7. “Electric Randi” Whitman
  8. Robert “the Icebox” Smith
  9. Mike “the California Kid” Flaningam
  10. Darlene “Dar the Star” Langlois
  11. “Rockin’ Ray” Robles
  12. “Lady D” Donna Young
  13. “Deadly” Debbie Van Doren
  14. “Rolling Rocker” Brian Jacobson
  15. “Queenie” Maeve Crommie
  16. Art “Bam Bam” May
  17. Bren “Flash” Futura
  18. Vicki “Sly Fox” McEwan
  19. Jerry “Kahuna” Reis
  20. “Party Pattie” Frazier
  21. Robert “Cass” McEntee
  22. “Sassy” Gina Valladares
  23. Harold “Ice Man” Caldwell
  24. “Irish” Mary Monahan
  25. “Windy” Wendy Holbert
  26. Billy “Hot Wheels” Marshall
  27. Bernie “Monster Man” Jackson
  28. “Latin Spitfire” Patsy Delgado
  29. David “Dr. Fu” Arizmendez
  30. Lyle “the Brat” Morse
  31. “Bulldog” Scott Casto
  32. “The Bopper” Gale Bowers
  33. Pete “Ninja” Christensen
  34. Margaret “Hot Rod” Christopher
  35. “The Tank” Marnie Smith

The Birth of Creative Roller Derby Names

As the early to mid-2000s rolled around, roller derby was making a comeback. With the growing popularity of roller derby at a local level, it wasn’t long before teams were popping up all over the place.

With so many teams from many states and countries, finding unique roller derby team names and roller derby player names was becoming more complex. However, with pop culture, media, the internet, and 24 hours of entertainment, players had many new references for some of the best roller derby names ever created.

Even though many of these names will fit into just about any category, let’s break down some more obvious names and the category that best suits them. From fun to puns, these roller derby team names are unforgettable, creative, and colorful and give the fans and the sport a new way to love roller derby all over again!

The Best Roller Derby Name List Of All Time!

Creative Roller Derby Team Names

Naming a derby team might be more challenging than naming individual team players. For a great team name, you have to consider all the players, what they bring to the team, their location, and how the team functions as a unit.

Names like Queen Bees and Chocolate Thunder are created to reflect how the team plays, scores, and also how they stop the other teams from scoring. Here are some of the best names for this fast and furious sport teams.

  1. Angels of Anger
  2. Arizona Rollergirls
  3. Babe City Jammers
  4. Bay City Brawlers
  5. Beltway Beauties
  6. Beverly Killbillies
  7. Big Easy Hip Whippers
  8. Billings Beauties
  9. Blood Drawer
  10. Bloodsoaked Skateboarders
  11. Blue Arrows
  12. Boise Beauties
  13. Bomb Shells
  14. Boulder County Bombers
  15. Brewcity Bruisers
  16. Cedar Rapids Whippers
  17. Cheerfully Disastrous
  18. Cherry Bombers Team
  19. Chesty Smurf
  20. Cheyenne Cuties
  21. Chief of Skate
  22. Chocolate Thunder
  23. Cincinnati Blockers
  24. Circle City Socialites
  25. Columbia Quad Squad
  26. Como Derby Dames
  27. Connecticut Roller Derbettes
  28. Contagious
  29. Cork City Firebirds
  30. Dark Water Skaters
  31. Derby Dolls
  32. Diamond State Derby Girls
  33. Diesel Chicks
  34. Dixie Derby Girls
  35. Duke City Derby Dames
  36. Fairbanks Rollergirls
  37. Fifty Shades of Mayhem
  38. Fighting Chipmunks
  39. Fighting Fritters
  40. Fire Fliers
  41. Flow Skateboards
  42. Flying Squirrels
  43. Furrocious Cats
  44. Gate Crashers
  45. Gotham All-Stars
  46. Grand Slammers
  47. Heels in Wheels
  48. Hellmilton Roller Ghosts
  49. Hit and Run
  50. Hot Sauce Hotties
  51. Hurricanes on Ice
  52. Hurtful Hooligans
  53. Kalamazoo Derby Darlins
  54. Kansas City Roller Warriors
  55. Knee High Sox
  56. Lakeland Derby Dames
  57. Lucky Ladies
  58. Manchester Man-Eaters
  59. Mason Dixon Roller Vixens
  60. Majestic Skate Team
  61. Meany Skateboarders
  62. Mentor Ice Diamonds
  63. Moon Possums
  64. Moonlight Skater Team
  65. No Coast Derby Girls
  66. Nottingham Hellfire Harlots
  67. Oklahoma Victory Dolls
  68. One Hit Wonders
  69. Peanut Rollers
  70. Pinup Punks
  71. Pippi Longstompings
  72. Providence Snowplows
  73. Pucker Punchers
  74. Quadzilla and The Good
  75. Rage City Rollergirls
  76. Red Thunder
  77. Renegade Rollergirls
  78. Reno Rollers
  79. Richter City Roller Derby
  80. Rink Rashers
  81. Rock Coast Rollers
  82. Royal Windsor Whiplash
  83. Roller Derby Barbie
  84. Roller Derby Dolls
  85. Rolling Bones
  86. Road Warriors
  87. Roadie Fosters
  88. Rockin’ Rollers
  89. Roller Derby World
  90. Roller Girls of the Apocalypse
  91. Rusty Nails
  92. Santa Fe Skaters
  93. Sioux City Roller Dames
  94. Skates N’ Derby
  95. Skating Sea Urchins
  96. Slammin’ Jammin Roller Babes
  97. Smack Ops
  98. Smash Mouth Girlz
  99. Soul City Sirens
  100. Space Chimps
  101. Split Lip Sallies
  102. Sugar Skulls
  103. Swamp City Roller Rats
  104. Team Montana
  105. Tess of the DerbyWheels
  106. Texas Rollergirls
  107. The Atomic Splitters
  108. The Bad and The Furious
  109. The Devastators
  110. The Mountain Bullies
  111. The Pro Chicks
  112. The Rockland Boulders
  113. The Rockland Brawlers
  114. The Rockland Bruisers
  115. The Rockland Brutes
  116. The Rockland Chuckers
  117. The Rockland Crushers
  118. The Rockland Destroyers
  119. The Rocky Mountain Rollerboys
  120. The Seedy Underbellies
  121. The Snowplows
  122. Tragic City Rollers
  123. Truck and Trailers
  124. Vermont Vixens
  125. Wet Dream Team
  126. Wichita Witches

