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13 thoughts on “Thank You for Subscribing!”

  1. Hi. My son is 5 years old. He started skating around 1.5 years back. He is 5.5 years old. HE started with tenacity and approx. since last one year he is in quads. Does quad skates have future or should i switch him to inline ? I was planning to switch him to inline may be next year. Request your suggesstion.

    • Hi Mehul,

      Quad skates absolutely have a future in skating. It just depends on the type of skating your son is doing. If you are trying to get him into speed skating, then inline skating is where you’ll eventually want to go. While there is still quad speed skating at most speed skating meets, it has given way to inline speed skating. For artistic and jam skating, quads are still very strong. I have 2 daughters (both teenagers now) and they both started on quads. My youngest really is into speed skating and I switched her over to inlines when she was about 10. I could have started her around 6-7, I just didn’t because I am a quad skater and she didn’t show interest in speed skating until she was a little older. The best part about inlines is that there are multiple stories of inline roller speed skaters who have crossed over to ice and then gone to the Olympics. It is a real possibility, but of course like anything else, only a very select few ever get that far.

      As one last note, the most important thing is that your kiddo likes to skate. That’s why I went slow with my daughter’s move to inlines. It’s more important to me that she loves what she spends her time doing then whether she is in inlines or quads. If I had pushed her into inlines and she started falling more or having stability issues, then she may have given up on skating all together and disliked the sport. With that said, we have a number of kids at my local rink who are 5-6 years old in inlines, so get him a pair and let him try it out.

      Have fun and thanks for stopping by,


  2. All material i read very professional and clear.thanks a lot i will be skating for at least 20 years .i just retired to skate golf and kajak.

  3. Jeff,
    I used to skate both ice & quad roller skate lots when I was in Junior high and High school. I am now 67 and think I might want to give it a try again as a way to build more strength in my ankles and have fun at the same time. I also did some roller blading in the 90’s. Those roller blades are worn out and long gone. I still have my well made Sears skates with leather uppers from the 70’s. Is it a bad idea to give them a try or should I look for something new? Since I have not been following along I don’t know if there have been many advances in either the way they make skates.

    • Welcome, Guy to the Roller Skate Dad website. If you have an old pair of skates that are still in good shape, I’d go for it! There is nothing better than a nice pair of leather boots that are already nice and broke in. You can always update the bearings / wheels if they don’t roll so great. Welcome back to skating! Glad you have come back to it. Keep on rollin’! Jeff

  4. Hi Jeff, it’s been a minute since I’ve been on skates hopefully it’s like riding a bike 😁seeing all the men and women in my age category 50+ on TikTok and YouTube videos they’re having a blast and I want to join the fun so I signed up to take a beginners class at our local skating rink. Any advice you have for me is greatly appreciate it also, I would like to purchase my own skates for indoor outdoor use should I get two separate pair of skates? which brand do you recommend I wear lady size 8 shoe is it the same size for skates? Thanks again have a great day!

  5. Hello Jeff,

    I took your advice and ordered the sure-grip aerobics (boardwalk replacements I believe) and am wondering if these skates are reliable enough to do tricks with and also use for ramps/rails at a skate park? If not, what attachments should I get or change in order to be able to skate, turn, and grind properly without any issues?

  6. So, I left this comment with Dirty Deborah Harry, about a month ago. I never got an answer, so I thought I’d give you a shot. I want to apologize for the lengthy novel, in advance!

    So as I say, I came skating out of the uterus. Ever since I can remember, I’ve always had roller skates, hockey skates, figure skates from the time I was born. I envision my dad wanted his boys to be skaters of one variety or another.

    I was born in So. Cal. So, I grew up roller skating on the streets. Before outdoor wheels were a thing. So, I’d hit every tiny pebble there was.

    By third grade, we moved to Alaska, where the hockey and figure skates came into my life. So, I was ice skating for over 20 years.

    Sadly, I ended up having to retire my ice skates about 15+ years ago, as there are no longer ice rinks relatively close to where I live in So. Cal.

    During Covid, I found Roller Skates again, which at first I was very reluctant, as I recalled my last roller skating episode at a rink, being the worst. I had to completely relearn the grab of a wheel, that was non-existent with ice skates. I strongly dislike the style of inline skates, that I’ve decided to go with quads.

    Now, that you have my background…

    I have been trying the entire line of Sure-Grip Wheels. So, Boardwalk/Motion Wheels (I even have Atom Pulse wheels) for outdoors and Fames/Ice/Royals/Phenolic Fibers for Indoors.

    The question I have, is after trying the indoor wheels, I feel like I obviously get a lot of slide with the Phenolic Fibers. However, I wanted to know with the Royals, I felt disappointed with my purchase, as I could have just stayed with the Fames. I felt like I had absolutely no slide with the Royals. Now, I only wore the Royals for like five laps around the rink, because I felt like I was getting more slide with the Fames. I got even more slide with the Ice wheels. But, I noticed something was that I still had to go a while on the Ice wheels, before I was getting any sliding effect. So, it seems that to get the wheels to slide, they need to be dusty? If that is the case, do you think I could use baby powder or something to get the slide going on the Royals, that I hear everyone talk about? What would be your suggestion? Please feel free to email me, since this is quite lengthy.

  7. Sooo. I really wanted to try radar crush wheels. My king pins hit the ground with these wheels on all my skates. What plates do I need to go with tiny wheels. TIA

  8. Hi Jeff,
    Thanks for your website! I found your site while researching quad skate plates, and I’d like to get your opinion/advice. I haven’t skated consistently since I was a teen (I guess I’m a roller skate dad like you), and I recently decided to begin skating at our local indoor rink (wood floor) for pleasure/exercise. I recently bought a like-new pair of Roller Derby Elite Primo jam skates. On paper, they looked like really good skates, however, they came with ‘nylon reinforced’ plates which have been a big disappointment (I weigh 190). After reading your article, The 11 Best Roller Skate Plates in 2023, I’m leaning toward the Roller Derby Elite Axis plates. I haven’t replaced plates before, but I assume plates are not plug and play. I thought the mounting holes in Roller Derby plates might be more likely to match the existing nylon plate holes in my boots than the other plate brands. What do you think? What would you do? Which plate would you buy if you were me? Thanks, Brian


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