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10 Best Roller Skating Party Favors

So, you’re planning on throwing a roller skating party but you’re not quite sure which party favors you should get. Well, I’m here to help liven up your party! (or at least try to). In this article, I’ll present the 10 Best Roller Skating Party Favors on Amazon.

In a Hurry? Take a Look At My Top Picks

1. Roller Skating Party Invitations 

Calling people to invite them to your party is cool and all, but sending them personal invitations is just a lot cooler and will be met with more appreciation. This pack from Old Blue Door Invites features 20 roller skating birthday party invitations and 20 white envelopes to put them in. Each one of these measures at 4.25 x 6 inches.

You don’t have to worry about smearing when writing on these invitations because they’re made from heavyweight, uncoated cardstock, which allows for easy writing using any pen. 

The details you have to fill are the what, when, where, and rsvp. The purples, blues, pinks, yellows, and the turquoise colors used in the design of the invitations grants them a cool, party-appropriate look (so you’ll be the coolest kid or adult at the rink).

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2. Joyin Glow Sticks Bulk

Who doesn’t love glow sticks? They’re fun for almost every skating occasion. The Glow Sticks Bulk from Joyin includes 200 8-inch glow sticks, 12 eyeglasses connectors, 200 bracelet connectors, 4 triple connectors, 12 ball connectors, and 4 butterfly bracelet connectors, which is enough to keep partygoers celebrating for hours.

The awesome thing about these glow sticks is that they’re long-lasting (so you can party for hours, WOO). And they’re not limited to a single color, there’s orange, red, blue, purple, green, yellow, and pink. 

These glow sticks are also child-safe, so you have no reason to worry about your child’s safety. Not only that, but they’re also waterproof, (in case you sweat a lot when you skate).

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3. Roller Skating Value Party Supplies Pack

It’s really hard to find roller skating theme birthday supplies, especially tableware supplies, but this kit from Blue Orchards includes everything you may need. 

Keep in mind that this is a kit for 16 guests, so if you’ll be having more guests, you should consider buying more than one kit. The kit features 16 paper plates, 24 plastic forks, and 20 napkins.

This design is just groovy. I highly enjoy all of the trippy colors and the high quality of both napkins and forks. Also, you should keep in mind that the plates are a bit flimsy compared to the forks. All in all, this is a highly-affordable tableware kit that’s perfect for any roller skating occasion. 

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4. PartySticks Shutter Glasses

These shutter glasses by PartySticks are glow-in-the-dark, this set includes 12 neon glasses: 3 in red, 3 in blue, 3 in green, and 3 in white. 

Each of these glasses features 3 different flashing modes for a greater deal of fun. The modes are slow, fast, and fully on. 

The great thing about these glasses is that they’re equipped with their own batteries, so no need to worry about buying separate ones. 

The glasses measure at 6.25 x 2.25 inches, which is large enough to accommodate almost everyone, from kids to adults. Further, the construction of these shutter glasses is remarkably durable, so they’ll likely serve you well in case you fall or drop your glasses (try not to skate over them though!). 

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5. Giraffe Neon Punch Balloons

A party without balloons isn’t really a party. The thing is that you can’t just have any regular pack of balloons for your roller skating party, you need balloons that can be integrated with you skating, which is why I’ve included this pack of neon punch balloons from Giraffe (that way you can punch people with your balloons if they get in your way hehe). 

This set includes 30 punch balloons that come in yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, and red. These are some pretty large balloons, as they span 18 inches in diameter. You’ll also appreciate the fact that they’re built from a highly-durable material, meaning that they won’t break easily (unless you sit on them).

In addition, this pack of balloons comes in a party-appropriate gift-ready bag. 

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6. Roller Skating Banner Pennant

This is yet another great party favor for roller skating birthday parties. This set includes 15 paper pennant flags and 2 end pieces that boast a cool roller skates design. 

Each one of these banner panels measures at 6 x 8 inches. In addition, the pack includes around 16 feet worth of 1/4-inch coordinating robbin, making it a lot easier for you to string these banner panels together.

One thing you need to be mindful of, however, is that these banner panels are delivered collated in order, meaning that the assembly is all on you (so don’t mess it up!). You can also change the spacing of each of these panels to integrate with the area you’re trying to decorate. 

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7. PartySticks Light Up Jelly Rings

Whether this is a party for kids or adults, this pack of light-up jelly rings from PartySticks will add to the fun significantly. 

This pack offers 36 light-up rings that are multi-colored and well-textured. These rings feature 3 pre-installed LEDs that give a cool on-and-off lighting effect. All you need to do is give the ring a gentle squeeze to activate the LED lights.

The rings are made from soft rubber, which feels pretty comfortable on most fingers. Don’t worry about sizing because these rings are designed to fit almost everyone. I also like how squishy and stretchy they are. 

In addition, PartySticks offers a full refund if the lighting in any of the rings is malfunctioning in any way. The PartySticks rings are great for just about any joyful occasion. 

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8. Bigfoot Skates Sasquatch T-Shirt

If you’re a serious roller skating enthusiast, you’ll definitely be interested in buying one of these shirts (or if you’re my dad). And since everyone at your party is likely going to be a roller-skating enthusiast, you may want to consider the idea of matching shirts. 

The Bigfoot Skates Sasquatch T-Shirt is featured in a variety of colors including, black, navy, heather blue, purple, and dark heather. This t-shirt is extremely lightweight, so no need to worry about sweating a lot while wearing it. 

This is a shirt you can wear almost anywhere to show your love for roller skating and sasquatches. Not to mention that it comes in a bunch of sizing, a range from S to 3XL. 

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9. Roller Skating Bottle Wraps 

These super cool roller skating bottle wraps from POP parties will be a great addition to your roller skating party. 

This set includes 20 bottle wraps that feature a colorful and groovy roller skate design. Each one of these wraps spans 2 x 9 inches and is completely waterproof for convenience.

Before applying these bottle wraps, you want to make sure that the bottle itself is not wet so that it doesn’t take away from the adhesive’s ability to stick to the bottles. 

And while these are mainly bottle wraps, you can use your creativity and apply them onto other places as if they’re stickers. 

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10. Fill In Thank You Cards

Fill-in thank you cards are a great gesture of thanks to give to the people that attended your party. This pack from Old Blue Door Invites features 20 fill-in thank you notes, which may not be a lot, so you may want to buy more than one pack. 

In addition, the pack features 20 white envelopes for convenience. In terms of size, each one of these thank you notes are 4.25 x 6 inches. 

These fill-in thank you cards are made of heavyweight, uncoated cardstock, which makes writing without smears extremely easy. 

Further, it gives the cards a bit of a premium feel that people will certainly appreciate. We’re also in love with the design of each of these cards. 

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Wrap Up

Did you enjoy my list? If so, I’d like for you to share with me which one of the above-mentioned party favors do you plan on using in your next roller skating party. Also, please let me know if I forgot any roller skating orientated party favors.

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