Roller Derby Names Based On Books

When choosing a great roller derby name, many players look at books and the people who wrote them. Here is a list of some of the top player names based on books, authors, and literary characters:

  1. 1/2 Blood Princess
  2. Agatha Crushdie
  3. Alice in Rollerland
  4. Alice in Wounderland
  5. Anais Ninja
  6. Arya Snark
  7. Beatrix Slaughter
  8. Danielle Steal
  9. Danielle Steel Wheels
  10. Emily Deck’erson
  11. Fifty Shades of Mayhem
  12. Grimm Scarytales
  13. Hermione Danger
  14. Hurt Vonneguts
  15. Infernal Myrtle
  16. JayK Rolling
  17. Killbo Baggins
  18. Killer Mockingbird
  19. Lady MacDeath
  20. Little Grrroller-Maid
  21. Luna Shovegood
  22. Luscious Malfoy
  23. Mad Splatter
  24. Malice in Wonderland
  25. Malice Walker
  26. Pain Eyre
  27. Rapunzel
  28. Rita Skater
  29. Rudyard Crippling
  30. Scratcher in the Eye
  31. Sherblock Bones
  32. Sherlock Bones
  33. SinderHella
  34. Sir Skates A Lot
  35. Sylvia Wrath
  36. Tackleberry Finn
  37. Tell-Tale Tarts
  38. Tess of the DerbyWheels
  39. Velveteen Rabbits
  40. Vladimir Naboobkov
  41. Wilma Shakesfear
  42. Wuthering Frights
  43.  Zack Lunch

Roller Derby Names Based on Music

Roller derby and music go hand-in-hand. Most modern-day roller derby teams are born from alternative rock, metal, punk, and underground music scenes. In fact, much of the modern-day revival of the 2000s was taken out of local Indie band scenes worldwide. Some excellent roller derby names are based on bands, musical artists, and songs.

  1. A Boy Named Sue
  2. Banana Slamma’s
  3. Block N’ Roll
  4. Block Rockin’ Beast
  5. Civil Warriors
  6. Dropkick Mollys
  7. Eves Of Destruction
  8. Iron Maidens
  9. Maul McCartney
  10. One Hit Wonder
  11. Pearl Jammers
  12. Phunky Bitch
  13. Platinum Block Divas
  14. Polly Wanna Smack Her
  15. Pumpkin’ Smasher
  16. Rock and Roller Queens
  17. Roller Toaster
  18. Sabotage
  19. Smash Mouth Girlz
  20. Tequila Shella
  21. The Foo Foo Fighters

Roller Derby Names Based on Public Figures and Celebrities

Whether you are choosing a roller derby team name or an individual name for you as a player, you’ll have a ton of inspiration from celebrities and public figures. Even historical people and modern-day film and television stars are great to draw name inspiration from. The possibilities are endless! Here are some of the top names in this category.

