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10 Fun Roller Skating Games to Play at Your Rink

Bored with just rolling around the rink aimlessly? Well, do I have some fun games for you to try. I have compiled the top 10 Fun Roller Skating Games to Play at Your Rink or at the park.  

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So here are the top 10 Fun Roller Skating Games to Play at Your Rink.    

1. Hokey Pokey

If you really want to know what it’s all about you should try playing the hokey pokey.

Most rinks will play this song and have everyone gather in the center of the floor so it’s like one big dance party (woo). 

How you play the hokey pokey is actually quite simple, you just listen to the lyrics and you’ll be jamming out in no time.

Here are some of the lyrics you’ll be jamming out to; Put your left foot in, Your left foot out, Your left foot in, and shake it all about, You do the hokey pokey and turn yourself around, that’s what it’s all about.  

That is just some of the lyrics that you’ll be dancing to. You will continue to put arms, legs, feet and so much more in and out until the song is over.  

2. Limbo

The limbo on roller skates is actually quite fun, but be careful to lean forwards not backwards.

Again like the hokey pokey, most rinks will play this song around the same time and it will most likely always be in the center of the roller rink as well. 

The limbo is quite easy to play like the hokey pokey it is fun for the whole family.

How you play the limbo is you will have to go underneath a usually plastic pole on two holders, the whole point of the game is to not touch the pole with any part of your body.

Just like the hokey pokey, it has a very catchy song that goes along with this game, that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

3. Single Race

This is one of my favorites, as well as my sister’s favorite. This is done at most rinks, typically they will order the races youngest to oldest, so that way younger skaters can have an easier time. 

Single races are very easy and fun to play although there is a little bit of danger involved with them because you will be racing with other people.

Everyone lines up usually by the floor guard, then the floor guard will blow their whistle and the race will begin. When the floor guard blows their whistle again that means the race is over. 

Some rinks will give out free prizes to whoever won but some like our rink don’t (so don’t get butthurt if you don’t get a free slushy).

4. PushCart Race

This is a family favorite, this race is usually played after the single races and sometimes after the monkey race. It involves two people so you’ll need to partner up for this race. 

The pushcart race is super easy to learn. Everyone lines up by the floor guard and squats down so that the partner pushing can push them more easily.

Then one the floor guard blows their whistle everyone can take off and once they blow it again the race will be over.  

5. Monkey Race

A favorite among the littles is the monkey race, so get ready to embrace your inner monkey (ooh ooh ah ah!). This race like the past races is very popular and most rinks that I’ve been to have this race. 

The monkey race is quite easy to play, simply just squat down similarly like the pushcart race the only difference is that you will be using your hands to push you forwards.

Both hands must be on the ground this will help you to propel yourself forwards. 

6. Shoot the Duck Race

This beloved roller skating move is also a race at some rinks. Although this race maybe for the more experienced skater, beginners can still enjoy it too. 

The shoot the duck race is very simple, you squat down and put one of your legs in front of you with the bottom wheels touching the floor. Also, make sure your back leg is in a squat position.

Some shoot the duck races are based on how many laps you can do while others are how long you can hold the shoot the duck position. 

7. Backward Skating Race

Another race that is loved by more experienced skaters, is the backward skating race.

This race like all races is a little dangerous and I would not recommend this race to skaters who have not already mastered going backward first.

The race is like all of the other previous races you start by your floor guard but this time you skate only backwards.

Remember to always look behind you and if you don’t already have toe stops in make sure you put some in because stopping backwards is very important to the safety of yourself and others. 

8. Sheep and Wolves

The game sheep and wolves is well-loved by many speed skaters. Even if your rink doesn’t play this speed seeking game you can still play it with your friends.

I would however not recommend this game to skaters who are not as experienced.

This game is quite simple there are usually four or five wolves and the rest are sheep.

The wolves will usually have a football or something else they can tag the sheep with, this goes on and on until there is either no more sheep left or the wolves run out of time to tag the sheep.  

9. Freeze

Freeze or freeze-tag is a game for the whole family. This game is played at most rinks, unlike sheep and wolves.

I highly recommend this game as it can be played by the whole family and it helps new skaters work on slowing down and speeding up.

Freeze is quite easy to play you start the same as sheep and wolves with people that tag and the people that get tagged.

Freeze can be played two ways, the first is that if your not a tagger and you get tagged you are frozen and cannot move until a teammate comes and untags you.

The second is there is a sound or some noise that alerts the taggers and the others as to when they can skate and when they have to be frozen.  

10. Four Corners

My last fun roller-skating game you can play at your rink is four corners. Four corners is fun for the whole family, so if you’re not an experienced skater then don’t worry this may be the game for you. 

This game can help with balance, so if you’re having a hard time building up your balance try this game.  

Four corners is very easy to play. First, there will be some music that will play to start the game and then once the music stops everyone skates to the four corners that the floor guard has picked.

The only twist is that they have to keep their eyes closed.

The floor guard or someone the floor guard has picked calls out a corner and that person is out, the game goes on until there is only one person left.  

Wrap Up

How did you like my article on the top 10 Fun Roller Skating Games to Play at Your Rink?

If I missed any fun games please let me know in the comments below, I hope you’ll try at least one of these roller games with your friends and family.

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