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The Best Roller Hockey Pants, Padded Shirts & Clothing

Hockey clothing is crucial for protection, as they cover vital body regions like the chest, hips, and lower backbone. Having a decent quality and flexible pair of hockey pants and a padded shirt is essential for improved performance, so you aren’t distracted from the game by concerns about mobility, injuries, and others.

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However, shopping for the ideal hockey pants or padded shirts with hundreds of choices out there can be tiring. Even the most passionate hockey enthusiast will find it challenging to make a choice.

To make it easier to find the proper and high-quality pants, we’ve made a list of the top 5 best hockey pants and padded hockey shirts.

Hopefully, after reading this guide, you’ll know exactly what you need to get.

The 5 Best Roller Hockey Pants

The Best Roller Hockey Pants

Here’s our list of the best roller hockey pants.

1.) Tour Code 3.One Inline Hockey Pants

The Tour Code 3.One pant is one of the best hockey pants on the market. It comes with an extra-thick foam and reinforced PE inserts that give superb protection in all places, such as the spine, thighs, kidneys, and tailbone. The smart foam cuts and big stretch gussets in the crotch areas and inner thigh ensure your agility and movement will be unaffected.

The tapered shape gives comfort to the lower thighs and hips, and the adjustment option makes the pants suitable for players of all heights. The Tour Code 3.One hockey pants are an excellent choice regardless of age, size, or skill level.

2.) Bauer Team Inline Hockey Pants

Bauer has outdone themselves once again, producing one of the best pairs of hockey pants available today. The Bauer Team Inline Hockey Pants are perfect for beginner and amateur hockey players who still want high performance and comfort. The soft foam padding and molded plastic in important places like the thighs, spine, hips, tailbone, and kidneys provide adequate protection. The outer is composed of tough, long-lasting nylon reinforced in high-wear regions. The breathable mesh design on the back keep you dry and cool during the activity.

The pants won’t slow you down when you’re skating and won’t let you down if you’re hit into the boards or go down to block a shot. Despite the enormous protection, they don’t feel bulky and provide a comfortable fit and durability.

3.) Tour Code 1.One Inline Hockey Pants

The Tour Code 1.one roller hockey pants are made of a special fabric called Hi-Lite, which provides players with amazing flex and performance. The material is light, stretches, and breathes well, which is vital for roller hockey players. Tour has been able to accomplish all of this while maintaining durability.

The Tour Code 1.one roller hockey pants have lycra between the legs for increased stretch and movement. It comes with WearMax knee panels which provide optimal durability in one of the most often worn locations, the knees. The dual pull tabs on the elastic waistband of the pants allow you to adjust and tighten the pants for a precise fit.

The ice hockey pants are available in three hues and include screen-printed Tour graphics; pure black, black, and camo, and a black and red combination.

4.) Bauer Pro Inline Hockey Pants

The Bauer Pro Inline hockey pant is a high-performance pant with a robust and exceptionally lightweight material. The inline pant comprises a variety of mesh, nylon, and lycra panels that are precisely positioned to provide a robust, mobile inline pant. Bauer’s Tapered Leg Fit at the bottom of the pant eliminates snags and jams by ensuring the pant slides nicely over your shin pads.

Because roller hockey is a heated activity, Bauer included 37.5TM technology into the pants. 37.5TM is a cutting-edge technology that helps fabrics dry faster while also controlling humidity and body temperature. On the ice, this leads to lighter pants and a much more comfortable fit.

Furthermore, the light and breathable material allows players to skate comfortably.

5.) Alkali RDP Comp+ Inline Pants

Many people who play the game of hockey are familiar with the name Alkali. It is a well-known hockey equipment brand. They sell practically every piece of hockey equipment, including hockey boots, shin guards, knee pads, and many more items. The Alkali RPD Comp Inline Pant is high-quality and offers the finest value. The pants are made of vented mesh, allowing a constant flow of air to keep you cool while playing. The 16-way Lycra stretch gusset in the groin area ensures your movement is not impeded while playing.

It also comes with a Sure-Fit II belt system with an elastic waistband and goes perfectly with the brand shin guards.

Best Roller Hockey Padded Shirts

Here’s our selection of the best roller hockey pants.

1.) Mission Inhaler Core Padded Shirt

The Mission Inhaler Core Padded Shirt was created to maximize mobility and agility for roller hockey players. This multi-segmented shirt is lightweight and breathable, with perforated and padded protection throughout.

The shirt is designed to protect roller hockey players in high-impact locations. It has perforated and padded foam in all the critical areas, from the collar bone, ribs, chest, biceps, and spine. Mission provides excellent protection against such injuries as these body areas are the most likely to be injured during gameplay.

2.) Tour Code 1 Padded Hockey Shirt

The Tour Code 1 Padded Shirt is designed for inline hockey game action and provides superior protection without restricting movement. The raised dual-density foam padding helps disperse impact force, and the cushioned compressive material maintains the unit close to the body, providing excellent protection while maintaining a streamlined fit.

The Tour Code shirt comprises moisture-wicking, elasticized material that keeps you dry while also allowing improved mobility. It features a custom Zurick dual-density foam pad for upper body protection. These foams are extremely protective, portable, light, and have Kinetic compression padding, which protects high-impact regions like your back, shoulders, sides, collar bones, biceps, and sternum without restricting your range of motion!

The shirt is made of a 4-way stretch drylex material that delivers unrivaled moisture management, ensuring you stay as dry as possible during games.

3.) TUOY Men’s Padded Compression Shirt

The TUOY padded shirt is equipped with industry-leading padding that can absorb up to 95% of the impact. The firm pad composition helps regulate chest muscles while also providing protection for the ribs, shoulders, and backbone, decreasing the effect of physical collisions with opponents.

These improved pad positions ensure better mobility compared to most shirts in the market. The snug fit design provides secure protection.

4.) Yingfeg Men’s Padded Shirts Short Sleeve Compression T-Shirt

The Yingfeg Short Sleeve Shirt keeps you cool and protected. The pad is designed to keep users safe from injury and overheating. It features a four-way stretch fabric made of 80 percent polyester and 20 percent spandex, making it easy to move in and cool to wear.

Padded sportswear decreases pain in the shoulders, ribs, back, and chest during strenuous activities. The material is lightweight, breathable, and sweat-wicking, allowing you to feel at ease while exercising. The shirt can be worn outside or as a foundation layer under style hockey jerseys.

5.) CCM RBZ 150 Hockey Padded Shirt

The CCM RBZ Padded Shirt is a form-fitting performance fit that gives you plenty of room to move. The shirt is made of CCM’s U-Foam, which provides exceptional lightweight protection. During the game, the light stretch fabric with moisture management technology wraps around the body and keeps you cool and dry. The compression base is made of lightweight stretch mesh for a breathable form fit, while the biceps are lined with perforated foams for added protection and airflow.

Overall the CCM RBZ hockey padded shirt is a comfortable fit.


Getting the right pant and padded shirt is a priority for all serious roller hockey players.
Whether you are looking for junior padded shirts, senior padded shirts, or style hockey jerseys shop, this article can help.

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