  1. Artillery Clinton
  2. Audrey Deathburn
  3. Chevy Chase-Her
  4. Coco Carnage
  5. Crush Limbaugh
  6. Hellions of Troy
  7. Moanin’ O’Brien
  8. Naomi Cannibal
  9. Nasty Pelosi
  10. Princess Of Wheels
  11. Rollin’ Polanski
  12. Sandra Day O’Clobber
  13. Skate Hudson
  14. Skate Winslet
  15. Sigourney Reaper
  16. Susan B. Agony
  17. Wolf Blitzthem

Names Based on Pop Culture

Movies, television, social media, and pop culture have just as much influence on naming a roller derby team or player as any other source of inspiration. Here are a few that made the fun and creative name scoreboard.

  1. Asajj Skatetress
  2. Bambi Hunter
  3. Barbie Beaters
  4. Beverly Killbillies
  5. Blockwork Orange
  6. Chaotic Neutral
  7. Chevrolegs
  8. Chevy Impaler
  9. Chopbuster
  10. Crazy Skates
  11. Dirty Coyotes
  12. Give ’em Hell Vetica
  13. Gore-ticia Addams
  14. Hannibal’s Cannibals
  15. Harlot O’Scara
  16. Jersey Leshore
  17. Lords of the Skate
  18. Mary Choppins
  19. Mobba Blunt
  20. Naughty Nutcracker
  21. O Hell No Kitty
  22. Pippi Longstompings
  23. S Scar Go
  24. Saber Skater
  25. Smack Ops
  26. Spandex Spoiler
  27. Sweet N’ Sour
  28. The Lady and The Tramp Stamp
  29. United Intergalactic Federations Of Super Babes
  30. We Recycle
  31. Wikibleedia
  32. Zombie Dearest
  33. Zombie Skater

Names That Are Bad To The Bone

Any roller derby team will tell you that the more meaning in the name, the more menacing the game. Whether it’s the roller derby team name itself or individual players, badass roller derby names are a staple of this full-contact sport. Let’s crash into some of the most bone-breaking skate names you’ll never want to run into.

  1. Angels of Anger
  2. Avatar of Despair
  3. Ax Wackers
  4. Banshee Bitch
  5. Beautifully Brutal
  6. Begon for Mercy
  7. Bells Of The Brawl
  8. Betty Brawllipop
  9. Beware of Bitch
  10. Bitchy Butcher
  11. Black Death
  12. Block N Tackle
  13. Blood Drawer
  14. Bloodsoaked Skater
  15. Blood Suckers
  16. Breakneck Beauties
  17. Bruiser Babes
  18. Brutal Beauties
  19. Buxom Bruisers
  20. Contagious
  21. Crash Test Lovelies
  22. Crazy Skaters
  23. Crippling Conch Shells
  24. Crusher Cuties
  25. Cutthroat Pandas
  26. Damsels Of Distress
  27. Darkside Skaters
  28. Dead End Derby
  29. Deathrow Roller
  30. Derby Demons
  31. Dollface Smasher
  32. Doom Purveyors
  33. Drop Kick Damsels
  34. Fighting Females
  35. Fighting Thongs
  36. Furrocious Cats
  37. Gate Crashers
  38. Grave Diggers
  39. Grim Reaper
  40. Hit and Run
  41. Holly GoBiteMe
  42. Honey Punchers
  43. Hurt Roller
  44. Hurt Rolls
  45. Hurtful Hooligans
  46. I Wanna Smack Her
  47. Ice Breakers
  48. Jenny Jawbreaker
  49. Jezebella Jammer
  50. Ladies of the Fight
  51. Left Hook Hunnies
  52. Mad Mommy
  53. Mad Mummy
  54. Meanhattan
  55. Miss Fortune
  56. Murderous Mamas
  57. Naughty Knockouts
  58. One Hit Wonder
  59. Punching Poodles
  60. Rioting Rollers
  61. Roller Derby Hater
  62. Rosie and the Knockouts
  63. Rosie the Ruiner
  64. Rusty Nails
  65. Sadistic Sweethearts
  66. Skate Splatter
  67. Scorched Skaters
  68. Smash Skater
  69. Split Lip Sallies
  70. The Blood Stains
  71. The Fat Lips
  72. The Gruesome Twosome
  73. The Lady Punchers
  74. The Lug Nuts
  75. Toxic Cherries
  76. Tragic City Rollers
  77. Trauma Queen
  78. Twisted Nippers
  79. Unholy Roller
  80. Vancouver Murder
  81. Vicious Venus
  82. Victoria VonDoom
  83. Wheels of Mayhem
  84. WickedWheels
  85. Women of Mass Destruction

Roller Derby Names Based on The Sport of Roller Derby

Coming up with a team name or a skater’s name is easy if you incorporate words used to describe the sport itself. Many new team and skate names are built around the terms used in the sport of roller derby, like Deathrow Roller, Derby Demons, and New York Shock Exchange. Let’s look at some of the more popular skate name ideas born out of roller derby terms.

