Ask Dad

Do you remember when you were young and you didn’t know the answer to a perplexing question?

Who did you go to? Probably your mom.

But if you have a roller skate question, then you need to go to your dad. Your Roller Skate Dad, that is. Me. 🙂

So, do you have a question about roller skating? Something you have been struggling with finding more information about or just something you have been wondering and no one can give you a good answer?

If so, then send me your question by clicking the button below. Ask away!

And thank you for stopping by. I will get an answer back to you privately within a few days.

And, if your question is good for the whole community, I will include it in a future podcast, give you a shout out and send you a free piece of Roller Skate Dad swag.

All of that just for asking a question. Nicely done!