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  1. Hi. My son is 5 years old. He started skating around 1.5 years back. He is 5.5 years old. HE started with tenacity and approx. since last one year he is in quads. Does quad skates have future or should i switch him to inline ? I was planning to switch him to inline may be next year. Request your suggesstion.

    1. Post

      Hi Mehul,

      Quad skates absolutely have a future in skating. It just depends on the type of skating your son is doing. If you are trying to get him into speed skating, then inline skating is where you’ll eventually want to go. While there is still quad speed skating at most speed skating meets, it has given way to inline speed skating. For artistic and jam skating, quads are still very strong. I have 2 daughters (both teenagers now) and they both started on quads. My youngest really is into speed skating and I switched her over to inlines when she was about 10. I could have started her around 6-7, I just didn’t because I am a quad skater and she didn’t show interest in speed skating until she was a little older. The best part about inlines is that there are multiple stories of inline roller speed skaters who have crossed over to ice and then gone to the Olympics. It is a real possibility, but of course like anything else, only a very select few ever get that far.

      As one last note, the most important thing is that your kiddo likes to skate. That’s why I went slow with my daughter’s move to inlines. It’s more important to me that she loves what she spends her time doing then whether she is in inlines or quads. If I had pushed her into inlines and she started falling more or having stability issues, then she may have given up on skating all together and disliked the sport. With that said, we have a number of kids at my local rink who are 5-6 years old in inlines, so get him a pair and let him try it out.

      Have fun and thanks for stopping by,


  2. All material i read very professional and clear.thanks a lot i will be skating for at least 20 years .i just retired to skate golf and kajak.

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