  1. All Jammed Up
  2. Arizona Rollergirls
  3. Bekah Body Chekah
  4. Block Headz
  5. Block N’ Cover
  6. Block N’ Jam
  7. Chief of Skate
  8. Cinnamon Roller
  9. Crazy Skaters
  10. Curvy Derby
  11. Derby Divas
  12. Derby Devils
  13. Derby Dolls
  14. Flashy Wheels
  15. Glass City Rollers
  16. Gold Coast Roller Girls
  17. Grim Reaper Rollers
  18. Holly Roller
  19. Intoxiskate
  20. Jammin’ and Rammin
  21. Lehigh Valley Rollergirls
  22. Max Penalty
  23. Mindless Skaters
  24. Mineral Skaters
  25. Ninja Roller
  26. Pack Crashers
  27. Pack Punchers
  28. Pirate City Rollers
  29. Pivotal Mistake
  30. Princesses on Wheels
  31. Rainy City Roller Derby
  32. Red Hot Rock n Roller
  33. Rock Coast Rollers
  34. Rocktown Rollers
  35. Roller Babes
  36. Rolling For Soup
  37. Rolling Mosquitoes
  38. Rolling Queens
  39. Rushin’ Rolletes
  40. Santa Fe Skaters
  41. Shock Squad
  42. Skaterbrained
  43. Skaterina Skulls
  44. Skaters That Slay
  45. Skates N’ Tiaras
  46. Space Jammers
  47. Squid Skate Squad
  48. Steel Skater
  49. Strawberry Jam
  50. Swiss Cake Rollers

Badass Roller Derby Names That Are Simply Cool

When choosing a team name, most of the time, these names come from pop culture, classic references, game rules and play, and sports references like Infernal Myrtle, Lord of the Rinks, Max Penalty, and Betty Block. However, some names are just super creative all on their own. Here are some that made our list of clever, creative, and cool names.

  1. Baby Cakes
  2. Baby Chicks
  3. Banana Slamma’s
  4. Beauty and Attitude
  5. Big Rig
  6. Biting Ticks
  7. Bomb Shells
  8. Breakless Endangerment
  9. Bucket Kickers
  10. Cement Freaks Skateboards
  11. Chastity Pelt
  12. Cheetah Chicks
  13. Chihuahua Cuties
  14. Comet Jockeys
  15. Corn Shuckers
  16. Crabby Crustaceans
  17. Crazy Daisies
  18. Creepy Hitchhikers
  19. Cupcake Crunchers
  20. Dagger Skateboarder
  21. Daisy Pushers
  22. Daisy Unchained
  23. Dark Divas
  24. Dazzling Divas
  25. DeceptiConnie
  26. Deer Flies
  27. Diesel Chicks
  28. Dirty Birdies
  29. Down N’ Outs
  30. Eye Candy Chicks
  31. Femme Fatals
  32. Fire on Ice
  33. Flim Flams
  34. Giant Slayers
  35. Girlz of Fury
  36. Girlz Rule Boys Drool
  37. Give ‘Em Hells
  38. Glamazons
  39. Gold Diggers
  40. Green Country Goats
  41. Gunner Girlz
  42. Haunted Skateboards
  43. Heels in Wheels
  44. Hell’s Ballerinas
  45. High Maintenance
  46. Hissin’ Kittens
  47. Hot Sauce Hotties
  48. Hot Shots
  49. Howling Dogs
  50. Hussle Hussies
  51. Jumbo Shrimp
  52. Junk in the Trunk
  53. Kappa Jamma Slamma
  54. Knee Scrapes
  55. Ladies of Steel
  56. Lip Smackers
  57. Lucha Libre Chupacabras
  58. Lucky Ladies
  59. Mangy Wolves
  60. Make-up Mavens
  61. Murder City Kitties
  62. Murder Maids
  63. Naughty Not Nice
  64. Pepper Spray
  65. Pink Panthers
  66. Pinup Punks
  67. Pixie Dusters
  68. Platinum Divas
  69. Pucker Ups
  70. Punky Bruiser
  71. Purple Minions
  72. Queen Bees
  73. Rainbow Bite
  74. Raw Eggz
  75. Red Hot
  76. Road Ranger
  77. Rocket Queens
  78. Runaway Brides
  79. Salty Dolls
  80. Salty Dogs
  81. Sassy Sistahs
  82. Screamin’ Banshees
  83. Screaming Divas
  84. Shooting Stars
  85. Skating Sea Urchins
  86. Slammin’ Jammin’ Roller Babes
  87. Sod Busters
  88. Sore Losers
  89. Squid Squad
  90. Suicide Squad
  91. Sweet and Sweaty
  92. Tara Nippleoff
  93. Terrible Turtles
  94. The Baby Makers
  95. The Bond Girls
  96. The Flaming Pink Flamingos
  97. The G.I. Janes
  98. The Inhuman League
  99. The Jelly Rolls
  100. The Slammin’ Jammers
  101. The Stop, Drop, & Rollers
  102. The Undertakers
  103. Thigh Masters
  104. Thunder Sharks
  105. Thunder Thorns
  106. Thundering Herd
  107. Trauma Authority
  108. Trophy Wives
  109. Unforgiving Unicorns
  110. Untamed Chicks
  111. Vicious and Delicious
  112. Victory Vixens
  113. Whip Crackers
  114. Wise Witches
  115. Wonder Women
  116. Yard Goats
  117. Yoga Goat Girlz

Let’s Not Forget About The Men!

Men have been a part of the game from the sport’s early beginnings until the modern day. It wasn’t until the last 40 years that women began to dominate the sport. However, there are still some men’s teams out there, and their names are just as creative as the ladies. Let’s look at some of the best men names for players and teams.

Roller Derby Team Names For Men

  1. 8 Wheeled Assassins
  2. All Out Annihilators
  3. Bad to the Bone
  4. Bashing Blockers
  5. Blazing Blasters
  6. Blazing Knights
  7. Brew Masters
  8. Brute Force
  9. Butchers
  10. Deathwish
  11. Demolition Crew
  12. Dominators
  13. Dynamite Dudes
  14. Energy Explosion
  15. Exterminators
  16. Fire Starters
  17. Game Changers
  18. Ghastly Gargoyles
  19. Gorillas on Skates
  20. Hammerheads
  21. Hangmen
  22. Hurricane Blades
  23. Jawbreakers
  24. Lethal Jammers
  25. Mean Machine
  26. Mercenaries
  27. Neck Breakers
  28. Outright Fear
  29. Powerful Choices
  30. Robin Hoods
  31. Rocketeers
  32. Roller Geeks
  33. Rough N’ Tough
  34. Shock and Awe
  35. Slayers
  36. Speed Demons
  37. Stone Crushers
  38. Team Chaos
  39. Team Tsunami
  40. The Chosen Ones
  41. The Flamethrowers
  42. The Hit List
  43. The Legacy
  44. The Pitbulls
  45. The Professionals
  46. The Messiahs
  47. The Tribe
  48. The Xtreme
  49. Tidal Waves
  50. Vicious Vikings
  51. War Lords
  52. Warmongers
  53. Wicked Werewolves

Some League Names For Men

  1. Austin Anarchy
  2. Barrow Inferno
  3. Bototos Banditos
  4. Brisbane City Rollers
  5. Capital City Hooligans
  6. Carolina Wrecking Balls
  7. Chicago Bruise Brothers
  8. Collision Roller Derby
  9. Crash Test Brummies
  10. Denver’s Ground Control
  11. Flour City Fear
  12. Glasgow Men’s Roller Derby
  13. Golden State Heat
  14. Granite City Brawlers
  15. Harm City Havoc
  16. Lane County Concussion
  17. Mad Riders Men’s Roller Derby
  18. Magic City Misfits
  19. Manneken Beasts
  20. Mass Maelstrom
  21. Mohawk Valley Quadfathers
  22. New Orleans Brass
  23. New York Shock Exchange
  24. Panam Squad
  25. Philadelphia Hooligans
  26. Pittsburg Blue Streaks
  27. Puget Sound Outcast
  28. Race City Rebels
  29. San Diego Aftershocks
  30. Southern Discomfort
  31. St. Louis Gatekeepers
  32. Super Smash Rollers
  33. Sydney City Smash
  34. Tampere Rollin’ Bros
  35. Texas Outlaws
  36. Your Mom Men’s Derby


Roller derby is still in full swing. Teams are sprouting up all over the place. It is not uncommon for you to catch a game at your local arena or sports complex. With the continuation of roller derby’s popularity, a new batch of names will be born for players and teams. We hope you enjoyed our list of the top roller derby names ever. Let us know if you have any ideas for a cool team or skater name!

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